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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Knowledge Could Save You

I recently went to a friend's house for a little gathering and it is there that I met his uncle who suffered a stroke. I was amazed by his story and his fight for his life. He was really blessed because even after being half-paralyzed due to his stroke and his open-heart surgery he is still doing well and is still active.

My friend's uncle was really lucky but not every one will be blessed like that. That is why everyone especially those at high risk of heart conditions should know more about how their heart works, how different heart complications will affect the heart's and the circulatory system's functions, and most important of all, how one can prevent acquiring these problems.

I believe that knowledge could save you and that's why I really recommend that everyone checks out because it is the website that has videos and contents about the anatomy of the heart and common heart problems. Real doctors who specializes in hearts and the circulation system informs you about the said topic with an easy to understand language. The website is also a great source for finding a doctor near you and other important tidbits of information.

So as the saying goes, Knowledge is Power!

Friday, December 26, 2008

My Abnormality: My Right Hip

I went to see a Physical Therapist one day as recommended by my examining doctor. I was hoping that the Physical Therapist will give me a massage or some sort of treatment for my aching lower back pain which was actually improving already.

But instead of my anticipated massage (yes I love body massages) the doctor only gave me a thorough physical assessment which I really appreciated. I was even more amazed with the assessment of the doctor when he noticed that my right hip has a limited range of motion as compared to my left hip. So he concluded that this partial mobility of my right hip may have contributed to my frequent lower back pains. So you see, if my hip doesn't rotate well, it is my lower back which would need to twist and turn so my back is easily strained.

Well the doctor did also comment that for a 20 year old, my back isn't that strong yet so I was a bit ashamed of my unfit self and sedentary lifestyle. So I think I have already found one 2009 New Year's Resolution! I will make use of the Tony Horton's 10 Minute Exercise DVDs that I bought so I can get some exercise.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Yeah I love yogurt!!! I've been eating yogurt when I wake up and before I go to sleep because we have a lot in the fridge. I love the way yogurt tastes good and how it contributes to your health being a great source of protein, calcium, riboflavin and vitamin B 12.

Not only is it a good source of the said nutrients above, yogurt has active and living microorganisms that contributes to the body's natural defense and all. Yogurt isn't yogurt without these microorganisms.

Anyway, I love yogurt and all but I just found out that our yogurt is about to expire soon so I better start eating!

Traveling Nurse: A Goal for the Future

I have been thinking about my future and my career and I have already decided that there is no turning back for me and no more seconds thoughts because I am going to be a nurse for sure. But as I have been exposed to the clinical area as a student nurse I have realized that there are different areas in nursing and there are several career paths that I could take as a nurse.

I could be a clinical nurse specialist, nurse anesthetist, nurse administrator, or even a military nurse. But the nursing career option that is very enticing right now is to be a traveling nurse! Yup there are so many travel nursing jobs out there since there is really is a high demand for nurses.

Being a traveling nurse is great because not only do you get excellent pay and invaluable work experience in notable institutions, you get to travel all around the world too! Imagine, you can work in New York for example, and when winter comes and it becomes chilly you can travel and work in Hawaii!

I have to admit that I love traveling and being able to see all the sights and sounds of different cities and communities is better than having to live a life that is monotonous and just filled with daily routines.

I know that it's too early to really decide what I want to do in the future but becoming a traveling nurse is one of my top three career choices!

Monday, December 8, 2008

My Future Is Brighter!!!

I am so happy today! I was thinking that my school documents were still flying around the world in some plane but when I tracked it down with the FedEx website I was thrilled to discover that the University of Alberta has finally received my papers and now I have a brighter future!

I'm very happy because I feel that finally everything is coming together great and if this keeps up I can finally be at ease and give out a sigh of relief. But I know that the challenge does not end here and having to re-study everything that I already learned and take the tests which were so hard to pass all over again is a huge challenge.

But I am prepared to take those challenges head on because I really want to finish my university and I want to finish my BS Nursing because this is who I know I can be and who I want to be someday.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Edmonton Body Worlds

In case you are wondering, yes those are real human bodies that are plastinated (a preservation technique) and displayed to the public for both educational reasons, aesthetic reasons, and for reasons that will make us appreciate the complexity and beauty of the human body.

I've seen the exhibit yesterday at the Telus World of Science and I have to say that I was a bit shocked with the way the human bodies were displayed. They were made to do these positions and the positions were not the thing I was disturbed with, but the way the bodies were positioned. How would you imagine your dead body holding your own brain on your hands?

It was weird and I felt like I was in a circus. Plus I really believed that the exhibit should have only been reserved for the people in the medical field but then again that would be unfair, it's like keeping knowledge from the public.

Over all I was pretty amazed with the exhibit, the bones were boring but as we were half way through the exhibit the stripped human bodies were actually interesting, although I really feel that it was wrong to see human bodies displayed in that fashion.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Reminiscing Before I Sleep

It's 2:00 am right now but even if I am already very sleepy, nostalgic memories are overtaking me. I can't help but let out a heavy sigh as I remember all the people who made my life fun and interesting.

