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Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm Blog of the Day!!!

Woah! Who would have guessed that me, an amateur blogger who only knows a little about html and css, could actually be chosen as PayPerPost's Blog of the Day! Yup you heard me, I'm the April 14, 2008 Blog of the Day! Wow this really is a great achievement and would make a great mark in my whole blogging career hehehe. Who thought that blogging could be a career? But really guys, I love blogging and being recognized is a great feeling. Of all the millions of bloggers out there, why me? But who's complaining?

It's so ironic that I was chosen on the 14th day of April. And the 14th day in February is Valentine's Day therefore it just proves that I really PayPerPost!!! I have earned a lot from PayPerPost and I have discovered great sites and products through PayPerPost that is why I really encourage everyone to join PayPerPost and become one of us "Posties".

Oh yes I would like to thank the following bloggers for informing me that I was the PPP Blog of the Day and for greeting me:
  1. Juliana - she has always been my most frequent visitor and I thank her for that
  2. Ritchiela
  3. Anah
And for the people I met on PayPerPost, hi to all of you!
  1. HH
  2. Happy

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Power of the Plastic!

Woah having a credit card is like having a super power: the power to buy everything that you want. When you have a credit card around with you you feel like you could buy everything in the store that you want. The ability to purchase without any limit feels so good that shopping using a credit card can be so addicting!

That is why having a credit card is like owning a double edged sword. You can buy whatever you want but you will still will have to pay everything you bought in the end. Nothing in this world is for free after all. That is why one should be a responsible user of a credit card. But if you are just new to the credit card world or if you are already hooked with credit cards and don't know how to solve your financial problems then is for you! gives you how to use credit cards wisely and all you need to know about credit cards. And if you don't have a credit card yet, can assist you in applying online for a credit card that fits your needs by informing you about the types of credit cards, to comparing various credit card offers, and up to applying for the actual credit card.

I'm thinking of getting myself a student credit card. To learn more about credit cards just visit

Friday, April 4, 2008

Like My Ice Cream?

First of all I had you fooled if you thought that this was actually a real life ice cream. Well you're wrong because this is actually a candle. So if you have a craving for wax then this is surely for you! Joke! ^_^

Who would have guessed that people would actually notice my Candle Palace Candle. Like I know that the craftsmanship of the candle is quite good but I didn’t expect so many people asking me if the candle was real or they thought that the ice cream was real. I immediately then became proud of my candle and I myself allowed myself to appreciate it. And what’s more amazing about it is that this is a local product from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.

I now realized that we Filipinos do have some products that we can sure be proud of and call our own. I was going to sell the candle for Php 40 pesos but I’m thinking of rising the price a bit because the quality is undeniably excellent.

Hmm. Just looking at the candle make me drool for real ice cream. I think I'll be bringing this one with me to Canada. ^_^

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm Loving Entrecard

I just love Entrecard! What is Entrecard? Well it's just one of the best ways to get connected with other bloggers and increase your page traffic tremendously! Entrecard works like leaving a business card into a blog/site that has an Entrecard widget and the blog/site owner then visits your blog and drop his/her Entrecard. It's like switching Entrecards (business cards if you want to put it that way).

Plus you have a great incentive when you drop Entrecards! Every time you drop your card or someone drops a card in your site you earn Entrecard credits. These credits can then be used to advertise on other blogs. See my Entrecard at the upper right corner of my blog. Notice the ad? The site owner paid me Entrecard credits to advertise in my blog. So I then use these credits to advertise on other blogs and this increases the chance that other bloggers can hop their way to my blog. Isn't that amazing?

I have spent several precious hours joining in blog directories but it is only Entrecard that had helped me increase my site traffic exponentially! So I invite everyone to join in and don't forget to leave your card on my site! ^_^

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm Definitely a David Archuleta Fan!

I was going to sleep early tonight but decided to watch TV and American Idol was on. It so happened that it was David Archuleta's turn to perform. I wasn't a fan of David nor do I watch American Idol but when I saw David perform tonight I was totally blown away. I immediately became an Archuleta fan and for very good reasons too!

It has been said that David is the predicted grand winner for this season of American Idol and I couldn't agree more. Like Simon Cowell I also have a nose for star power and oh boy David is one shining star! He does not only have an incredible sweet voice, he also has good looks to come with his adorable smile and personality... and this is being objective of of course. Hey! Even Simon agrees with me that David is great.

