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Is it right to take someone's elses Life?

Is it right to take someone's elses Life?

Of course not!!! We had this debate this noon at our English period. Is it justifiable for George to take away Lennie's life? The point of the other side, they said it was justifiable, is that Lennie is retarded and is a hindrance to George's dreams and Lennie killed someone(out of accident because Lennie is autistic). They said that if George and Lennie ran away from the angry mob out to kill and torture Lennie, they would still repeat the same process over and over again. Besides if Lennie is caught he will suffer more unlike if George shot Lennie on the back of the head and everything would end with out pain.
My side is, hell no! It's not justifiable even if George only commited a so called "mercy killing" because he doesn't want Lennie to be hurt and because he loves Lennie... Love? Does love mean killing? If I love someone and I don't want this someone to be hurt or affected by the outside negative forces I should just kill him/her to protect her? George could have just ran away to save Lennie from the angry mob. If Lennie do have to answer to the crime he commited not out of his free will then he has absolutely no right to place the law in his hands. Just send Lennie to the authorities so that they would be able to protect Lennie and they will understand that Lennie is mentally handicapped!
Life is precious, it is a gift from God, and no one has any right to take this gift away from someone. No one has the right to decide who will live and who will die. There are a lot of choices and possibilities that can happen. Killing can never be justifiable!

Death Penalty

Here is a thread of replies that I've received when I posted this. But my view about Death Penalty. Read the last reply...

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TOPIC: Death Penalty-A Must

Posted By: VincentbPosted On: Aug 1, 2003Views: 137

Death Penalty-A Must

Morality... is just to simple to say that... But if your love one was murdered or rape, we cry out for JUSTICE!"WE KILL PEOPLE TO SHOW PEOPLE THAT KILLING IS WRONG!" just like "SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD."Even if we don't stop murderers at least we get to trim the bad part of the tree!They deserve it! An eye for an eye! Now that's what I call JUSTICE!Comments?

Posted By: ScoobyPosted On: Aug 6, 2003Views: 134

RE: Death Penalty-A Must

An eye for an eye? How about a rape for a rape? Should we rape rapists? Should we burn down arsonists' houses? You people are sick.

Posted By: vincentbPosted On: Aug 8, 2003Views: 131

RE: Death Penalty-A Must

Excuse me!!!! Please! Some common sense please! Who in hell would do that! Duh? I mean that we should do this to lessen the number or at least stop by negative enforcement possible killers in the future!We kill people to stop people from killing other people! Please, some reflection would do in this topic!!!

Posted By: KristenPosted On: Sep 2, 2003Views: 127

RE: Death Penalty-A Must

Unfortunately, this topic is laced with emotions and it's impossible to respond without upsetting someone. I will say however that none of us are God and none of us have the right to impose what we perceive to be "justice". My prayers are with every family that has lost someone to murder. I still do not support the death penalty. Kristen

Posted By: trixey_01Posted On: Dec 9, 2003Views: 106

RE: Death Penalty-A Must

if someone is dumb enough to go and kill someone then they deserve to die. they took someone elses life and they deserve the same.

Posted By: joshPosted On: Dec 10, 2003Views: 104

RE: Death Penalty-A Must

If someone kills and is sentenced to the death penalty they got what they diserve. How dare they have the gall to take the life away from an innonce person and think the same won't happen to them. It's like the man who killed the man who killed John Kennedy.

Posted By: kimPosted On: Dec 12, 2003Views: 102

RE: Death Penalty-A Must

Anyone who has used malicious intent to take the life of another human being ABSOLUTELY deserves to die. If you are against the death penalty, imagine your mother or sister, or child murdered...would it bring you closure to know that the murderer was sitting on death row, participating in some of the things that you're loved one used to be able to do... watching TV, eating, exercising, having access to books and visits from family...I think it's sick to think that my tax dollars are helping support criminals that have no redeeming qualities, and who are essentially a waste of space on this earth. To disregard respect for someone else's life is a heinous and grievous crime, and should be dealt with as such.

Posted By: vincentbPosted On: Dec 25, 2003Views: 98

RE: Death Penalty-A Must

Yes... Although eye for an eye is generally bad, BUT there are times when heavy punishments should be followed because it's like punishing a child, it's for their own good and so that they won't do it again.But take note, eye for an eye IS BAD! As a statement goes... If we take an eye for an eye then we'll all be blind. BUT, and again... BUT this is a different case. Hey, there are a few exceptions to every rule you know. And this one, giving JUSTICE to the INNOCENT victim, is a very good exemption.

Posted By: evilone_11Posted On: Feb 4, 2004Views: 87

RE: Death Penalty-A Must

kim, i have to agree with what you said totally and completely. Everyone is so quick to judge, but has no real idea as to what the hell they are even talking about. Also the death penality doesn't just have to do with the murderers, but also the rapists and just all around people who have done crimes that noone would even remotely think of doing. Which in turn they deserve to die anyway. No one really has the right to judge so why not just skip all of that and save us some tax dollars and do like texas and put in an express lane!!!lol. DEATH PENALTY STAYS!;)

Posted By: vincentbPosted On: Feb 22, 2004Views: 80

RE: Death Penalty-A Must

I totally agree with all of you! A person who kills, rapes, and does any mortal sin that could affect others can be forgiven by GOD... but they can never escape the LAW!

