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Friday, July 11, 2008

I Hate Telus

Yup this is another episode of my rantings so you better stop reading right now but if you are intersted and want to hear (or read) my ranting then read on ahead.
Well I was so excited yesterday because Telus was supposedly scheduled to arrive at our apartment yesterday to install our Cable Tv, internet, and phone but they didn't come. it seems that they called us up at the lobby and since no one answered they just left with out even checking with the main office of our building to perfom the other installations outside our apartment. The thing is calling us would really not work because we first of all don't have a telephone line yet so the one they were calling was the previous owner. You see the door phone was programmed to call the previous owner and not us. My mom informed Telus about this and even gave her phone number so that we could let them in the building if they arrive but they didn't have the initiative to call 0r what so ever.
My mom called Telus today and they said that they were sorry and they would come again next week. NEXT WEEK??? We've been waiting for 2 weeks now and they want us to wait next week? The operator was not that even nice when we called the other day asking why the Telus installers weren't around.
So my mom terminated our account with Telus and set-up a new bundle with Shaw. Shaw is better indeed as it would only take them 1-3 days to set-up everything. It seems that the stupid previous owner didn't bother disconnecting his utilities so we used it for a while hehehe. Shaw said that they will contact the said owner and will take care of disconnecting and transfer of ownership or what so ever. I'm really impressed with Shaw.
And you kniw what Telus said when my mom said that she'll look for another service provider? "Customers always come back to us..." How cocky can you get?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Poor People in Canada

I just hate it when people beg for money here in Canada. These are the people considered poor here because they could always get a job like we did but instead they rely on the subsidy by the government and through begging for a living. They are well dressed, have a shelter under their heads, and they are able to eat three times a day.

They are poor but they aren't like the poor in the Philippines where children starve. Because here in Canada children are fed at schools (and schools here are free mind you, except college). Also there are no sick people who are left untreated because Canada has tertiary hospitals that are open to the public (poor or rich). And government hospitals in the Philippines are of no match here because hospitals here are very clean and well supplied with medical equipment and medicine.

But you know what? If you work hard and don't have children if you can't afford to have any then you will be more productive. Well, that's what I believe anyway.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Toddler Left at Wal-Mart

I was just watching TV when I caught a CNN Headline at Nancy Grace that a 2 1/2 year old toddler was left at Wal-Mart in Indiana! What are people thinking today? Why are they having children and abandoning them. These are the kind of parents that make my blood boil!

And my insensitive father commented that the child must be naughty or something that's why the mother left the toddler at Wal-Mart. So if there were numerous parents in the world like my father the future leaders and generations would surely be broken, angry, and sick!

The mother was actually even shooing the child as she sped away. What a stupid parent would leave a baby alone in a crowded where a pervert could abduct that child, molest him, or what ever!

Just a disgusting story indeed! Maybe I'll just adopt a child in the future so that poor abandoned and neglected children could get the chance to have a better future.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Stubborn Father

Ok I know, this is another one of my rantings... well maybe I should change this blog into my rant zone huh? Well if you don't want to hear rantings you may visit my other blog Angel in the Sickroom or you may choose not to read this post any further.

My father is maybe one of the most stubborn people in the world. He doesn't admit that he's wrong and that he blames other people for his short comings. Like the use of the washing machine for example. The washing machines here in Canada are very different from the ones we have at home. You can say that it's sort of hi-techy. In here there are different settings like the choose of either warm, cold, or hot water in washing or rinsing. It's actually quite complicated but if you only read what is written on the knobs then you can work your way around.

But my stubborn father insists on not learning because it's totally different and says that we should be the ones to operate it because he doesn't know how to. Well if you only use your common sense and your eyes instead of your loud mouth cursing and mumbling to yourself I bet one could easily figure its use out. It's not like a total mystery that needs a rocket scientist to figure out.