Although David had some bad performances (I saw these on Youtube) where he forgot the lyrics I would say, "So what?" I didn't actually notice that he skipped some lines because I was just concentrating on his great over all performance. The studio audience enjoyed it like I did too, I could say this because David (like always) gets the loudest applause. This isn't a wonder because David sure does have a huge fan base because as I said for a 17 year old, he is quite impressive. This is one of the reasons that I can say that he will be the American Idol.

I guess other Filipinos would agree with me as they are already hoping that David would be part Filipino so that they could also vote for him asides from Ramiele Malubay. I'm Filipino but I have to stick with one idol and that is David Archulete even if he isn't Filipino.

And to prove why I think David is just booming with talent here is his video when he was younger playing on the piano and singing Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles. And I rate his performance here a 9/10!

And why is he adorable as people say? Just watch this fan video and you'll understand why:

So ladies and gentlemen, David Archulete, the future American Idol! The young singer with a great voice, adorable looks, and a great personality. What a great package for a future and rising star!

Oh yeah here's more of David:

If you want more David Archuleta resources then go to these sites:
American Idol
Archuleta Fans
Youtube for his other Videos

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Instant Make-Over!

I learned about this website from PixelRN and I was a bit curious and wanted to try it out to see if really is what it advertises: creating a new look. Well the site is actually intended for the female audience but I still wanted to try it anyway. Good thing that the site offered some short hair that are also good for guys. Of course I was curious enough to try the long female hairs but it did not turn out good. hehehe!


So what do you think? From the haggard looking person to the stylish F4 Wanna Be look hahaha! is actually very fun to play with but is more practical for female users of course. The site offers you to create a new look using real to life products. It's like testing beauty products in the convenience of your own home/office/library or where ever you are as long as you're connected to the internet.

I don't use make-up or plan to use make-up but the products used on the site are very nice! I especially liked the contacts. The site is also very user friendly. It beats using photoshop which is a nightmare for newbies like me.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Heard any Good Oyster Jokes Lately?

I have been chatting with an old friend of mine when we suddenly got bored and our boredom lead us to this corny oyster joke that we came up with:
A gulf oyster came rushing in the emergency room of the hospital and wasn't looking too good. An oyster specialist then rushed to the very pale oyster and then told the sick oyster, "Oh my God! You have real clammy skin!"
Hahaha! Did you get the joke? Clammy skin? You see what the oyster specialist meant is that the oyster had a cool, moist, and pale skin (which meant that the oyster is about to go into shock) but then it's ironic that the specialist would say that when the oyster was a bivalved mollusk too! It's a bit corny, I know, but eating gulf oysters without sufficient knowledge of it's dangers is no joke! Eating oysters without proper knowledge can be dangerous.

We all love to eat gulf oysters, like who doesn't? But if you're an at-risk consumer (if you have cancer, liver disease, stomach disorders, etc) of oysters then you could suffer gastroenteritis and primary septicemia which is very uncomfortable mind you and is of no laughing matter.

I know that all of these may sound difficult to digest (excuse me for the pun) but it is better to be a well informed consumer than a uninformed suffering one.

Want to learn more about oysters and the many ways to enjoy them? Just visit the Be Oyster Aware website for more interesting oyster facts and recipes! Prevent the suffering and learn how to enjoy oysters more!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

There's More to an Oyster Than You Think

What if gulf oysters produce not only pearls? What if they produce other kinds of precious jewels like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and etc! What if oysters are the solution to our current problems like pollution, fast depleting energy resources, and a cure for HIV/AIDS?!

What if oysters provide new life for all living creatures? Well, I might be exaggerating a bit already but it is true that gulf oysters can sustain life, especially our lives, by giving us nourishment that is!

You just have to love oysters!There are several ways to cook oysters and so many ways to enjoy them! But did you know that eating oysters can also be risky? Eating raw or under-cooked oysters can cause serious illness or even death from Vibrio vulnificus bacteria. Scary huh? But does this mean that we have to stop eating freshgulf oysters? You've got to be kidding right? That is definitely not an option!

