Sunday, June 29, 2008

Maximizing Web Advertising

I am a consumer, just like all of us are, and what makes a great business bloom and expand is if a website has it's own website. Yup! A business should definitely have it's own website so that a business list of clients can expand.

Like me for example, when I bought my Sony Ericsson W960i, I searched on the internet for a cellphone shop with the lowest price. And I did find a shop that meets my needs and because the cellphone shop had a website I was able to tract that store and buy my phone.

But before you think that making a professional looking website is enough you also have to find a way to drive potential customers to your website. This is where ppc advertising comes into the picture. This form of advertising is also called paid search advertising because as you search for a product, Google or Yahoo will provide "sponsored links" and these links will have your website and a short description of your website and your product.

But how do you do all of this? Well I have absolutely no idea too because I am a novice when it comes to these stuff. That is why you need the services of NetworkSolution's ppc advertising.

With NetworkSolutions does all the work for you from analyzing your website, purchase keywords, and create ads. In other words you just have to sit and relax and wait for reports on your campaign. And if you're thinking that you need hundreds of dollars per day for advertisement well that's where you're even more wrong. Because NetworkSolutions provides affordable plans for you. And guess what? You only pay when someone clicks your ads!

So if you want your business to bloom and reap more profits then ppc advertising is the way to do it!

Working: The Graveyard Shift

Today I worked at Tim Hortons at 11 pm to 7 am. I have to say that this shift is more stressful even if there are less people. Why? Well this may be because of the following reasons:

> I'm the only one at the Till (Cashier). Meaning there is more room for error since I'm all alone and I can't ask anyone for my help.

> It's So BORING! Yup, time passes so slow when you are bored and doing nothing too. There are no people so I have nothing to do for 80% of the time during my shift. I had to look for something to do like sweep the floors to preserve my sanity.

> If there are people... then it's busy! On the contrary of doing absolutely nothing when no customers are around. If there are customers well your life could be a living hell. I don't know why but customers come at groups. And I have to do everything from making the coffee and the sandwiches (I hate making sandwiches).

But working at night is ok. But I don't want to work at night for a whole week or I'll go insane. Anyway, I was really shocked when the baker told me to throw away all the donuts and baked goods because she said they weren't fresh anymore. I have to say that I may have the Filipino mentality in me where I don't want to waste anything especially food. I was really reluctant to throw away the donuts because if I was back in the Philippines, these donuts could feed hungry children and to think that the donuts were still edible.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


There are times when I would wish that I could just give in to my weakness and just jump from a tall building to end everything... end my pain... end my suffering... end my hardship... end my loneliness...

I just want to cease existing. You see I see no point in living because we are all slowly dying anyway. Why live when people are killing other people anyway. Why live to repeat each day doing the same routine over and over again.

I walk home each night wishing I would just drop down on my knees and just disappear. You know the feeling when you're asleep. For a while you disappear from the world and you are at peace. No one is there to hurt you and you can be anywhere and be anyone you wish to be.

How easy life could be if that's the case... but there's much more to life really. Each day has its own unexpected happenings even if they are that minute. It is sad that because we live in such a fast-paced world that we fail to appreciate the simple things in life that makes living worthwhile...

Yup... even if my life is crappy and that there are some rough edges... I still continue and go on... Why? Because there is always something beautiful that I can look forward too.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

High School Fashion Statement

I was told that fashion here in Canada is not that updated unlike here in the Philippines and I have seen the people here and it's quite true. Filipinos are more "kikay" or fashionistas than most Canadians here.

But we can't totally rule out that Canadians have no fashion statement. Because you know what's in with high school students now? It's wearing colorful pajamas to school! Yup! It's a hassle free fashion. You wake up, go to school, go home, and sleep. No hassle at all... hahaha!

But I don't think that I'll try that in thing with high school students because I don't go with the flow if I don't like it. I still believe in changing clothes and taking a shower.

But you know what? Those pajamas do look comfy. But I will never follow that trend hahaha.

Koreanovelas in Canada

Koreanovelas are really so good that the family who we are staying at are addicted to it! Like when they visited Hong Kong and the Philippines they bought DVD's of Korean Drama Series and they really liked it.

I think that the series that they currently are watching is "My Girl" and it's a really good story. I was going to ask my co-worker who looked like Korean if all Korean dramas were that good but it turned out that she was half-Filipino and that she was born here in Canada. But I have watched a variety of Korean movies and series and they actually are good. What makes the series have more impact on the human emotions is the great soundtrack that goes with the series/movie and it makes you go into that "moment" where you emote and act as if you're in your own drama show.

