Saturday, October 31, 2009

We Need a Good Laugh Once In a While

My life has been pretty dull these past few weeks. The excitement and joy that I ususally feel when I go to work each day has vanished and is now replaced with constant boredome and guess what? More boredome. My days has become so monotonous that I even find myself saying the same line or same greeting to each and every person I meet. 

But a very good friend of mine sure made my day a little bit better when he made this funny photo online of myself.

I was actually very impressed by this picture and I asked him how on earth he was able to make such a materpiece (masterpeice because it's showing my face, LOL)?! My curiousity didn't go unrewarded because I found out from my friend that it was actually very easy to make photoshoped pictures online. I thought that my friend was a genius at first, but when I was able to make my own funny pciture without any difficulty at all, I took my compliment back.

But again I have to give props or credit to my friend for showing me how to make funny pictures with photos. Waht's more interesting is that actually has new photo effects each and every day so it's best to check their website out everyday to make your own funny photo of the day.

I have to admit that I'm a bit vain so I actually love seeing pictures of myself so I'm sure to visit daily. I'm glad thaqt at least for now there is something that I could look forward to each and every day.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bored and Pissed at My Doctor

Nothing new is happening with my dull and boring life, which isn't too bad anyway. I usually know if my life is starting to be boring when I turn to anime and my role-playing computer games for entertainment.

My week has been really boring so far. Well, I may be a bit excited to receive my copy of Windows 7 sometime next week but other than that there's nothing new. I may or may not start my in-class driving lessons this week but I really should wrap this issue up quickly since I don't want to pay a fortune on car insurance. Seriously, not all young males are reckless drivers with speeding issues. Well at least I don't think I am a menace on the highway.

Anyway, my job is going great. There will always be nasty trolls that will visit any business establishment. They think they're all that, they're rude and obnoxious, but when they see that the price is too much they start asking for a discount or some sort of deal. Well though luck *******, I don't get any commission so I don't care if you buy something or not. But I still think my present job is awesome, if you compare it with my past job that is. Who am I kidding, my present job is terrific! I'm just a lazy bum, that's all.

Oh yeah, I didn't show up for my doctor's appointment today because I never asked for an appointment with him. He was like, set an appointment next week for a physical check-up blah blah blah. I should have asked him what it was for but I figured that I can better express my annoyance if I stood him up. What have I got to lose? It's not like he can take back the note saying I'm physically and mentally capable of performing my duties as a student nurse because A.) There is nothing wrong with me B.) I'll sue him for malpractice or something like that. I really am pissed at how this doctor is treating me. Imagine, he had me do these blood tests before he signed my health record, asked me to come back just to tell me I'm fat and I should lose some weight, and then asked me to come back for a physical check-up. Come on my time is also precious you know. If you just wanted to tell me I needed to lose weight then you could have just given me a phone call. Seriously, if I only knew that he would give me so much trouble just to get his freaking signature (which I paid $30 for) then I would have went to another doctor. I went to him because he was supposed to be our family doctor and he was supposed to have all my health records so he didn't have to make me run around having my blood checked and stuff. Ok the blood tests were justified but having me come again for a physical examination after he released my health record is weird and stupid. I'm thinking that he just made me do all those stuff so that he will be paid by my insurance.

Anyway, aside from that everything is going well.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Canadian Gambling Taken to the Next Level

Canadians do love to gamble. I remember going to one local casino here in our city and it was packed with so many people. The casino itself has become one of the local attractions in our city. There are so many casinos and bingo halls in Canada that I'm not surprised that more and more Canadians are looking for Canadian dollar online casinos.
I totally understand why Canadians would prefer logging online to a Canadian online casino. With a Canadian online casino, it is much simpler to link your Canadian bank to your casino to pay and receive your winnings. But there are so many online casinos that it's hard to keep track of which casino accepts Canadian dollars or is Canadian operated. This is why it's best to check the Canada gambling directory.
I'd actually love to check out those online casinos myself but I totally suck with gambling. I tried the slot machines and I didn't even know what to do. I'm that bad at casinos. But it's great that the Canadian online gambling guide is so easy to understand that even an inexperienced newbie like me can start playing with confidence. I'm already of legal age so I'm excited to try my luck to win some big buck!