Posted By: Not givinPosted On: Apr 27, 2004Views: 65

RE: Death Penalty-A Must

If someone kills someone and is let out of jail the chance is great that they will kill again. Therefore taking and innocent life. If the killer had been put to death then he/she would not have been able to kill again. The death penalty is a must to keep everyone safe and give the murderer justice for the murder he/she committed.

Posted By: PinkeyedFlightPosted On: May 10, 2004Views: 59

RE: Death Penalty-A Must

The death sentence has not shown to deter crime rates. As has already been discussed (the "eye for an eye" argument), many view the death penalty as a form of retribution; a way to achieve the vengeance on a non-personal crime committed that they (the public) so desperately crave. What is it that makes Americans experience this appetite? It may be that the public's perception of a murderer in the abstract sense is vastly different than that of the real world. When asked if they support the death penalty, most automatically envision a vicious, almost-inhuman entity that has performed multiple premeditated rape/murders on little children. This is not the case with most people who commit homicide. In reality, "most homicides occur as an unplanned act during the commission of a robbery or other felony (Albanese 391)." When faced with the idea of sentencing a repenting human to death, the public opinion often changes, and society becomes sympathetic with the person being executed.Even if one were to think of the death penalty as a just form of retribution, the current practices are nowhere near as effective as the pro-capital punishment advocate's ideal reality. From 1973 to 1994, 5,280 people had been sentenced to death, and 2,890 of those people were still awaiting execution by December 31, 1994. Furthermore, only 257 of these people were actually executed. 125 of the offenders died during their waiting period, 1,851 had their conviction overturned (proving that accidental convictions occur very often), 128 had their sentence commuted, and 29 were listed under "other removals" by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (Bedau 72-73). To further break down the numbers, Hugo Adam Bedau has compiled the following list to more easily envision how ineffective the current capital punishment policies are: "One person is executed each year for every 1,000 criminal homicides. One person is executed each year for every 700 arrested for criminal homicide. One person is executed each year for every 450 convicted of criminal homicide. One person is executed each year for every 100 on death row. One person exits death row each year by execution for every 10 who are admitted to death row (Bedau 32)."It is plain to see that the death penalty as it stands is highly ineffective. Furthermore, if all the appeals and reviews, which cause this inefficiency, were to be abolished, there would be the risk of executing the 1,851 people who had their conviction overturned from 1973 to 1994. The only solution may be to abolish the death penalty completely and opt for a more efficient approach of incarceration. As had been discussed earlier, public polls in which people were given the choice of either the death penalty or a life sentence with parole available only after 25 years, the majority chose the life sentence.

Posted By: barbaraPosted On: 9 days agoViews: 5

RE: Death Penalty-A Must

I belive the death penalty should be abolished!!! As for the saying WE kill people to show killing people is wrong it is totally hypicritical!!! I liked this entry by "Topace 3"Posted By: Topace 3Posted On: Mar 4, 2004Views: 39What's the difference...------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------...between placing ppl in jail for fifty ties their lifetime or killing them? To me, the only real point in killing eople would be to satisfy our sadistic lust for revenge. How then are we not murderers? Yes, if I lost someone I love to a murderer, I'd mourn my ass off. And yes, I would probably change my opinion on death penalties, maybe I'd even try to kill the guy myself, but that would be due to a personality too weak to do the right thing and move on (with the murderer put in jail, of course). In fact, people are often disturbingly evil. It will be many generations, I think, until mankind can put of this childish lust for revenge.

Posted By: vincentbPosted On: 0 sec. Views: 1

RE: Death Penalty-A Must

I posted this topic last August 1, 2003 while I was researching for facts and ideas if Death Penalty is really needed or not. Many sites show that Death Penalty does not for a fact deter these murders, rape, and other crimes that death penalty is imposed. I said that I agreed on this death penalty thing. Now, I'm having second thoughts. We really don't have the right to take anyone's life. Taking that person's life won't replace the life taken by this suspect. But there must be ways to prevent this person from commiting other similar crimes. I've realized that life is indeed very precious and we have absolutely no right to take another person's life. Maybe I was speaking out of hate when I posted that, I don't know. I just want everyone to know that I take it all back. Life is something given by God. This cycle will just continue even if we try to intervene with these with deterants of crimes such as death penalty. it will be so bizarre to counter hate crimes with hate. We should also look into ourselves, our society, why do these crimes happen in the first place? Let us start to the root of every crime, ourselves. We may have participated in the cycle of hate that have moved these people to the extent of killing. Let us first look deep inside our consciences before doing anything or see its nature-is it morally evil or good? As a conclusion, taking someone other's life isn't right! i've finally realized this and my perspective has changed. This is trully a proof of the theory of conscience formation.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

"Hatol ng Guhit na Bilog" by Bertolt Brecht

Vincent Bautista

Hi everyone! Invite you to watch our school play the Hatol ng Guhit ng Bilog, a translated version of Bertolt Brecht's The Caucassian Chalk Circle. I'm part of the cast! Yipee! But I just play the minor roles, buhuhu. But there are no small roles, just small actors... yeah right! But I still love acting! I feel that it's in my blood. I also love to sing. I have a dream that someday I will be a star! Not literaly ok?! People if you know me or not, visit Xavier University High School on December 1-3, 2004 and watch our play! It's really great, our director is great! Love the play. I'm really challenged by my role though, won't tell you hehehe. Just watch it ok? i beg you!