And there are so many jobs in Canada and he wants to choose a job as a garbage collector. For a person who has a mechanical engineering degree I wonder why he could be so stupid. He reasons that he knows a garbage collector in Canada who has a three story house and three Ford pick-ups. But the thing is that garbage collector may have another source of income like selling the furnitures and other stuff he salvages from the dumps and sell it to the third world countries. Or he could be like my dad who has a wife who has a higher paying job than him and the only one who literally feeds the family and makes it alive.

Yes, my dad is so stubborn that he doesn't want to continue his education to be able to land higher paying job saying that he's not fit for it. Well I kind of agree because he can't even make his own resume for Christ's sake and he always relies on my mom for this. I just wonder how my mom could keep up and tolerate living with a person who does not even contribute to the family but even cause damage to it.

But honestly. I don't expect much from my father because by the way he's going he's not going anywhere (except down) and my mom will have to clean up after his mess like all the time. He's also has a very loud mouth which is also very irritating. As they say it's the loud people who have the less brains and I have to say that it's true.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nokia beats Sony Ericsson big time!

I had planned a phone with my hard earned money from blogging and the phones that I had in mind were a Nokia N95 and a Nokia N81. Since both Nokia phones were similar in features I opted for the N81 because it was cheaper. But then I found the phone that attracted me the most: the Sony Ericsson W960i! The thing that attracted me most was that it was a touch screen and has handwriting recognition features which was really great. Plus it was part of Sony Ericsson's Walkman Phones which we all know are great. Compared to the N81 it was really superior in all terms especially the 3.2 Megapixels Camera plus it was more stylish than the brick looking N81.

The huge downside which I found was that it couldn't transfer video files to the phone. This may be because of copyright reasons or what but the thing is I found on the net that you could indeed transfer and play videos on the phone if you purchase a Professional Sony Ericsson Media Manager Serial Number. The W960i comes with the Basic Sony Ericsson Media Manager.

What makes me angry is that for a $523 (Php 22,000) phone how come it doesn't include that stupid feature. And I'm not happy with the earphones that come with the phone too. My brother bought the Nokia N81 and he has a better earphones than me and his phone was cheaper. Plus Nokia Nseries phone comes with Phone softwares that does not require any additional purchase to activate the essential features like video transfer and media conversion.

This is why Nokia is trusted by most phone users because of their great innovation and user friendly features. So the next time I'm going to buy a phone, it won't be a Sony Ericsson.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Goodbye Philippines!

I don't want to be negative in this blog but some Filipinos really are thoughtless and tactless. Of all the Western culture they could adapt with they decided to adapt the attitude of "I'm better than you you fat pig!". So what if I'm fat? Does that cause the world to crumble?

But don't really care actually. So to my haters out there in the Philippines, I am happy with my life and I know that all doors and opportunities for a better and successful life is just at my grasp in a first world country like Canada.

I am sick of the Filipino crab mentality and how people act and live here in the Philippines. I know that people won't give a damn if I wear designer clothes and how I live my life. People here in the Philippines just love sticking their nose to my business and it irritates me. What do you people care about what I do? I don't give a damn how you people live your lives so don't meddle in mine. It's not my problem if you are insecure and I intimidate you.

So people take care of your own lives before meddling with mine ok?

Friday, June 6, 2008

On Airport Security Measures

This was only the second time that I had ever went to the airport to ride a plane to Manila. The first time was (I remember vaguely) when I went to Manila as a toddler to attend the funeral of my beloved grandmother (mother’s side). That time even when I was a toddler, I could still remember that very tight security measures were not that implemented then.

