Monday, March 2, 2009

Family Time Is A Must

Moving to Canada has somehow placed a strain on my family's relationship with each other. All of us are always busy and have no time to just sit and relax. I come home to our house and leave the house without even seeing or talking to my parents sometimes.

There are times when all of us are at home but then we still don't get to interact with each other because we are in front of our computers surfing the internet or whatsoever. We sometimes don't get to eat together anymore.

This is not how a family should act that is why I am happy that my family is doing something about it. We make sure that we are at home at least on Sunday because this is the day that we get to eat together and do stuff together may it be shopping, watching movies at home, eating out, or whatever as long as we do it together.

No matter how busy we are we should always have time for each other because we came to Canada to live a new and great life and not just to earn money. Many families have grown far apart by each other and I don't want my family to be the same.

So even if my family have certain traits that I may be ashamed of or dislike, my love for them is greater. They are not perfect but they are family and families stick together.

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