Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Sweet Relationship

Yesterday when I was going home I noticed these two people in the seat in front of me. One was an older gentleman and the other was a young boy (who I've heard was in 4th year high school). They were kind of sweet to each other and I know that they had a special relationship. The boy was kind of sleepy so he rested his head on the man's shoulder and the gentleman placed his arm around the boy's shoulder. They looked so comfortable with each other.

But wait! Before you get the wrong idea and think that they are having a perverted/pedophile kind of relationship let me clarify that these two have a father and son relationship. I had you going there didn't I? Well I at first had the same impression and said to my self how sweet in a lovers kind of way. The young boy was actually good looking so I first thought that the older man was his sugar-daddy hahaha!

But with all that out of our system, I kind of envy the kind of relationship they have (father and son ok?). They really are so close to each other. They're more like of best buddies rather than a paternal & child image. I wished that I had the same relationship with my father so that I could easily express what I feel and just feel safe and comfortable. But I had convinced myself that that wouldn't happen. I'm the kind of person who hold grudges and it's a negative attribute that I have. I had a very bad childhood because of my father who was very abusive. For me he cared more for the things that I accidentally broke as a child than me that is why I hate him. Right now, our relationship is kind of neutral. No hate, but I don't love him too. The respect is there though...


  1. I am sorry that you had a bad childhood. I'm glad you're strong and you're doing well right now. I am close to my dad, but we're never the touchy-feely type. We can talk about stuff and damn, I miss him so much, since I'm staying away from home now.

  2. Yeah, I'm doing ok now. Just have some hard feelings though. But I'm sorry that you and you're dad are far apart right now.

  3. Good mawnin,

    I'm sorry to hear about you and your tatay. I know the feeling- tulad mo wala akong good relationship with my father. He was fine pero alcoholic. Oo nga nadala ako sa storya mo but brought a smile hehe- this has been a rough week for us.

    Anyway, enjoy your weekend!