What's great with Korean drama series is that they also have a mix of comedy in them that's why you really get hooked with the story. I actually prefer Korean dramas over Filipino dramas because Filipino drama shows sometimes become so unrealistic and there's that something that doesn't make me want to watch more.... hmm... don't get me wrong there are several good Filipino movies and shows but I prefer Korean dramas and movies, as long as they have English subtitles hehehe.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Teen Pregnancy Pact

I don't know what teenage girls were thinking at a local high school in Massachusetts, USA that they made a pact with each other that they should all be pregnant! Like why?! Don't they know that being a parent entails great responsibility?'

Is it because of Hollywood that makes being a teenage pregnant mother seem so glamorous? And to think that some of the babies of the teenage girls have the same father: a 24 year old homeless guy!

Parents should really have a talk with their teenage children and open them to the real world. Teenager should be thoughts about the future and to make them aware that the present and the now is not the only world that they will have.

There is the future. If all they seek is unconditional love and attention, sure a baby companion can give you that but how about the baby? Doesn't the baby need love and attention too? Do you think that the baby would have a great future if your a teenage jobless mom?

Story taken from

Monday, June 23, 2008

Nice Shirt!

I was walking to a 7-eleven store with my mom to buy some food (like ice cream) since my brother is eating food from the fridge that doesn't belong to us. The food that he's eating (with no guilt at all) is our host's fridge. We were only supposed to stay here at their house for a week until we found an apartment but we had to extend our stay because our apartment won't be available until this July 1.

Anyway, we were walking down the street when a Canadian lady suddenly said, "Hey nice shirt!" I was like, "Huh? What?" But of course I didn't say that, I said, "Hi. Thanks!" I was emotionless when I said that because I was thinking about something and I was caught off guard hehehe.

But really, two people already complimented me and told me that my shirt is nice. I'll repost a picture of the said shirt and tell me what you think?

Yup, it's my beloved Missy the Doggie! Awe, I really miss her. We were supposed to visit her at her new home before we flew to Manila but then she was already adjusting to her new home so we didn't want to disturb her because she was always sad during the first week that we left her.

Hmm... anyway yup that's my shirt hehehe.


Edgar Vincent Bautista

Sitting here all alone
Right front the window
Listening to Raindrops
Fall down the sky
I've been thinking 'bout
The way things have been
They have been pulling me down

Moving on through my head
My mind is spinning
Outside my range of sanity

I don't know where I'm going
I don't know what to do
Things have been so confusing.

I wanna run away, fly away, far away
I wanna drift along this lonely sky
I wanna go the distance just far away
Thinking 'bout nothing (oh)
Doing nothing (oh)
Feeling nothing (oh)
I don't know what to do.

Walking down along this road
People staring at me
Why can't they just leave me alone

Moving on with my life
With no directions
My future is so unclear
But with you, I go on
I stand with courage
Ready to face the world


(Chorus) x2

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Poor People in Canada

I just hate it when people beg for money here in Canada. These are the people considered poor here because they could always get a job like we did but instead they rely on the subsidy by the government and through begging for a living. They are well dressed, have a shelter under their heads, and they are able to eat three times a day.

They are poor but they aren't like the poor in the Philippines where children starve. Because here in Canada children are fed at schools (and schools here are free mind you, except college). Also there are no sick people who are left untreated because Canada has tertiary hospitals that are open to the public (poor or rich). And government hospitals in the Philippines are of no match here because hospitals here are very clean and well supplied with medical equipment and medicine.

But you know what? If you work hard and don't have children if you can't afford to have any then you will be more productive. Well, that's what I believe anyway.

MacEwan College: My Future School?

My Mom and I went to MacEwan to inquire about my future. Yup my future because if we didn't do anything my life would be stagnant and nothing would happen. Here you see a picture of the main MacEwan campus where I am going to take up nursing and start going to school this Winter Intake. That would be the January of next year, well hopefully.

They said that some of my subjects might be credited and I could be placed in second year (that's quite good) but definitely not third year (that's fair enough).

I have to come back this Tuesday for another meeting with an International Councilor so let's just see what happens to my life. I was going to visit NorQuest College too but NorQuest seemed to offer only education for License Practical Nursing/Licensed Vocational Nursing so I didn't bother entering the college to inquire.

I may not be able to enter University of Alberta since they can only accept me this September of next year and I cannot wait that long.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Finding Your Web Host

You know what? I have been searching all over for an excellent host that could provide me with the excellent service for a cheaper price. Sadly it is so hard to find a hosting company on the internet because the company may have great promotional talks but when it comes to the services they offer, they fall short big time!

That is why if you would want to get your own domain you should get a web hosting company you should know it's web hosting rating. Because you don't want to sign up and pay for a year of service and then regret it afterwards. What's worst is that there are web hosting companies that don't offer web hosting transfer services meaning you are left with a non-working website with flaws and as well as a big headache because you have absolutely no idea on how to transfer your website to another host.

Don't waste your time, money, and avoid headaches by checking out a web hosting rating. So if you are a blogger like me who wants a reliable hosting company that is also very affordable, you should check out Web Hosting Geek's Best Budget Hosting (2007).

