Sunday, March 29, 2009

Should I Go Back to the Philippines?

I am faced with a huge dilemma and can't decide what to do with my life. I have two options and choosing one would significantly alter my life. Well I did already alter my life by deciding not to finish my nursing program back in the Philippines to come here in Canada and frankly I'm not sure whether I made the right decision or not.

So I have two options which will dictate how my future would turn out and these are either to go back to the Philippines to finish the last year of my Bachelor of Science in Nursing or to stay here in Canada where I will have to start my whole degree from scratch.

So here are the pros and cons:

Going Back to the Philippines



I will finish my degree faster.

I am not confident that I can remember everything I learned.

Education in the Philippines is cheaper.

I already got rid of my books and notes which I know will be needed for my classes.

I will not have debts to pay after school.

Being alienated by my new classmates as they have already known each other since they started the program.

Commuting to the hospitals is easier.

I have to wash my own clothes by hand, budget my money, and look for a clean place to eat.

I am familiar with the settings in the Philippines.

I am not sure that I will get a job here in Canada as an RN but only as an LPN.

Independence from parents and increase in allowance.

Staying In Canada



I will start a-new and I won’t have to worry about the professor saying things like, “ you have learned from last sem...”


Better education and what I learn and experience is exactly what will be done. Theory and practice will actually meet.

I have to get a car (partly-pros) and drive to far-flung hospitals (40 minutes away) for my clinical exposure.

I will get a job easier since I graduated from a recognized Canadian institution.

When I graduate from school I will already have debt to pay (student loan).

A chance to study in a Canadian University and be able to meet new people.

By the time I graduate I will already be 24 years old!!!

Getting acquainted with the way the health system in Alberta, Canada works because this is where I will eventually end up working.

If ever I fail, I will have to wait for another year and can’t transfer to other institutions as easy as transferring from Xavier to Liceo.

I really need help in deciding. I know that the decision is really up to me but being able to listen to other people's opinion will really be helpful.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Car Insurance: Knowing That We Are in Safe Hands

I may not be a mathematician or a statistician but by the way my dad is driving and at the rate he gets our car chipped, scratched, and almost hit head-on with other cars I calculate or even predict the probable lifespan of our brand new car... 1 month or less?

I feel like I'm a parent of an inexperienced teenage driver borrowing my car for a night out, and it's very nerve-wracking. That's why I feel better and I am able to sleep better at night knowing that we have car insurance. I can't possibly imagine how devastating it would be and how much strain it would cause to our finances if ever the dreaded fender bender or worst happens.

But I'm not really happy with our current car insurance provider so I looked around the net and I found the very promising Autonet Van Insurance.

Unlike our current insurance provider, Autonet Insurance has an insurance policy that is custom-built around you that meets your needs at a low unbeatable price. You can customize what your insurance covers from only third party , third party plus theft coverage, or the all around comprehensive coverage which has third party liability and theft coverage plus a personal accident benefit for your own injuries or death.

With Autonet Insurance not only do you know you are in safe hands, you will also have enough money for your own personal needs and wants. This is because Autonet will give you a refund of any premium paid once you show them that there is another car insurance that provides a cheaper quotation. Like come on! What other car insurance provider does that? Only Autonet Insurance.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've Hit Rockbottom...

I used to be at the top of my game. I was one of the top students in one of the best university in the Philippines, I pass and do great in everything to do, I was even considered as a leader and as a role model... I had goals and dreams, I had the right stuff and the tools of the trade to succeed!

But look at me now, I'm out of school, I work at a fastfood restaurant throwing garbage, serving people who looks down at me thinking I'm a highschool dropout Filipino contract worker... I used to be part of the elite social class and now I'm nothing... quite a humbling experience really.

Although my family isn't poor, we do have a car, food on the table, and a roof above our heads, I still feel incompetent and completely useless because it seems that several years of my life has been wasted on being a good student with high grades. I took a pass on going out with friends and having fun because I wanted to be serious and diligent on my studies because I was career oriented. But now all those sleepless nights and sacrifice doesn't mean a thing because in Canada, education from other countries especially third world countries is sub par which I think is unfair and totally ridiculous in a way.

But here I am a total loser in a country where Filipinos are looked down upon because they think we are uneducated poor people. I hate this country, I never wanted to be here in the first place... I was sucked out from my very successful life into this pit of self pity and despair.

