Monday, June 16, 2008

Intellectual Rights Dispute hehehe ^_^

I was quite ashamed that a blog owner sent me a comment asking me to host my pictures that I got from other blogs (like his) instead of just grabbing the photo URL and placing it on my blog. Well he did say it in a very polite and calm way that is why I am more ashamed and guilty. Well lesson learned for me there so from now on I don’t use pictures with out hosting them and properly giving credits as to where I got the pictures from.

Case solved. ^_^

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  1. Edgar,

    I'm guilty din- grabbing url tsk..tsk.. but I made sure nakalagay sa bottom nong post yung credit. Minsan kasi tamad mag upload. This is an eye-opener; thanks for sharing this info. :)

    Ingat lagi,

    Ate Anah