This way you get the service that you want the way you want it to be.

The Puzzle Ring

I just love my ring that my mom got me. It's from Unisilver (yup it was bought from the Philippines) and it's literally a head turner with people asking me the question, "Are you married young man?"

Well aside from looking good and looking expensive (it's just Php 600 really, don't tell anyone hehehe) it totally fits my personality. Why? Well because it's complicated. Why again? Well take a look at my ring now:

Yup it doesn't look like my ring right? But it actually is the exact same ring I wore on my finger. Take a look at my ring here:

Yup it's a ring made of 6 circular loops and I tell you, it sure is hard to get it back together so I really hate it when people touch it and end up breaking it apart and they absolutely have no idea how to place it back together.

So why is the ring like me? Well aside from being complex and difficult to understand, I am easy to break and people have no idea on how to put me back together emotionally. But even how many times people try to ruin me, I am still able to place myself back together even if some of me are bent up.

Moral of the Story: It's so easy to break and hurt other people but they don't even give any effort to fix what they have broke. They don't apologize and they don't care that they have hurt others...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Top Wordpress Themes

I have been visiting some blogging friends (their blogs of course not their houses) and I have to say that I love their blogs. They are using Wordpress by the way and I am so jealous of their blogs, because it's so easy to maintain, that's why I'm even thinking of moving my blog to a Wordpress blog.

But what really me jealous is that their blogs really look so good. Wordpress templates really look so cool and they are so easy to install. And you can get these templates completely for free at several wordpress templates sites but the one that I liked most is a site called

Check out this theme. Isn't it a beauty? There are more where that came from so you Wordpress users should really take most of what you have and give your blogs a new look with new wordpress templates.

What's Wrong with my Blog?!

If you check my blog clearly you would notice that my blog has a second set of posts at the bottom part...

Hmm... I'm really bummed and I don't know how to fix this. Maybe I could just edit the blog layout. But then I'll lose all the customizations that i did for this blog but I don't really care right now. And I plan to abandon this blog too. I'm becoming too busy to blog already and having two blogs is proving to be difficult. It is sad though because this blog has been with me for so long too.

Saying NO to Safeway

What made me want to work was the fact that there are several job opportunities here in Canada and are high paying. With my current job I could afford to live decently and pay the household bills. I wanted to experience working and I wanted to earn money for myself.

I currently work at Tim Hortons as I have shared and I feel that I am doing well. I feel more comfortable going to work and I go home with a smile on my face, a light and happy chest, and some free donuts and coffee from work (hehehe).

Safeway Canada called me and asked me for an interview. I have faith and trust in my self that I could be accepted. But I thought and decided to refuse the offer because even though I want to earn my self money I also needed rest days and that's Thursday and Friday.

I was struggling because I was thinking what if Safeway had a higher pay and all? But I thought that I can't just leave my current job because a fellow Filipino, Ate Virgie, recommended us to the store owner so we can't just turn our backs on her.

So I'm currently happy with my job (it has free donuts!) and the pay is good so thank you safeway but I'm staying at Tim Hortons. And as my Tita told me, I don't want to kill myself by overworking.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Toddler Left at Wal-Mart

I was just watching TV when I caught a CNN Headline at Nancy Grace that a 2 1/2 year old toddler was left at Wal-Mart in Indiana! What are people thinking today? Why are they having children and abandoning them. These are the kind of parents that make my blood boil!

And my insensitive father commented that the child must be naughty or something that's why the mother left the toddler at Wal-Mart. So if there were numerous parents in the world like my father the future leaders and generations would surely be broken, angry, and sick!

The mother was actually even shooing the child as she sped away. What a stupid parent would leave a baby alone in a crowded where a pervert could abduct that child, molest him, or what ever!

Just a disgusting story indeed! Maybe I'll just adopt a child in the future so that poor abandoned and neglected children could get the chance to have a better future.

Medical ID: Life-saving & Luxurious

Imagine this scenario: you are walking in the park and then suddenly you collapse you are inna life and death situation. You fall to the ground and become unconscious. People around you do dial 911 and then the paramedics arrives. The EMT personnels surveys you and then don't know what to do with you so decides to just rush you to the nearest hospital. But you become a DOA (dead on arrival) because you weren't given life-saving treatment because you didn't have a Medical Bracelet.

Yup having a Medical Bracelet provides a clear boundary between life and death. Because all your medical needs are engraved on your bracelet and having all of these clearly stated could save you. Precious time is not wasted on waiting and calling your significant other for more health information or tracking down your medical records.