But I won't give up! I will take the wheel and take control of my life. I'll show those people that I am not someone to be looked down upon. But seriously, if I don't start school this year, I will completely lose it and go on a rampage.

I had a great life, now look how I am today. It infuriates me!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Don't Have to Prove Anything

I was so pissed yesterday! It actually happened to me, a Filipino being looked down by a "White". Well Filipino being looked down by another Filipino is pretty common but a White looking down at me? Unacceptable.

I can state a thousand things why they can never look down on me but I'm tired and I'll be wasting my time. But what the hell, time is all I have:
  1. I am not a contract worker, I am acutally a resident of this place and a Citizen in three years from now which I don't really care about. I didn't come to this God-forsaken country to work in your fastfood chains. I had no choice, my parents wanted to move here so I was dragged along. If I were given a choice I would have stayed in the Philippines and I would have graduated now too.
  2. I am working at Tim Hortons because I want to earn money while waiting to gain admission to University of Alberta because unlike a certain percentage of white people I have high goals and aspirations with one of them being able to have a degree.
  3. Just because I'm brown doesn't mean I worship white people and think that they are superior in any way.

Not all Filipinos that come to this country, Canada, is a contract worker who you think you can look down at and think that you are superior to them in a way because if you take a look at history no one is a native of Canada per se. The ancestors or forefathers of the white people killed and oppressed the first people who lived in Canada. And that is something I would never be proud of.

I don't want to be nasty but some people are making me nasty. Again, if you don't know how to respect people then don't expect to be respected too.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Do I Look Like Adam Lambert? [edited version]

Someone just told me a while ago that I looked like Adam Lambert of American Idol. I actually had no idea of who he is and how he looks like because I haven't been watching American Idol since I usually am at work when American Idol airs and I'm not really interested in watching it now that my favorite idol: David Archuleta is not on the show anymore.

So I Googled Adam Lambert and I finally sort of got a glimpse of his talent, fashion, and a bit of who he is. So I hear that he is a great singer, with theatrical backgrounds and as American Idol judge, Kara DioGuardi, said, "He hit notes she never knew even existed." I find him pretty fashionable for an emo person too!

Anyway, I don't really care if we look alike or don't.

[I removed somethings in this post like pictures and opinions as such because I guess I've hit a few nerves but it was good to know though that I get visitors, LOL!]

Monday, March 16, 2009

I Want an iPhone!

I knew that an iPhone is such an amazing gadget but I was only enticed to buy one when my mom went home one day with an iPhone from Rogers. She said that she had no plans on buying one but got one anyway because the salesman was good.

But I actually didn't want to get an iPhone since I already have bought two iPod Touch and both had pretty much the same features except that the iPod touch isn't a phone... duh! I already have a great smart phone and I'm pretty happy with it. But the interface of the iPhone is really great and I especially love the Google Map that's pre-installed on the iPhone. I do have Google Maps on my Sony Erisson W960i but it doesn't come close to the iPhone. Plus I love the internet browser of the iPhone/iPod Touch!

I went online and bid on a 16GB White Unlocked iPod but I lost... which is good because I bid on two more phones from two different sellers so I didn't want to win two bids since I don't want to pay for both.

Anyhoo... I think it's better to hide my credit card since I don't want to spend too much since I have to pay my way to school.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nothing to Post

Seriously... my life is so boring... I have nothing to post or write about. I think my brain has completely shut down or anything because I don't seem to think anymore... or is it because I can't think anymore?

I wonder why I always have to blog about my boring life... is there even anyone visiting my rarely updated blog who are interested about my not so fascinating life?

But then again, using this part of cyberspace to rant and vent isn't a bad idea either... so here it goes.... **** my brother's friends! Damn! My only day dedicated to cleaning this God damn house is wasted because of those damn people! God why can't they just go to their own freaking homes like normal people do! They stay here for the whole night and then the whole day, they eat here, leave their garbage here in our God forsaken home... I hate them... Grrr...

Ok on with my life... see? Look how infuriatingly pathetic my life is. Later days!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Computer Is Dead

Oh my GOSH!!!

My computer is dead! It won't turn on anymore and it's all because I tweaked some screws so that I can clean more dust since my computer slowed down again. And I still blame those evil dust bunnies for the death of my computer. If it weren't for them I wouldn't have had to open my computer and cause some electrostatic discharges to my computer.

