Thursday, April 24, 2008

Career Options: Sonography Tech

I'm really serious about my future and right now I've been busy looking for other career paths aside from nursing and I have found another medical career that fits my interest and that's being a Sonography Technician.

So what is the job description? Well you operate and assist in the use of a high-tech ultrasound machines to direct waves to create an image of different parts of the body like the brain, eyes, and abdominal organs. Another interesting moments in a Sonography tech life is that he gets to share with the patients the joy and wonder when they have a video image of a fetus inside a mother's womb. You really get to appreciate God and all his wonders as you observe that fetus grow and mature as the mommy goes for her monthly check-ups.

And the pay is also good (average salary falls between $41,420 and $56,020 per annum) and your sure that you will be in demand since sonography/ultrasound is a standard operating procedure in hospitals so that doctors could easily and safely diagnose a patient's condition.

So if you're like me who is looking for other career paths in the medical field why not check out sonography and visit your nearest sonography schools for more info. And guess what, some universities offer online schooling for those who are working or have part time jobs.

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