But with Universal Medical ID, you would want to wear your Medical Bracelet not only for your safety but also because it is fancy and very fashionable. With Universal Medical ID you don't only have the option to design and make your own personalized bracelet online you also get these services for FREE:

  • - Free personalized engraving and sizing
  • - Free engraving warranty
  • - Online Medical Registry with 24/7 access
  • - A wide variety of styles to choose from
  • - Free Wallet Card with every order

If I had a serious medical condition and I want to really survive in case of an emergency securing a Medical Bracelet is a very smart move indeed.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My New Neighborhood

Welcome to Mill Woods, Edmonton, Alberta! This is our new home and we're already making our selves familiar with the place. Just don't ask me how to get to downtown because I only know how to get to the University of Alberta, other than that I really have no idea at all.

So thanks to Google Maps, our lives are made easier since we could easily find directions to the destinations that we want to go to. It really is so convenient. Anyway there's a map of the location near our going-to-be apartment. So the red x mark is The Madison that's where we're going to live hopefully. Our apartment is really nice but we're not going to move in until July 1. Our apartment is a two bedroom apartment with two bathrooms. It has a balcony, a laundry "room", and an underground parking so we don't have to worry about the car not starting up during winter.

Here's a picture that we took of the building:
Here's the picture of the transit center (it's the yellow cross onthe map) and a picture of the inside of the bus:
We're quite lucky to live near a transit center because from here we could go to everywhere in Edmonton that we would want to go to and the ticket is only for $2.10 and you get a transfer pass (which expires 1 and a half hour after you got on the bus) if you want to go back.

Plus life is so convenient because the Mill Woods Town Center (which you can't miss on the map) is there:
The shopping center is the largest one near our area and don't be mislead by it's country charm because this mall is very cool even for a one-level mall. Check out this touch screen interactive mall directory:
With mall directories like these you would never get lost. You can just browse through the stores or enter the store your looking for and the directory tells you where you are and directs you with walking feet display from where you are to the store you want to go to.

But most important of all is that the Tim Hortons where I work in, which is shown in the green line, so I don't have to worry about missing the bus or anything and it's also safer because I live so close and my shift is 3-11 pm.

I think I'm going to adjust here... hopefully.

Missing the Philippines

You know what? I know that I have said that I'm happy that I was able to go away from the Philippines and be able to love in a first world country with plenty of opportunities but the hell with that. Nothing beats home and that's the truth!

I seem to be missing life in the Philippines especially my friends. I also miss the weather! Filipinos complain that it's too hot or whatever but here people stay under the sun but even if they do it's still so cold because of the chilly winds that blows.

Oh well...

Life as a Worker

Ok I was never the perfect worker. I sort of screw things up at the till (cash register) and I still don't know all the products at Tim Hortons. Oh well it was still my second day as a trainee (that was sent straight into the fire with out any manuals or references at all). I sure wished that they gave me a manual so that I could study it.

I feel like I'm always on duty in the hospital because the shift is 8 hours and I have to deal with different kind of people, I'm stressed, and the work is not for the lazy and for the weak at heart at mind (like me hehehe).

But life is made easier with fellow co-workers who help you on the way, customers who are friendly and understanding, and a fellow Filipino that makes you feel in place.

Working sure is difficult but I'll give it my best shot.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Intellectual Rights Dispute hehehe ^_^

I was quite ashamed that a blog owner sent me a comment asking me to host my pictures that I got from other blogs (like his) instead of just grabbing the photo URL and placing it on my blog. Well he did say it in a very polite and calm way that is why I am more ashamed and guilty. Well lesson learned for me there so from now on I don’t use pictures with out hosting them and properly giving credits as to where I got the pictures from.

Case solved. ^_^

Picture credit to

No Rice

Nope there's no rice shortage here in Canada if you're asking. And if ever there is people here won't really care hehehe. Woah I think I’m moving on with my diet well. I’m eating no rice and all I’m eating are veggies and some meat (the one’s with less fat like chicken). There’s actually lot of food choices over here for a lesser price too (because everything is bought by large quantities and containers and competition means lowering the prices).

I’m also working now and plan to walk to work so I think I’m getting there (hopefully) but if I won’t then it’s fine. The people here don’t care how I look anyway so no problem at all. And did I mention that the people here are nice? Yeah maybe too many times hehehe. I just have to remember to be nice and smile too. I don’t want to give Canadians the idea that Filipinos are unfriendly hehehe. But I’m still uneasy looking at people and smiling… it’s so not me hehehe. But if it gives people the cold shoulder so I’ll defreeze for a while. I won’t lose anything if people don’t smile back.

Photo credits to

Sim Card for $40

Yup a sim card for $40 (Rogers Mobile)! That’s like Php 1680 and to think that’s Canadian dollars people (Canadian dollars are higher compared to US Dollars). I’m kind of not over the converting-to-peso phase because woah I can’t live like this. Good thing thought that earning here is no problem. Got a job already at Tim Hortons and I like what I see (so far).