Presently, well it’s a completely different story. I had to remove my shoes, belt, cellphone, coins, etc and I felt like my privacy was invaded. I understand why the coins and metallic objects are needed to be removed (this is so I could pass the metal detector without any beep) but the shoes? My mom did inform me that checking the shoes was also required as some people place drugs, weapons, and other illegal contrabands in their shoes’s sole. Ok case closed, but why do we have to be checked twice? Before entering the airport lobby and before checking in at the departure area? Mind you the Cagayan de Oro airport is very small so the second detector would be just a few steps away. Why the very tight security anyway? But at least they are trying and giving much effort to secure our safety so I quite understand and leaving my comfort zone for our own good is quite acceptable to me…

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

CD-R King Big Let Down

I had always loved CD-R King because they are the only store who sells CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW/+R/+RW and such for very low prices! They are actually a very popular techno-gadget store since they sell products here in the Philippines for super low prices. The gadgets like keyboards, flash disks, mouse, speakers, bags, etc are priced so low that CD-R King is being imitated by stores like CD-R Queen.

Anyway I have been a very happy patron of CD-R King until I bought a mini-speaker from them for my laptop. You see my Acer Aspire 4310 speaker is not that loud so I decided to buy a CD-R King branded mini-speaker because it only cost Php 350 or $8. But like cheap products there are down sides... and the downside of my purchase was that the mini-speaker had a bad sound and only one speaker plays. I was going to return the merchandise because it was still under the 1 week warranty period when I read the clause that the package must be returned with the box and everything but unfortunately I burned the damn box already.

I really am pissed of because I just threw away my money for some useless piece of junk! Next time I buy anything I am going to make sure to check the following:
  • the product is working with no defects (I was going to do this but I was in a hurry then)
  • make sure that the product is branded (Branded products come with better warranty and support)
  • Never throw away the box and receipt until the warranty expires.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Speed Packing

What is speed packing anyway? Well it's a new word I coined (well I claim it's new but I guess it's not, Lol!) after experiencing (still experiencinAg) the stress and headaches of packing all your life in one medium-sized bag.

I know that we should have packed and sorted all our stuff a few months ago but we were complacent and thought that our departure date is still far away. And after a few days, we then realize that we only have today (since we're leaving tomorrow) as our last packing day and guess what? We're still half-way through!

Oh well, charge it to experience as usual.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

So What?

I had to remove my old chatbox and replace it with a new one because I wanted a chatbox where I could delete, ban, and report IP addresses of users who are just plain nuisance.

Get off your back you say? I don't even know who you are for God's sake because you spineless wimpy coward don't even leave any information as to who you are. I am not stupid or blind, I know that my stomach is big and that's none of your business. If you don't want to look at my picture then don't. That's not my problem, just don't be arrogant enough to place your stupid and uncalled-for comments like "deal with the fact that you're fat".

Because you know what? I don't care if I'm fat or ugly. Because I don't exist in this world to satisfy you or anyone else. I have a family that loves me, I have friends who adore me, and a few days from now I will be moving to a first world country where we will be spending our hard earned millions living a life of luxury and ease and where I will earn my professional license as a nurse practitioner and I will continue to live life as content and as happy as I am now while you people continue to waste your time trying to put me down.


Don't you have anything better to do than criticize other people (pitiful losers)? Are you PERFECT then and that gives you the RIGHT to CRITICIZE other people?

Don't HATE me because I am HAPPY with my life and we are successful...

Monday, May 26, 2008

On Searching For Lost Items

One thing that frustrates me the most is when I lose my stuff. I get really stressed out when any of my belongings get lost may it be a measly pen or worst, my Citizen watch (my most valuable accessory)!

Yup I was preparing the items that I was going to wear for tomorrow when tada! My watch was missing! I was thinking that I may have dropped it when I placed it in my pocket the last time I used it, but then I remember that I didn’t remove my watch at all. So I searched the whole freaking house which by the way is a huge mess! My house felt like an abandoned warehouse because all our furniture were already sold and the remaining stuff where literally littered everywhere.

It was 12:00 AM and I was already getting so drowsy and I had to get up early tomorrow. I felt like I just have to give up as looking for that darn watch is already a lost cause… but I didn’t give up and thankful that I didn’t.

