Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Check Out

We all heard of socializing websites right where you get connected with other people and get to know them and stuff? Well I found one socializing website that is completely unique and one that you must sign-up for! What website is this that you simply mustn't miss? No other than Before you think that this is just like the rest of the socializing websites, well think again. redefines what you call as personalized advertising! It's just like placing a business ad on the internet or leaving your business card but what's so unique about it is that you're selling yourself. But I don't mean prostitution ok? I mean your selling your credibility and genuineness. Who would want to avail of a service from someone who isn't trustworthy or someone who looks like he/she doesn't have any credibility at all.

With your customers are assured that they can trust you and can assume that you really are what your ad says since they see your face!

What's more interesting about is that your ad is shown and subdivided to specific locations so that you won't worry about your profile being hidden in one large pile of profiles. So if you're a surgeon, florist, car repairman, or whatever your career/job is check out and create a profile for FREE! Yup advertise personally to your potential customers for no charge at all! And if you just want to check out all the local hotties, I mean professionals, in your area feel free to browse the profiles as you can browse the profiles of different kinds of services/businesses in your area. Professionals with pictures makes business more personal and comfortable than being all uptight because all you see are automated business requests. It would be more comfortable if you knew a little something about your personal trainer or party planner if ever they are going to work for you.

Remember, check out You might just find the service that you need or you can inform your potential customers about your services here.

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