I kind of want to go back to the Philippines to go shopping. Just wish our baggage capacity is big enough hehehe. I’m being too ambitious. The truth is all may look good over here but if you don’t work hard and watch your budget then being bankruptcy is not that far.

So where ever you are in the world may it be the first world or the third world, working hard and spending thriftily is the key to a life of success. Hey that reminds me, is there a second world? If there is what are these countries? Because all I’m hearing is first world and third world. Weird.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hollywood Baby!

I don’t know why but the shows flashing on my TV screen are Hollywood gossip shows! Like why am I watching these crap? Uhm am I like absorbing western culture? The glitz and glamour part of it? Maybe. Anyway I really can’t live a life of a celebrity because the paparazzi will eat me alive!

Like having cameras around you and being famous is very difficult. It’s like being in an arena and you are open to everyone’s criticism and scrutiny. Not a very comfortable idea. Geez… good thing I’m a nobody hehehe. ^_^


Photo credits to

Got a JOB!

Yup! I am so happy that I was able to get myself a job. I only applied yesterday and then today my brother and I got a call from Cathy, Tim Hortons’ Day Manager, and we signed a contract and we’re ready to work and train tomorrow. I work at 3 pm to 11 pm but it’s really no problem because the last bus is at 12 am. But if I do miss my bus walking is no problem because it’s really near where I live and that the sun would still be up.

My pay is at $9.50 per hour and it will increase if we stay at Tim Hortons longer. My brother’s pay is at $9/hour since he’s only a part timer and that his school starts this September. My school starts next year (hopefully) so working would sound good.

I haven’t got my work schedule yet because I haven’t seen my manager since I work at a different store but my brother works 4 days. And if he works a full month he’ll be earning Php 48,384! He’s earning more than most professionals in the Philippines and he’s just a part time worker! And if I begin working then I’m sure I’ll earn even more.

I’ve actually applied to other stores to like McDonalds, Safeway, Tokyo Express (which I won’t be accepted since most employees are Japanese hehehe, you know that means something). And if ever I’ll see a “we’re hiring” sign near my neighborhood then I’ll probably apply there too hehehe. My Tito had given me an advice that I should remember that I will still have to go to school because working and earning already is addicting and I may want to keep on working.

Picture credits go to

Friday, June 13, 2008

Exercising for Nothing

I was so thrilled when I burned 20 calories on the treadmill, well that's what the treadmill said anyway.

But I was also a bit frustrated because I was already sweaty and I felt tired so I decided to drink Gatorade so that the electrolytes that I loss will be replenished and that so that I could be rehydrated. But what really surprised me was that the energy drink had 130 calories in it and I was like staring at the bottle thinking why did I sweat on the treadmill for when what I lose was gained when I drank that energy drink?

Moral Lesson? Drink water! It has no calories!

But really I'm trying to lose weight here and take off some inches off my waist because I don't want to look like my father. Just thinking about it makes me want to run around the neighborhood even if it's freezing.

Well some people on the internet had rudely said that I was fat but instead of getting mad about it I'm doing something about it instead. So goodbye carbohydrates! That means goodbye rice! From now on I'm eating only vegetables, fruits, and proteins. No rice for me.

Plus I'm doing sit-ups every day and I've finally watched that $6 dollar abs workout I bought from the internet. Well back to exercising for me then!

Stubborn Father

Ok I know, this is another one of my rantings... well maybe I should change this blog into my rant zone huh? Well if you don't want to hear rantings you may visit my other blog Angel in the Sickroom or you may choose not to read this post any further.

My father is maybe one of the most stubborn people in the world. He doesn't admit that he's wrong and that he blames other people for his short comings. Like the use of the washing machine for example. The washing machines here in Canada are very different from the ones we have at home. You can say that it's sort of hi-techy. In here there are different settings like the choose of either warm, cold, or hot water in washing or rinsing. It's actually quite complicated but if you only read what is written on the knobs then you can work your way around.

But my stubborn father insists on not learning because it's totally different and says that we should be the ones to operate it because he doesn't know how to. Well if you only use your common sense and your eyes instead of your loud mouth cursing and mumbling to yourself I bet one could easily figure its use out. It's not like a total mystery that needs a rocket scientist to figure out.

And there are so many jobs in Canada and he wants to choose a job as a garbage collector. For a person who has a mechanical engineering degree I wonder why he could be so stupid. He reasons that he knows a garbage collector in Canada who has a three story house and three Ford pick-ups. But the thing is that garbage collector may have another source of income like selling the furnitures and other stuff he salvages from the dumps and sell it to the third world countries. Or he could be like my dad who has a wife who has a higher paying job than him and the only one who literally feeds the family and makes it alive.

Yes, my dad is so stubborn that he doesn't want to continue his education to be able to land higher paying job saying that he's not fit for it. Well I kind of agree because he can't even make his own resume for Christ's sake and he always relies on my mom for this. I just wonder how my mom could keep up and tolerate living with a person who does not even contribute to the family but even cause damage to it.