I was thinking that I may have been looking for my watch at the places where it might be. Why not look for it in places where it normally shouldn’t be in. And the first thing that came to my mind was, “Why not try the trashcan?” And guess what? I found my prized possession with all the junk I threw. Good thing my dad didn’t throw away the trash or my watch would have been long gone.

So next time you look for a lost item… look for it somewhere unexpected!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

People Who Curse and Say Bad Words

I really hate people who says bad words and curse! I hate it when I hear them cursing by themselves because it just makes the air so negative and I don't like it and I get in a bad mood.

I wonder why some people love having a foul mouth. Maybe they think that it's so cool and that they are so amazing if they had a wide vocabulary when it deals with ill and bad words.

Here are other terms for bad words: A curse word. A swear word. A malediction, malison, imprecation, denunciation, execration, anathema, proscription, commination, expletive, disparagement, vilification, or vituperation. Bad language, strong language, foul language, colorful language, blue language, unparliamentary language, profane language, or harsh language.

As Dr. Kate said:
"Swearing in public upsets many people. It is really verbal harassment if other people can hear it.

It is good manners to remember where you are and think about other people's rights and feelings. Everyone has the right to feel safe and having to hear loud nasty words can make people feel unsafe. If people are annoying you by using bad language move away from them and don't use it yourself."
If you grew up swearing all the time then you should really stop it because it is very offensive and rude. If you can't help it and have to say something then make it creative like saying Holy Cow instead of Holy Sh*t or "Bark" it instead of the F word.

And if anyone uses these foul words at you remember that there are more words in the vocabulary than the known foul words. Example:

Foul Mouth: Hey you [censored]! What are you doing here [censored]? [censored] off!
You: Excuse me is it me or do I smell a foul wind slightly blowing?
Foul Mouth: Why don't you [censored] me instead you [censored].
You: Oh please my dear fellow, you are nothing but a minute particle slowly drifting to a dark lonely abyss... I pity you.
Foul Mouth: Oh come on you [censored]. You think that I [censored] care about what the [censored] you're talking about?!


Foul Mouth: Hey you [censored]! What are you doing here [censored]? [censored] off!
You: (not minding that pitiful creature)

Friday, May 16, 2008

I Hate Computers!

I don't actually hate computers. I just hate it when they break down! Our PC which we were supposed to sell wouldn't boot and keeps on restarting after the Windows XP logo appears. Grr! I have to do something about it when we return from Manila and Cebu. I have already contacted someone about it but that someone hasn't replied yet but I'm sure that there are several computer repair shops down town.

I could try fixing it myself but guess what? My darn Windows XP installer CD is missing! I hate it when some stupid people come meddling with my belongings and then fail to return it as it was. I was really stressed out when I couldn't find that darn CD.

What added to my stress was my loud-mouth father who has no knowledge about computers (he doesn't even know how to save for crying out loud!) and then here he goes why this happened bla bla bla. I wished that he would just shut up because it was my mom who I was speaking to as she practically owned almost everything in his old crummy house. He did not even own the computer so he had no right to lecture me about it.

God! Why don't they realize that sooner or later the computer does break down even if that darn computer cost a lot! Like relax people, all I need is another installer and that software problem will be as good as new ok? Or I could just send it to a computer repair shop and for Php 600 ($15) problem solved! So back off my case!


I swear I wouldn't meddle with computer system settings again!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

How to irritate internet Trolls

If you have read Anah's Troll Proofing article then you may have a clear picture of who these internet trolls are. But for the benefit of those who haven't read her article (and you should), internet trolls are "people" who attack you or anyone for that matter using words that are degrading and foul. The best term would this would be "verbal harassment".

We see all of these people in places like YouTube and if you're unlucky enough, you may have a troll visiting your blog and doing what they do best: express to you how pathetic and pitiful they are using second-person pronouns instead of first-person pronouns. Example: You're fat and ugly and your mama hates you! What they really mean is this: I'm fat and my mama hates me!