So if you love eating oysters and can't get enough, please visit the Be Oyster Aware website so that you can learn more about your beloved oysters and how to eat oysters safely! Happy eating guys!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

11 Commandments in Using the Toilet

I found this hilarious 11 Commandments in Using the Toilet (actually 12 but one rule is illegible) while browsing through our old class blogspot, Tataknerd. And I have to say, who ever made these rules sure does have a great sense of humor:

11 Commandments in Using the Toilet
  1. Lift the seat before starting.
  2. Caution! All women place seat in proper position before sitting.
  3. Do not waste paper - use both sides. If paper is scarce use your ingenuity but be careful for hygiene reasons.
  4. Do not confuse toilet brush with toothbrush.
  5. Save electricity - learn to aim in the dark.
  6. Long timers be warned! After two hours ejectochair will start working.
  7. When writing graffiti on the wall - use only waterproof colors and brushes of good quality. Please write legibly.
  8. Flush only when a risk of suffocation or feeling of sickness occurs.
  9. Warning! When dispatching excessive amounts there is a strong possibility of blockage. Flush several times and hope for the best.
  10. If flooding occurs - keep calm. Life vest is under your seat. Tread water until help arrives.
  11. Avoid crowds - max: 16 persons in this room.

Friday, October 12, 2007



This statistics is a result of the study conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), based on the average passing in the BOARD EXAMINATIONS OF ALL COURSES of all universities and colleges in the Philippines.

This study is concluded every 10 years. The following is the result of the first study from
1992 to 2001. Five schools come from Luzon, two from the Visayas and three from Mindanao.

1. University of the Philippines (Diliman Campus /Luzon)

2. Silliman University (Dumaguete City / Visayas)

3. Ateneo de Davao University (Davao / Mindanao)

4. Ateneo de Manila University (Manila / Luzon)

5. University of Sto. Tomas (Manila / Luzon)

6. Mindanao State University (Mindanao)

7. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (Manila /Luzon)

8. Saint Louis University (Baguio City / Luzon)

9. University of San Carlos (Cebu City / Visayas)

10. Xavier University (Cagayan de Oro /Mindanao)

Wooh! My school is in the list! The only one from Cagayan de Oro too. I don't know the latest list though but I bet XU would still be in the Top 10. I heard that there was a latest statistics where XU ranked top 7. I wonder if this would be because of the well-known 100% passing rate of board examinees from the XU College of Nursing...

But you know what? These statistics are so unreliable... plus people are so biased... to be honest, I am one of those biased people hehehe. Who would say that "I'm enrolled in the worst school ever" right? We would definitely say that "my school is the best".

But what are the criteria for being the best? And why is the school so damn important in our lives? One thing for sure is that if you graduate from a reputable and respectable university you would propbably have a greater edge over those who graduated from other unknown schools. And this is a fact. One company I know of in Cagayan de Oro hand-picks applicants who came from XU or a better school outside Mindanao and then if there are some vacant slots chooses from the other top performers from other schools. My source is very reliable thank you.

But in the end, if you don't perform well as expected you would still fail and be fired and you will definitely bring shame to your school. This is why the best schools just don't allow any student to graduate unless they perceive that that student is already capable.

So conclusion? Just work your way to the top and stop wasting time by trying to defend yourself that your school is the best! I'm not hehehe... I'm not the one saying nah my school is better than that school because they know more about skills and stuff and this school is only based on theories... but if I were a person so concerned with people comparing my school to theirs just to prove that they are better, then my rebuttal would be: how can you apply skills when you don't know the theories or reason behind it... duh?! hehehe...

Peace to all!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

10 Things Idiots Do On Friendster


there is NO SUCH THING as a friendster

it does NOT exist. so quit posting
stupid bulletins like

no, it doesnt!


To the people who have like 25,000
are you serious?
You're stupid.
Go play in traffic.


Don't ever post pictures and say
"OMG, I'm so ugly"
"OMG, I'm so fat"
because if you were,
you wouldn't post them.
And if u do ur a freaking mongoloid.


Nobody cares about threats over the
Don't try to act hardcore with the
Fighting online is like racing in the
special olympics;
even if you win, you're still retarded.


Quit crying
b/c you're not on someones top 8.
who cares?
Stop bitching!!!


Who really cares if
I don't accept you as a friend?
Don't send me another request or
message asking
"what's up with you not adding me?"
I don't want you as a friend,
that's what's up bitch!!!