But honestly. I don't expect much from my father because by the way he's going he's not going anywhere (except down) and my mom will have to clean up after his mess like all the time. He's also has a very loud mouth which is also very irritating. As they say it's the loud people who have the less brains and I have to say that it's true.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nokia beats Sony Ericsson big time!

I had planned a phone with my hard earned money from blogging and the phones that I had in mind were a Nokia N95 and a Nokia N81. Since both Nokia phones were similar in features I opted for the N81 because it was cheaper. But then I found the phone that attracted me the most: the Sony Ericsson W960i! The thing that attracted me most was that it was a touch screen and has handwriting recognition features which was really great. Plus it was part of Sony Ericsson's Walkman Phones which we all know are great. Compared to the N81 it was really superior in all terms especially the 3.2 Megapixels Camera plus it was more stylish than the brick looking N81.

The huge downside which I found was that it couldn't transfer video files to the phone. This may be because of copyright reasons or what but the thing is I found on the net that you could indeed transfer and play videos on the phone if you purchase a Professional Sony Ericsson Media Manager Serial Number. The W960i comes with the Basic Sony Ericsson Media Manager.

What makes me angry is that for a $523 (Php 22,000) phone how come it doesn't include that stupid feature. And I'm not happy with the earphones that come with the phone too. My brother bought the Nokia N81 and he has a better earphones than me and his phone was cheaper. Plus Nokia Nseries phone comes with Phone softwares that does not require any additional purchase to activate the essential features like video transfer and media conversion.

This is why Nokia is trusted by most phone users because of their great innovation and user friendly features. So the next time I'm going to buy a phone, it won't be a Sony Ericsson.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Air Canada Lost My Bags

Yup bad luck for me indeed. Of all the 9 bags that we had checked-in on the airplane only mine got lost and all my clothes are in there. Well not all my clothes but what will I wear now? Will I continue to wear the same set of clothes over and over again? Not to mention that my black leather shoes are in that bag huhuhu...

But at least I can look on the bright side that the airplane company that lost my bag is Air Canada. At least I am assured that they will replace my stuff by paying me in Canadian dollars (sosyal diba? hehehe)! I'm actually not mad at them (yet) but I will be if they don't reimburse me for my lost which I know they will.

Well I don't know how much they will be giving me for my old clothes and shoes but definitely it will be enough to buy me new clothes. Air Canada called yesterday and asked for the brand of the clothes and how many pieces. Well I forgot how many clothes I had because I didn't bother counting them. But I did make sure to let them know that I had W. Brown shoes and Guess jeans. At least they will think that my clothes are expensive hahaha! I was going to say that my laptop was in there but that would already be deceitful and unbelievable. I'm already in Canada so it's time for me to be an honest and law-abiding citizen.

I wonder what would happen if it was Philippine Airlines that lost my bag? Maybe they'll just call promising that they'll do everything to find my bag and never call again...

Oh well, maybe God has a special plan for this and maybe something better would come to me in exchange for the clothes I've lost. You know like a Ying-Yang thing?

UPDATE: Air Canada found my bag at Vancouver and they're sending it to me later. ^_^

Radio Disney Concert Series in Wildwood New Jersey!

Hey guys! Have you heard of the Radio Disney Concert in Wildwood New Jersey?! I've never been to a concert before but I am hoping to go to this one because not only will it have several Radio Disney artists around like Raven-Symone and Mitchel Musso the best part about it is that it's FREE!!!

Yup! The concert is free people so let's hop on that plane and go to Morey's Piers to have that New Jersey vacation that you are dreaming off! I've looked at the place on the internet and it spells fun fun fun!

Here are some of the highlights of the Radio Disney Summer Concert Series:
  • July 7th, 14th and 21st - Magic Mondays - FREE Concerts will be held at the Radio Disney stage next to the Giant Ferris Wheel (how can you miss that?). You get to have a glimpse and enjoy the afternoon with artists like Drew Seeley and as I said a while ago Raven-Symone and Mitchel Musso.
  • July 26, 2008 at the Wildwoods Convention Center Oceanfront Arena - This is the Radio Disney Summer Concert Series finale where you will see Raven-Symone, Martin Lawrence, and Mitchel Musso.
  • And guess what? July 26th Concert ticket holders may enjoy super savings at Morey’s Piers from the time of purchase through July 27, 2008. Simply show your official July 26 Radio Disney Summer Concert Series finale ticket at Guest Services on Mariner’s Landing and receive $10 off an all-day waterpark ticket for either Raging Waters or Ocean Oasis, or $10 off an amusement pier wristband valid for all three of Morey’s Piers, or $15 off a one-day splash and ride combination ticket. How great is that?!
I'm sure that there will be tons of things to do in Jersey and I bet that it would take you more than a day to fully experience all the events in Wildwood. So I encourage everyone to take out their daily planners and choose those dates where you will go to New Jersey and join in the fun at Wildwood events!

