Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Memorandum/Directive to All David Archuleta Fans

As you may have already guessed, I am a die-hard David Archuleta fan and I am proud to say that I am an "Arch Angel".

We all may have heard the name David Archuleta from our friends or from anyone who have watched American Idol. For young teenage girls, they would scream and shout his name because they find him cute and adorable. Some would describe him as a young artist with a mature and musical soul.

Right now David Archuleta is in the Top 5 of American Idol. I know and am very confident that he will surely land a spot in the Top 3 (online polls indicate that the top 3 most favorite AI contestants are David Archuleta, Jason Castro, and David Cook).

But as the admin of has mandated to all it's members, we Arch Angels should be on guard and give twice the effort in voting for David Archuleta. I am not liking what I see on online polls because David sometimes is on the 2nd or 3rd rank. He lands the 1st rank but also landing any rank beside from no. 1 is not good.

So to all Archuleta fans, if we still want to continue to hear music that comes from the heart then please support David by voting for him at American Idol. If you're not American and live outside the United States you could still support David by buying his studio version of his songs through iTunes or vote for him on online polls so that producers would have their eyes on our David so that he could continue to sing for us even if he's taken away from AI (hopefully never!):


VOTE#1 Poll

Here are some Voting Do's and Dont's from


UTILIZE YOUR ENERGY/RESOURCES WISELY. During the voting time block, use as much resources (both hands, 3 phones, etc) as you can. Such resources include your effort and energy, so save them for voting instead of nitpicking, over-analyzing and doubting Archie. We have no more room for negativity across the boards [Check: Ignoring Trolls for Dummies], so everyone just lighten up and trust Archie. Save your energy, and vote hard on Tuesday.

VOTE FIRST! When its time to vote, just vote vote vote. Remember that the message boards and websites do not shut down after performances, and thus the need to "post" online during voting hours whould only come second to your voting. Your comments and spazzing out can wait, but your votes can't. So vote FIRST. Chat, Post and Download LATER.

WHEN TO START VOTING? We have to put in as much votes as we can. Some people have confirmed that voting lines actually open during the "recaps" after the last performer, some even claim it starts at the middle of the last performer's song. So start voting by then. That would give us angels at least a few minutes (and a couple of votes) headstart.

TEXTING, GOPHONE, etc. Texting proves to be the FASTEST to vote as some have confirmed, to know more about it READ HERE.This would be very helpful especially if you have a little extra. It wouldnt hurt to spend a little to be able to take Archie to the top! 40$ for a Gophone would allow you to vote unlimited for him thru text. You may consider this.

VOTING OUTSIDE THE US? International voters who wish to vote may use gizmo.Download Gizmo HERE. I myself, am an international fan and I use this. Once the voice prompt says "Thank you for choosing...", there's no need to wait for him to finish. Hang up, and dial again. See THIS THREAD for more details.

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