Sunday, April 27, 2008

On Blogrolls and Exchanging Links

Wooh! I guess I have to go to sleep now. It's already 1:08 AM in the morning and I'm only half way through my adding of links process. I'm informing my present blogging buddies that I have a new blog (this one ^_^) and that I'm going to stop updating my other blog, My Nurses Notes, and allow it to die a natural death before I completely delete it. I'm still going to retain my Grim Angel blog though since I can't delete my original baby, my first blog since June 17, 2005!

So to my blogging friends please update your links and change to You may ask me why I didn't just redirect my My Nurses Notes to my own domain. The answer would be I want to create a new blog from scratch. Sure that would be time consuming and tiring but it sure does feel good to see your newly created blog grow and slowly get traffic and meet people who appreciate you and your work.

And to all those people who wants to link me, I welcome you with open arms and open legs (Lol!). But please do patient if I don't reply to you right away since I might still be updating my links from my old blogging friends.

To all bloggers in the Blogosphere: Happy Blogging to all of Us! ^_^


  1. uy dot com na! congrats huh. na-updte ko na link mo as edgar 1, the title is too long kasi.

    have a great week ahead :)

  2. hi ed..thanks for the visit..ur added man:) balik ka ha, and surely i'll be visiting u regularly :)

  3. Hi Edgar,
    I love this new blog of yours. I updated already and you are in my Blooming Blogs' list as "Angel in the Sickroom". This is a very nice blog and i love the blog title,actually.More power!I know you'll gonna update my link here in your new blog. Thanks and let's be connected forever through blogging!!!Cheers!