Online Casino Reports is a great site to visit if you're still new like me. I've actually checked out the website myself and all the games were organized appropriately and they had very detailed game descriptions and guides that even a 10 year old could start playing all by himself/herself.

I Love Driving!

I'm quite proud of myself that I can finally drive now. Well it's not something amazing or spectacular for other people but for me it is. I feel like I've passed through a rite of passage and have now finally become more mature. I used to think that I was more mature than my peers but now that I've moved here in Canada I realized that I am still a kid as compared to them. Canadians are very mature people, although they do love to party and enjoy life as western movies would suggest, they do know how to set their priorities and they are just cool people. They are so easy to get along with.

Anyway I'm going off topic as I usually do so I'm going back to driving. I just recently received my Driver's License (a Class 5 GDL!!!) and the day after I got it I started driving our SUV. At first I was having a hard time driving our mammoth of a car. I was driving a Toyota Matrix when I was learning to drive so when I switched to our massive Nissan Pathfinder (well it's not that big, but it is big if compared with the Matrix) it took me a while to get used to it. I just registered as a secondary driver under my dad's insurance policy so that means I can go driving around the city alone. Woohoo! But I still prefer to stay at home during my day offs because I don't want to spend any money.

I just realized that I was a speed junky. I find 60 km/hr was too slow and I love going above 100 km/hr. The thrill of going very fast is amazing! My parents would say that I was a horrible driver because I make sharp turns and I would always send our groceries flying. But they do understand that I'm still new to this driving stuff and I do follow the traffic rules (except for that time I almost ran a red light).

So if you're in Edmonton and you see a grey Nissan Pathfinder, it's best to steer clear away from me. Just kidding. I'm not that bad at driving.

Good Experience Live (G.E.L.) Conference

I received an e-mail not long ago about a conference that will be held in New York this coming October 22, 2009 concerning patient experience. I was asked if I could help spread the word about it and I instantly agreed because I totally support the idea of improving the health care system and this would definitely benefit a lot of people.

The Gel (Good Experience Live) conference is a 7-year old event that focuses on the patient's well being, their experience in the hospital, ways to improve patient experience and who are the people and/or companies actively involved in this matter.

I think almost all of us have had our own share of experience with the health care system and personally I'm not quite impressed or happy with it. Most patients complain of being stripped of their dignity the moment they enter the hospital doors. They have to wait a long time to see a doctor and if they do see a doctor they are seen as an object with a defective part.

In this video, Dr. Bridget Duffy, Chief Experience Officer of the Cleveland Clinic, shares some of her personal experiences and views. She emphasizes that what the health care system needs now is empathy. She sites an example where a patient's family decided to get medical treatment not from the best health facility in the world that simply gets the job done but from a health facility that actually cared for the well-being of the patient.

Even I would go for a doctor who actually checks on how I am doing before and after the operation. I don't want to be cut open by a doctor who I haven't even seen once. This has really been an eye opener for me and I will try to be more empathetic whenever I deal with patients in the future.

So for those who want to take part of this conference you can check out for more details. Here are some important information about the GEL Conference:

VENUE: Scandinavia House, Park Avenue and 38th Street in Manhattan.
DATE : Thursday and Friday, October 22 and 23, 2009

Macbook Pro 13 vs Dell Studio XPS 13

I still can't help being infatuated with the Macbook Pro. I just love the very beautiful design, the incredible multimedia software bundle with it, the amazing battery life, and the "cool factor" that owning one provides. Ok the last reason was one of my top reasons for wanting a Mac. My other reasons were it's 8 hours of battery life, light weight, and it's superior operating system.