Little 12 year olds who have Friendster
and look like sluts, and act like
go somewhere else
because nobody wants you here.


If you have decided to read this,
you are a true Friendster Friend.
Real friends read their bulletins.


I say you go and pass this on
and maybe it will finally get through
people's brains


And if you open a bulletin and it says
something like
"repost this in 100 seconds or a ghost
will rape your dog tonight,or some
dead skinless girl is gonna rape your


This is a test to see how many people
in your friends list
actually pay attention to you.

Repost this with..

"10 things idiots do on Friendster"

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fucking, Austria

Fucking (IPA: /ˈfʊkɪŋ/—the "u" is pronounced like the "u" in English "put") is a small settlement (population c. 150), part of the municipality of Tarsdorf, in the Innviertel region of western Upper Austria, located at 48°02′59″N, 12°50′59″E, bordering Bavaria. [2] It is near the city of Salzburg. The village is known to have existed as “Fucking” since at least 1070 and is named after a man from the 6th century called Focko. “Ing” is an old Germanic suffix meaning “people”; thus Fucking, in this case, means “place of Focko’s people”. [3]

The name, spelled identically to the gerund form of the often-used English profanityfuck,” is often found amusing by Anglophones. In German the name has no obvious associations, amusing or otherwise, although most German speakers are aware of the English word. The German equivalent of “to fuck,” regarded as equally vulgar to the English word, is ficken (IPA [ˈfɪkən]).

The settlement’s most famous feature is a traffic sign with its name on it beside which English-speaking tourists often stop to have their photograph taken. The sign is the most commonly stolen street sign in Austria.[4] Significant amounts of public funds are spent on replacing the stolen signs. In August 2005 the road signs were replaced with theft-proof signs welded to steel and secured in concrete to make the signs harder to take. [5]

On some photographs that can also be found through the Internet, below the sign with the name "Fucking" there is another sign with a picture of two children and the words "Bitte — nicht so schnell!" meaning "Please — not so fast!" Apparently this type of sign is a common reminder around the area for drivers to keep their speed down for the saftey of children, but the double meaning was found humorous to many of the german-speaking tourists. [6]

In 2004, owing to the stolen signs and embarrassment over the name, a vote was held on changing the name, but the residents voted against doing so.

Coincidentally there is a small municipality just over the border in Bavaria, Germany called Petting, which is a loanword meaning Foreplay in German.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

10 Things About Edgar


  1. he is a person who is very moody. I mean, HE CAN CHANGE HIS MOODS ALL THE TIME. <-- (Very true hahaha!)
  2. He is aperson who carries a smile on his face making you smile also. BUT SOMETIMES, he do it so often that it kinda start a trigger in your thinking. <--(What kind of trigger?!)
  3. He is very talkative…He can argue with anything,anytime,anywhere!!! He can make small problems to big one and vice versa…c”,) <--(I'm an introvert but I can be an extrovert when i'm with friends)
  4. He is a very responsible man to the point of being perfectionist. He always want to be in control of the situation even if it is beyond his power.<--(no comment... hehehe...)
  5. but most importantly , he is a good friend. You can lean on to him whenever you want BUT DON’T EXPECT ANY SYMPATHY. <--(hey I'm a very caring person!)
  6. HE LOVES TO BE A BEADDLE <--(well there are incentives you know, like one grade up hehehe)
  7. HE LOVES TO DRINK Orbitz <--(yup! I love the large one with extra pearls!)
  8. in case you want to bring him food or have lunch with him… don’t be surprise if you see him always eating MEAT. LIKE HOTDOG, CHICKEN, CHICKEN AND GUESS WHAT,,,,,,,,,CHICKEN <---(hey! I love chicken! hehehe)
  9. HE LOVES MUSIC.ANY MUSIC <--- (I don't like ANY music you know... I love pop, slow jams, and the likes... i don't like rock and heavy metal)
  10. HE ALWAYS QUESTION THINGS LIKE , Do you believe in God? Why do you belive in him. Its sometimes very ANNNNOYYINHG. ITS LIKE IT NEVER ENDS. HE QUESTIONS ONE AND THEN HE QUESTIONS AB <---(What can I say? I'm a very confused boy with lots of questions...)