Friday, April 4, 2008

Ever Heard of the Orange Thumb in Gardening?

Before you give me the weird look for saying orange thumb instead of green thumb, let me tell you what this Project Orange Thumb is. Project Orange Thumb is a grant program by Fiscars that aims to promote community involvement, neighborhood beautification, creativity and horticulture education by providing communities and garden groups with garden tools and supplies.

With all those accessories and tools provided by Fiskars then it wouldn't be a wonder how easy it would be for the community to let their imaginations run wild and create beautiful gardens (may it be a flower garden or a vegetable garden).

If only our community became a grant recipient then a lot of people from the community would benefit from the Project Orange Thumb. I have noticed that from the 13 Gardens that would be the lucky recipients of the 2008 Project Orange Thumb are mostly schools (elementary, high school, and college). What a better way to let students learn about science and a way to encourage them to eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

In my own experience as a student volunteer in our community, our community garden has helped unified our community by making our neighbors realize how important it is to take care of our environment. Gardening has brought people together and it had even helped beautify our neighborhood because the people in our community has a sense of ownership and cases of littering has decreased.

Fiskar's Project Orange Thumb is a very unique program that not only helped the community be unified but it has helped empower low-income neighborhoods to provide themselves with nutritious food. Project Orange Thumb sure is humanitarian and it had really brought out the student's creativity as the grant recipients each had a unique garden and I'm sure that with Project Orange Thumb their goals will be accomplished.

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