But now, I am having second thoughts because I already have a Dell Studio XPS that I bought for the same price so it's like I'm throwing away money if ever I buy a Macbook Pro 13. Someone did offer to buy the computer but she's only going to buy it if I throw in a lot of extras like the Microsoft Office, Antivirus, Laptop Accessories (wireless mouse, cooler, bag), and a 16GB iPod Touch. I realized that I already spent a lot of money on those and giving them away for a lower price is crazy! I'm selling everything for just $1000. And the MBP 13 costs more than that and I have to get accessories and additional softwares like iWork if ever I buy a MBP 13 so I'll be spending more money. Although I have the money to get a MBP 13 now, I'll end up broke so it's not worth it. I still have a lot of more important things to spend my hard earned money on.

It made me look back on the never ending Mac vs PC debate and I guess that with the release of Windows 7 this coming October 22, this gives Apple a run for their money. Windows 7 has somehow become a copycat yet improved the "dock" feature that Apple has. I actually am more accustomed to the Windows OS and I am actually quite happy with it despite the slow shutdown, start-up, and the occasional unresponsiveness. But Windows 7 addresses these issues plus the new OS isn't a system resource hog like the old Windows Vista. Windows 7 runs so efficitently that it can be used on a netbook.

I am quite excited with the release of Windows 7 and getting a copy of the Windows 7 Ultimate for just $10.50 is the major deciding factor I had for stying with my beloved Dell Studio XPS 13. I got the copy of Windows 7 from as a reward for completing the Windows 7 training course.

I just have to break it gently to my friend that I have decided not to go on with our deal. This will be a final decision because I already had spoken to her before that I was sort of backing out from our deal. But since she didn't give me any money yet our deal isn't really finalized.

I have been using my desktop for a while because I was selling my Dell but now that I've decided to stay with it, it's time to use it once more! LOL!

Picture credit and comparison information goes to

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Accessories Completes the Package

I have been thinking for several months now to get myself an iphone dock . I'd ask my mom for money but she'll always ask what do I need it for? Well mom, I need it to declutter my desk. If we have guests in our apartment, I usually lock my room first because it is a mess.

What people don't realize is that phone accessories actually makes you enjoy your phone more. It gives you more satisfaction and convenience when your using your phone. Although I believe that accessories, like a bluetooth headset, should be part of the package when you buy your phone but then the cost would be too much that people would think twice before buying. That's why it's great to have online stores like Mobile Fun where they make shopping for phone accessories fun and affordable. They have a huge selection of items at prices you wouldn't believe are real.

I actually had to pinch myself when I saw this blackberry case that I saw on their website which actually casused several dollars less than the one I found in a retail store and it was the exact same thing, design, model number, etc! This is why I love online shopping! It's fast, you get the best deals, and it's convenient.

People would tell me that shopping online isn't good because there's a risk that your private information is stolen. I'm not bothered at all because Mobile Fun actually accepts PayPal paymens, the most secure and safe way to transact online.

Oh well, I might as well check the website out now so that I can start decluttering my desk too!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hate Only Beget Hate

I was very unfortunate enough to bump into my least favorite people in the world. I bumped into them in a small shopping centre as I unfortunately had to get blood tests done because of my incompetent doctor. Anyway I had the option to just mind my own business and walk pass them... but I didn't.

My pent up anger was already too strong that I followed them to the food court. I sat near them and had double thoughts as whether to confront them or not. I actually went out the shopping centre and came back several times. I knew that I should be the bigger person and just think that they were not worth it but I just couldn't do it.

I wanted to curse the two of them (my harassers is composed of 8-10 people but I only saw those two effing couple) and scream at them like a madman. I wanted to make a scene and make them regret everything that they have inflicted on me. But what the hell? I didn't even say a single word of vulgarity or curse. I wasn't able to say the "F" word or GTH! I just realized that I was effing calm and I just told them that there is nothing they can say to me anymore because I don't work at a effing Tim Hortons anymore. I told them that they must be really sad that they don't have anyone to criticise or harass. I told them to spread the word to their effing friends that I have won this battle.

But God damn it! Not a single bad word... I am just too polite I hate myself.

Anyway, I am happy that I told them that I hate them (sort of) and I am dropping them from my hate list for good. They have stayed too long in my head and heart rent-free and it's time to kick them out. They mean nothing to me now. I have a new life and I intend to live it that way. Although I didn't say "I forgive you" as most goody-two-shoes would do, but what can I say I'm not that good.

