Saturday, March 28, 2009

Car Insurance: Knowing That We Are in Safe Hands

I may not be a mathematician or a statistician but by the way my dad is driving and at the rate he gets our car chipped, scratched, and almost hit head-on with other cars I calculate or even predict the probable lifespan of our brand new car... 1 month or less?

I feel like I'm a parent of an inexperienced teenage driver borrowing my car for a night out, and it's very nerve-wracking. That's why I feel better and I am able to sleep better at night knowing that we have car insurance. I can't possibly imagine how devastating it would be and how much strain it would cause to our finances if ever the dreaded fender bender or worst happens.

But I'm not really happy with our current car insurance provider so I looked around the net and I found the very promising Autonet Van Insurance.

Unlike our current insurance provider, Autonet Insurance has an insurance policy that is custom-built around you that meets your needs at a low unbeatable price. You can customize what your insurance covers from only third party , third party plus theft coverage, or the all around comprehensive coverage which has third party liability and theft coverage plus a personal accident benefit for your own injuries or death.

With Autonet Insurance not only do you know you are in safe hands, you will also have enough money for your own personal needs and wants. This is because Autonet will give you a refund of any premium paid once you show them that there is another car insurance that provides a cheaper quotation. Like come on! What other car insurance provider does that? Only Autonet Insurance.

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