Good thing that my computer is still under warranty and the customer service agent has scheduled a bench repair. They are going to send me a box for my computer and then a designated courier will pick-up my computer at home and mail it to HP.

Wow! That is what you call excellent customer service! I am so happy with HP right now that I plan on buying only HP computers and gadgets from now on! Imagine I just e-mail them and then a couple of minutes the agents will reply in an hour with the information you need with out having to beat around the bush.

After my desktop is fixed I plan on asking them if they have a trade-in program too since I want to get a laptop. I don't want to have those stupid bulky desktops that attract dust 24/7. I love HP!

I Got Promoted!

Honestly I'm not really excited with my promotion because my present job is only temporary and I don't plan on working there forever. I'm only working at Tim Hortons until I get admission to University of Alberta.

I don't want the additional responsibility that the promotion entails but I cannot deny the fact that the additional pay with the promotion is indeed tempting. It was all quite sudden and my manager didn't even tell me about the promotion. It was like I was just assigned to be an in-charge for one day every week just like that. They say that this is the first step to becoming a supervisor but I am more interested in having a raise than being promoted.

But I have to admit that being recognized to lead a group of people and be trusted with all the money in the till gives me a sense of satisfaction and pride. So I have to live out the expectations of my c0-workers... how troublesome.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ski Trip at the Canadian Rocky Mountains

That is me trying to conquer the mountain and ski. Well I did get to ski (slightly) and I was able to conquer the mountain (just the bunny hill for kids and beginners) after a few falls (more like several falls) but as one very intelligent and well respected philosophers of all times (me) said:

"It is better to fall a thousand times than to just sit and never learn anything..."

The ski trip was well worth it and we really enjoyed it. Here are my trip buddies:

Tanner, Camille, Grace, Mark, and Me... and oh yes my brother who I brought along as my personal photographer:

(Me and my brother)

The trip to Marmot Basin, located in Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, is around 6 hours from Edmonton. The trip there was very fun and really comfortable. We left Edmonton at around 2:30 AM to Camille's house and then we followed them to the Edmonton Military Garrison where our bus was waiting for us:

Oh yeah! It's Canadian baby! And our driver was a Canadian Soldier:

Ok, back to my story. So riding the bus was very relaxing really. I was able to sleep and just listening to my iPod was really fun and when dawn finally break the view was amazing:

And yes skiing (or trying to ski) is also fun! Good thing the snow was soft or else I would have bruises all over. We just went skiing on top of the bunny hill which was intended for kids (and beginners) but turns out the kids were better than us at skiing and snow boarding. We were served!

But trying to ski and the matching ski outfit were excellent for picture taking which was the main reason why we came all the way to Marmot Basin for: picture taking! *Toink*

Friday, March 6, 2009

Goodbye Ice Cream!

My gosh! My worst nightmare has finally came true! A friend had asked me go swimming at the water park at West Edmonton Mall!!! I'm not afraid of drowning or anything because I can swim (and float whenever I need to hehehe).

I don't want to come because I don't want to be half naked in a swimming trunks because I don't have that body to show off or a body to even show to begin with (wait... I don't have a body?!). I'm thinking of coming but I'm not sure. Maybe when I slim down a bit and get rid of that lump in front of my tummy hehehe. But I guess 2 weeks won't do me much good...

I just am too lazy to exercise and there are so many things I want to do rather than exercise. I am so hopeless. But still I will try to watch what I eat... goodbye iced cappuccino and ice cream... I will miss you so much!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Family Time Is A Must

Moving to Canada has somehow placed a strain on my family's relationship with each other. All of us are always busy and have no time to just sit and relax. I come home to our house and leave the house without even seeing or talking to my parents sometimes.

There are times when all of us are at home but then we still don't get to interact with each other because we are in front of our computers surfing the internet or whatsoever. We sometimes don't get to eat together anymore.

This is not how a family should act that is why I am happy that my family is doing something about it. We make sure that we are at home at least on Sunday because this is the day that we get to eat together and do stuff together may it be shopping, watching movies at home, eating out, or whatever as long as we do it together.

No matter how busy we are we should always have time for each other because we came to Canada to live a new and great life and not just to earn money. Many families have grown far apart by each other and I don't want my family to be the same.

So even if my family have certain traits that I may be ashamed of or dislike, my love for them is greater. They are not perfect but they are family and families stick together.