They actually said they don't know me (but they did because they did say I already talked to them before at the store about them harassing me) and they should call the police on me. The nerve! They've been ruining my life and sanity and they even refuse to admit that they speak ill of me. Well I hope God takes them right now to heaven! Ok, I'm sick and I need help... anyone here know a good psychiatrist?

Yes I am much happier now than before. They said that quitting and not facing your problems head-on is a sign of weakness. But in my case, it's the best thing to do. I quit my past job because of so many reasons. But I am very happy with my decision and I wish I could have done it sooner.

Because of my harassers, I had grown to shun away Filipinos around me. I felt that they represented the whole Filipinos in the world as in general. Sure there are some rotten Filipinos (as well as in other races I'm sure) but it's not enough reason to dislike every single Filipino. I used to be traumatized by Filipinos and this became a problem because whenever Filipinos are near me, my brain actually plays tricks on me and I hear them dissing me. I even hear Filipinos talking about me on the bus but to my surprise there weren't any Filipinos at all. Just shows how traumatized and insecure I am around them.

When it comes to hate I am always the first one to crumble. I just don't want to carry the burden of hating anyone... it's too darn hard I tell you. You know what? When ever I see a person who wants to ruin my day then go ahead! Say what ever you want because I would just let it pass from one ear to another. I wouldn't even react or make a scene... gosh this is also too hard to do.

But whatever! I am happy with my life and I will mind my own damn business so mind your own business too. How does that sound?

I'm such a drama queen. I hate myself... wait... hate only begets hate so... I love myself just as much as I love everyone in the world. I love you guys! Even my haters! You trolls will always shatter me to pieces but  my friends and I will put me back together...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thank You for the Many Blessings

I am very thankful for the many blessings that I have received. I guess that all my bad luck and depressions had suddenly became positive vibes as I got to accomplish some of my short term goals.

As of the moment, I am very happy and I am savoring every moment that I have right now. Who knows when the next wave of headaches and heartaches will occur.

Despite everything that I have went through I still am happy that I have been blessed to have a great life and a great family. Sure my life and family has flaws but they're mine alone and I am very happy.

Let me count my blessings and let me thank God and the other people who have made me a very happy person:

1. For finally being accepted into the Grant MacEwan University's nursing program after waiting for 1 year and being rejected by University of Alberta - Thank you!
2. For finding a better job and leaving behind all the people and the job that makes me a hateful and very stressed person - Thank you!
3. For passing my road test - Thank you!
4. For the fast construction of our home - Thank you!
5. For my family - Thank you!
6. For my friends who have kept me afloat all the times I was down and frustrated - Thank you!
7. For everything good that had come into my life which I failed to mention - Thank you!

I hope that this streak of good karma will continue on and I will pass this good vibe to everyone. I finally feel alive.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Fun Place to Work At

One of my reasons for joining the Best Buy team was because friends (well just Darron) told me that working at Best Buy was very fun and exciting!

Well I did think that working at a place where you won't be overworked like a slave and stressed out would be considered a fun workplace. But my definition of "fun" suddenly became the word itself, I mean working at Best Buy is fun because the people are very nice, you get to play with the computers, and did I tell you about the PS3 system in our lunch room?!

It really helps to boost one's self-esteem when we have some morning activities that are completely non-work related. With my General Manager around, he would make sure that everyone is happy.

Just like yesterday, before we opened the store doors we played a shooting game between teams. There were these targets with points and the team who receives the highest points win! Although there weren't any prices, having fun and bonding with your co-workers is worth it!

I love Best Buy I really do. The prices are amazing. I can't believe that we are losing money from selling computers because we have to beat the prices of our competitors. We only get income from our performance service plans (psp). Some people would say that the PSP's are useless and are a rip-off but try saying that again when your computer fail and the computer manufacturer takes so long to fix your computer. I know that happened to me once and it wasn't pretty.

Anyway, got to prepare for work so I have to end here.