Unstable Future

My gosh! I am really in a fix this time! My future is at risk here people so I'm really anxious right now.

This afternoon we're going to the University of Alberta to have an assessment as to where I stand as a student nurse. I really want to study nursing in Canada so I was willing to go back to first year college and I'm supposed to be a 4th year student back in the Philippines.

I was told by my mom's friend that University requirements are strict here in Canada unlike in the Philippines were education is mainly about business. She told me that I had to have at least three units of English here in Canada or something. So does that mean I have to go back to high school? Maybe in grade 8 (equivalent to 4th year high school in the Philippines)?

Or I was given another option.... which I don't want to take... GO BACK TO THE PHILIPPINES!!! It's not that I don't want to go back but it's because I feel ashamed if I go back because people expect me to be a here in Canada and all of the sudden *poof* I'm right back here. And my batch mates would already be ahead of me and I have to go back where I dropped off, third year nursing during summer.

I should have just stayed here in the Philippines if that's the case. I wanted to stay and finish in the Philippines but my mom didn't allow me because she doesn't want to worry about me. I know that it's sweet and all but it's my future that's in stake here. I had never took my education for granted (well in some occasions I had) and it pains me that I am getting behind in everything.

I hope that we could beat the system! I could just study as a Licensed Practical Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse then go to University of Alberta to take Bachelor of Science in Nursing so that I could be an RN already. Ayayayayay! This is just some of the stress of moving... hope that we could all cope up with this.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

For Your Printing Needs

Believe it or not I am into advertising. Just a few months ago I was busy making a website for my Nursing Garage Sale to inform everyone that I am selling my used nursing books and other stuff that I needed to dispose of because I was already on my way here to Canada. I knew that I could have gathered more potential buyers if only I had printed out banners or the like.

And a week after my Tita asked me for help regarding her Duplex Apartment that she wanted to rent out. Of course I was able to place some ads on the internet on some free sites but more people in our local would have known about that apartment for rent if I had printed fliers.

And a few weeks from now I was tasked again to create baby shower invitations because my blabber mouth dad insisted and told everyone that I was good at these stuff. But the truth is that I'm not. I have so many things in my mind that I don't have the time and energy to design baby shower invitations.

Good thing for me VistaPrint was there to save the day! With VistaPrint I could simply choose from several designs and personalize it with pictures or something. It's quick, easy, and hassle free. They are very professional and coordinates with you well to make sure that your needs are met.

Aside from invitations VistaPrints offer other printing services like rubber stamps, magnets, business cards, and other fully customized ad items like pens or what-so-ever. So for your printing needs, you have VistaPrint! How convenient is that?!

My First Impressions of Canada

You can't really blame me if I compare the Philippines from Canada because I came from the Philippines and Canada is a new place and I like what I am seeing. So let me just share some of my thoughts about my first impressions of Canada and how the Philippines differ.
  1. Canasa is so WIDE and OPEN! Unlike the Philippines which has a population of 90.5 million people, Canada only has 33.3 Million people and not to mention that Canada is the second largest country and the Philippines is so tiny as compared to the humongous Canada. The whole Philippines could fit into Alberta (the province where Edmonton is located) but Alberta only has 3.4 Million people.
  2. In Canada, drivers are very responsible. Unlike the Philippines, drivers from Canada are responsible drivers and they give way and respect other drivers. Honking of horns is not common and considered very rude here in Canada. And pedestrians are given higher importance. So if you see me walking across the road, you have to stop for me hahaha! Even if I want to walk under the moonlight slowly.
  3. The rights of the people are upheld. This is common knowledge already I guess. If my car brakes down because of some pots in the road then I can sue the government for the damages of my car and the government is liable for the repairs. In the Philippines, the government is corrupt and don't bother seeking for anything from the Philippine government like your fundamental rights. And if I were harassed by anyone let's say if I'm discriminated or some sort I could report this to the police and the culprits could be sanctioned but you know what? Canadians are really nice people so discrimination is not an issue here.
  4. Government services are first class! You won't see a cheap looking government building here in Canada. When you enter any government owned offices and building, you have a feeling that you're in a five star hotel. The employees are very kind and approachable and they give justice to the term "public servant". Government transactions are quite fast. We got our Social Insurance Number (SIN) immediately on the spot processing. If we did have SIN in the Philippines the process would take months and you would have to bribe the government employees if you want your paperwork to be done faster... tsk tsk.
  5. There are no poor people in Canada, just low income groups. By low income I mean families who can provide their family with everything they need they just don't live in luxury like driving a brand new BMW or living in a mansion or something. In the Philippines.... no comment! People who lost their jobs in Canada (because they were removed from their job and it wasn't their fault) are supported by the government with allowances until they get their own jobs.
  6. Aside from the fact that Canada has four seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall), did you know that outside would still be bright and dandy even if it is 12 midnight during summer!? And when it's winter, it could already be dark when it's only 4 pm. I still need to get used to this.
  7. Contrary to popular belief, Canadians (or people who live in cold places) do take showers in the morning! We do have hot showers here you know and every building and cars have heaters so it's not really cold inside the house.
There are still some more things that I want to share about Canada and I think I'll save that for my later posts.

