Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm Blog of the Day!!!

Woah! Who would have guessed that me, an amateur blogger who only knows a little about html and css, could actually be chosen as PayPerPost's Blog of the Day! Yup you heard me, I'm the April 14, 2008 Blog of the Day! Wow this really is a great achievement and would make a great mark in my whole blogging career hehehe. Who thought that blogging could be a career? But really guys, I love blogging and being recognized is a great feeling. Of all the millions of bloggers out there, why me? But who's complaining?

It's so ironic that I was chosen on the 14th day of April. And the 14th day in February is Valentine's Day therefore it just proves that I really PayPerPost!!! I have earned a lot from PayPerPost and I have discovered great sites and products through PayPerPost that is why I really encourage everyone to join PayPerPost and become one of us "Posties".

Oh yes I would like to thank the following bloggers for informing me that I was the PPP Blog of the Day and for greeting me:
  1. Juliana - she has always been my most frequent visitor and I thank her for that
  2. Ritchiela
  3. Anah
And for the people I met on PayPerPost, hi to all of you!
  1. HH
  2. Happy

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