Friday, March 23, 2012

My Dream Car: A Nissan 370Z

I can’t help but imagine about getting my dream car once I finish my nursing program. I have always wanted something that is fast, sporty, and eye catching; All that I wanted in a car is in the Nissan 370Z.

I had always loved Nissans ever since my family bought our first Nissan, a 2009 Pathfinder. Our Pathfinder is very dependable and has helped us forge through the worst of weathers, especially in winter. I loved how we never had a problem making it start even in -40 degrees Celsius. Plus our Nissan may look bulky and huge, but it can accelerate pretty fast. Don’t even get me started in its towing capabilities.

In terms of style, the Nissan 370Z is a sexy beast. It will perfectly match the urban scene and it's sleek aerodynamic design would definitely make heads turn. The 370Z is a perfect mixture of technology, luxury, and power as it boasts a 3.7-liter V-6 engine rated at 332 horsepower running up to a 7,500-rpm redline.

Just thinking about being behind the wheels of this car gives me an adrenaline rush.