Canada After Image

Since I'm already in my new home, Canada, I just want to pay homage by making a post related to Canada.

So ladies and gentlemen let me introduce to you the flag of Canada also known as the Maple Leaf! I know that the flag is supposed to be red and white but no I did not make a mistake in posting this picture. I posted this picture because this image is an optical illusion. How? Well just follow these steps and you'll soon find out:
  • Stare at the dot in the center of the 11-point maple leaf for 40 seconds.
  • Now stare at an empty white space.
  • Tada! Amazed? Well you should be.
I'll be writing more about Canada here that's for sure. Until then let me share two more things before I go. Below are the flags of Canada and then the second image is the flag of Alberta, the province where we are staying at:

Credit Cards

At last! My family and I are already starting our new life here in Canada. Canada is everything that I had dreamed of. The lifestyle here is very comfortable and great. One doesn't have to worry much about being able to place food on the table because work here is pretty abundant. In proof of that I have been able to find three "Help Wanted Signs" almost everywhere and I am hoping to land a job in those stores because the pay is great too!

Of course, if one has a high standards of living it is also pretty easy to purchase anything that your heart desires (and partly what you can afford). But with credit cards that is not quite a problem. The use of credit cards here in Canada just like in any first world countries is pretty common and you can even pay for your parking with the use of your credit cards. The use of the wonderful plastic is very handy as you do not have to worry about being short on cash or losing your money because you lost your wallet.

The use of credit cards is already very common but not all users of this wonderful service is not quite informed of the perks and responsibilities that one has if one is a lucky owner of a plastic.

With Credit Cards Club one is provided with very valuable information about credit cards and reviews of different credit cards and banks which is very helpful indeed as this will give you the edge in choosing the bank that is truly worth your money.

Every bank has it's own unique bank rates and services that is why visiting Credit Cards Club for information is not only beneficial but it is a must!

Monday, June 9, 2008

My Cute Cousins

I have noticed that my posts were becoming too negative and that this blog has become my official ranting place so I'd better place some nice and happy entries so that this place won't be that gloomy.
The picture above is taken during our stay in Makati at a relatives condominium building in Makati while we were waiting for our flight to Canada. The girl is Emmalyn, and next to her is my brother Ian, and the two guys in the jacuzzi is me and next to me is the naughty Kelly.

We were at first uncomfortable with each other but as the days passed by the ice started to break and we were already happily playing and talking with each other. We enjoyed taking for a swim on the pool upstairs, playing PC games, surfing the net, and of course going to the malls (we have Three to choose from: Greenbelt, Glorietta, SM and all of these are just a walking distance from our place).

I kind of got a hang of it with the life in Makati and I got so close to my cousins already that is why it's hard to say goodbye. But I know that we'll see each other when we come back to the Philippines for our vacation and I am looking forward to that.

My New Sony Ericsson W960i!

I am glad that I have reaped the fruits of my labor! After spending hours behind a hot computer screen (hehehe, Over...) I have finally bought my dream phone! Well for the moment at least, you know material things they come and go but whatever. ^_^

With my hard-earned money (which is of course subsidized by my generous mom hehehe) I am able to buy a Sony Ericsson W960i! What is it? Well maybe this video will give you an idea of it's features:

What I love about this phone and what prompted me to buy this is of the following reasons:
  • It's a music phone capable of playing almost every music file.
  • It has a 3.2 Megapixel camera
  • It is a touchscreen phone with handwriting recognition so I only write rather than type it in.
  • It has a WLAN or WiFi connectivity so I can blog for free in any hotspot.
  • It has an 8GB memory size.
  • Plus it's cheaper than the Nokia N95 8GB hehehe. Plus I prefer my phone than the Nokia N95.
The Nokia N95 and the Nokia N81 where some of my choices but my brother and mom decided to buy them so I didn't want to have the same phone as they have hehehe. Some may be wondering why we bought phones here when the common notion was that phones are better in Canada but guess again!

The Philippines happens to be the "Texting Capital" of Asia so it's natural that the phones here are more hi-tech or technologically advance and savvy. But only in terms of phones only hehehe.

I'm loving my phone right now so I highly recommend a Sony Ericsson W960i because so far it's the more affordable smart phone in the market with such great features.