And one way to distinguish an internet troll is that they usually don't leave traces like names or contact e-mails or whatsoever because their ego is poor and shattered that they can't endure a rebuttal statement. But internet trolls don't know is that even when you don't leave a name and be anonymous you leave prints behind. And these prints are what we call as an IP Address. Trolls don't know this but we could actually trace this IP address to their computer and this could be used in court (together with their ill message) as proof in a hearing at court.

But if you don't want to go to court because you have evaluated the situation and realized that the troll is just a nuisance and that you have better things to do than go after useless creatures like these trolls one good way to do it is to ignore them!

Trolls hated being ignored because they know that they are treated as if they don't even exist and that their pathetic attempts to catch your attention is not working.

The Filipino Subject

I had always thought that my Filipino classes were useless. For those who don't understand what I'm talking about, Filipino is a language class (just like English) were we learn how to speak and write in Filipino. I am a person who is practical and studying 2 classes in Filipino was the most impractical thing that I had ever done (well it was required of me to take Filipino classes).

I believe that taking the subject, Filipino, in elementary and high school was adequate enough because writing and speaking in Filipino fluently will not be required in my future career. I say this because even in the Philippines, all formal business transactions are transacted in English unlike other Asian countries like Japan and Korea where they transact business with their own language.

I had brought this topic up before at my university's forum and the people there said that I was selfish. Selfish? Selfish in what way? It pains me to know that some Filipinos are not open to change and change ladies and gentlemen is required for progress.

I am not saying that Filipinos should stop wasting their time learning and studying Filipino. What I'm saying is that in the college level, education should be more focused on teaching the students things that are related to their future career.

You see at our university we are thought a lot of things (because they want students to be well-rounded yes) but some of these subjects are impractical to me (Filipino is one). Other subjects that I find impractical is Physical Education (PE). I know that exercise is important but the only thing we do at PE is dance. My minor subjects tend to take up all of my time that I am not able to focus on subjects that really matter like Pathology, Physiology and Anatomy, Biology, and other subjects that are related to nursing.

I honestly believe that I had wasted my 2 years of college because these two years were only focused on finishing all of my "minor subjects". All my nursing subjects only began at second year and we only were able to set foot in the hospital at third year. Because of minor subjects I feel that there wasn't enough time for me to learn nursing concepts at all.

That's why I'm glad that I'm going to start studying again as a freshmen at Canada this coming school year. Imagine, all the major nursing concepts are already being studied in the first year level. I really can't wait to begin studying.

And oh yeah guess what, studying Filipino will not be of any help in Canada.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Garage Sale Made Easy

I really thought that having a garage sale is very easy but I tell you it's not! especially when you have neighbors like our neighbors. Imagine our prices for our stuff are so reasonable that we're practically giving them away! But our neighbors are so cheap that they still want the price lower! Imagine we have this set of vintage china vases that we are going to sell for only $20/each but our neighbors wants to lower the price to $5 for the whole set. What?

We knew that we have to make our market larger if we want to get buyers who are more sophisticated and refined who can appreciate really good china and appraise it for what it really is worth!

We thought of selling it on e-Bay when a family friend of us suggested another easier way which of course entails selling it online to reach more possible buyers. Why not try the services of iSold It? And it was such a great idea indeed!

With iSold It selling items online is so easy and you don't even have to do anything. Just drop your old item to any iSold It stores and they will do everything from appraisal, photography, posting on e-bay and all you do is watch your item online through the link that they send you and wait for bidders and when it's bought, the item is professionally shipped and your check is given to you!

If only we knew about this sooner we wouldn't have to go through the nightmare we had with our neighbors tsk tsk!

Sponsored by iSold It!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oh come On!

I never seem to get anything that I plan done this week and it's quite frustrating! I told myself that I should be able to pack my bag and weigh my things today but I wasn't able to do it as usual and I haven't even finished the stuff I planned to do in my blogs. I wonder why time is just flies so fast!

To make things worst I realized that I wasn't able to watch American Idol last night because I went to sleep early since I was so sleepy since I wasn't able to get a decent sleep lately since I was doing some changes to my new website but at least I was able to get that done.

Oh well the day is still young and I still have the evening to finish my packing.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feeling Guilty

I felt really bad and sort of guilty by the way I treated my brother's girlfriend. In my post, Extraneous Variables, I expressed how I felt about her how I didn't like her and didn't know why. Verpo commented that he felt the same way and that he also didn't like the friends of his friends and he also didn't know why.

After looking at the picture taken last 2 nights ago of me, my mom, my brother and his girlfriend I noticed that they were all smiling. It was only me with a frown on my face. I would like to post the picture but the camera is with my brother right now. Anyway she looked so innocent and kind and I looked like the antagonist of a teledrama serye (television drama series) where she's the poor girl who was hated by someone.

Well I didn't do anything bad to her just completely ignore her and stay away whenever she's around (plus a gloomy face on) but other than that we never had verbal or even eye contact. I don't do eye contacts to a stranger.

But I don't know why I disliked her and now I'm guilty for disliking her. It's so confusing. It just proves that I am human after all with stupid emotions.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Extraneous Variables

I don't know why I hate her... no I don't hate her that's too harsh of a word. More like, I dislike her and I don't know why. I can't be fake but I can't stand it when I'm around her. Who am I talking about? No other than my brother's girlfriend. Actually I never did like my brother's girlfriends ever since I caught my brother alone with one of her friends in my parents room alone with the door locked. I don't think so that a genius is needed to guess what they were trying to do.

Sure this present girlfriend is better than her past girlfriend who was a liar, obsessed, and manipulative [censored]. Imagine she had the nerve to talk back to my mom (well just through SMS really) but if ever she talked back to my mom and I was there I would wring her neck!

Sure the present girlfriend somehow helped my brother get through high school and has become my brother's new bodyguard/slave I still don't like her and I don't know why.

There were two occasions that was supposed to be only a family affair when she was around and I was pissed off. My mom invited her of course but I'd rather be not included in activities that she is included like the outing to Obrero and my mom's birthday dinner.

I don't know why but I don't really like any of my brother's friends and I don't know why... is it because I'm anti-social? Or is it because his friends are I are just in a completely different wavelength.

Maybe this is why there are people I can't relate to because of this "wavelength" thing...

I know people who are just like me so maybe this time I kind of respect them more since well, they're like me.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Have Been Hacked!

I can't talk about the details because an investigation is still undergoing. All that I can say is that I have been one of the victims whose account was hacked by some professional hackers in an attempt to intercept my payment through PayPal.

It was quite shocking but I'm glad that only $28 was stolen from me and not all of my money. I am quite glad that I took certain precautions when I set up my PayPal account and other accounts for that matter. I'm glad that only one account was hacked and they had no access to my other accounts.

So how do you protect your self from becoming a victim of being hacked? Here are my advice:
  1. I recommend that your password is not a word you can find in the dictionary, includes both capital and lower case letters, and contains at least one special character (1-9, !, *, _, etc.).
  2. Do not have the same password for every account.
  3. Refrain from joining unsafe websites or even entering one. Download McAfee SiteAdvisor to protect yourself from Phishing sites who tries to get your personal details.
  4. Always check your Account Details especially your PayPal information to ensure that your payment will go to you and not anyone else.
I really was down after losing my money but I'm now over it as the crooks only got away with that and not my total savings. Plus the site is willing to repay me for the money I lost. It was actually their shortcoming that their database was hacked and it was not my fault. But even if they won't pay me somehow I feel that the universe will compensate me for all the negative things that happens to me... that's karma and I love it! ^_^

Update: You can also checkout Julaina's (aka Mrs. Arm-Pit-Bull) on her post about PayPal Scams.