When I left the Philippines for Canada, I left a very important part of who I am, my pride and joy of being a nursing student. Sure the sleepless nights and stressful tests and projects where nerve wracking but at the end of the day I wouldn't choose any other way to live my life. I am still proud to be a nursing student but I wonder how the feeling of being a student nurse would be without the people (my colleagues... my friends) who have made me strong to endure the hardships of nursing.

You see these people in this picture? These are my group mates and we went through all sorts of hardships together. We fought, we cried, we laughed, we shared dreams, we said goodbyes...

And my friends... I miss my friends. These are the people who accepted me for who I am and decided to stick with me even if I was moody and a bit unreasonable. They said good bye but this doesn't mean that we won't see each other again...

My friends... who shared my interests and likes... who believed in my skills and in my abilities... who believed that I can be who ever I want to be... we painted beautiful memories...

And of course my beloved Missy, who I loved unconditionally even if she jumps and bites me at times... you will always be in my heart...I may have left big chunks of me in the Philippines that it's really unbearable and that I feel depressed and empty. But I brought with me something that will overcome my loss and loneliness... my will to finish what I started and the hope that someday I will come back to the Philippines and be reunited with the people who have helped verify my existence... because with out them... I would be nothing.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cosmetic Surgery: To Do or Not to Do

Cosmetic surgery has been a controversial topic for years now and like always, people are divided: people who are pro-cosmetic surgery and the people who are anti-cosmetic surgery. There are some people who approach cosmetic surgery in a religious and self-righteous way. They say that people should not have cosmetic surgeries like boob jobs because we are already perfect and we are beautiful as we are because this is the way that God wanted us to be.

But in my opinion, I approach this issue in a scientific way and practical way. What I mean by this statement is that I am for cosmetic surgery and I will want to have a surgery done to me like a liposuction. Many people have already done several cosmetic surgeries to their body and this is why they are now beautiful or even more beautiful than ever... who are they? The celebrities of course.

Some would say that they would prefer real "natural" beauty but they are being hypocritical about this when the people they idolize and even obsess about are products of cosmetic surgery. I am happy that cosmetic surgery is available because with this science we are able to correct any flaws that we may have in ourselves thus making our lives better. Because of cosmetic surgeries people who sometimes see themselves as ugly are given the chance to live life again to the fullest without being restrained by the thoughts that people will judge them and their physical flaws. With cosmetic surgery, people become more positive and happy as well as confident about themselves.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Male Breast Reduction

Yup you heard me right! Male breast reduction! Now why would any male in their right mind would want a surgical procedure that would reduce the size of their breasts when males have not much of a breast to remove in the first place?

Well you're partly wrong and right. All though males don't have big breasts like women do but when you're fat or obese you tend to have fat build up under your breasts thus having the impression that you have man boobs. The enlargement of the breasts is medically called gynecomastia and gaining a few weight is not the only cause for breasts to implode like that especially in the case of males.

Excessive weight training can cause the hypertrophy or excessive enlargement of the pectoralis muscles (chest muscles) or it could also be caused by hormonal imbalances, especially if a man has more female sex hormones in his system than male sex hormones.

But what ever the cause maybe male breast reduction is really needed as man boobs are not good to look at and this could greatly cause psychological problems for men.

So my dear students have you learned anything from my topic? If not well you can go directly to the source of this info. And if you need any surgical procedures of any nature and you want to know why you have to have such a procedure is a great source of information.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back to School Tips

As they say time passes so fast... and indeed it does! Because in just a few weeks classes will once again open and my little brother will once again be going to school. I'm actually quite worried that he won't be able to cope with the stress of high school life so I was glad to read some useful back to school tips from DYMO.

I sure did wish that I had heard of DYMO Label Makers sooner when I was in college because I could have used DYMO to file folders which as a nursing student have tons of. I have lots of paper works and photocopied materials that I tend to have a room filled with a bunch of papers and I end up not finding anything because of the mess and clutter. But with a label maker like DYMO, organizing my life would have been so easy and manageable.

Both my brother and me are klutz and we tend to lose stuff easily so labeling our stuff would truly prevent us from losing them and getting them mixed up with other people's belonging.

Well there are other several ways to use a DYMO label maker so why don't you check out their helpful tips and tricks so that you could also organize your life and keep your possessions safe.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Getting a Good Night's Sleep

I have been on duty in hospitals and I have also been admitted to a hospital myself and I have to say that I love the adjustable beds in hospitals. What am I talking about? Well take a look at this picture:

These are the beds that could improve circulation, makes us breath easier (raising the head part of the bed increases lung capacity), and it's just well darn so comfortable to sleep in because it's goodbye to back pains! And I love these beds because you can watch TV and read a book with out hurting your back because you could just raise the head of the bed to support your back.

Well it's too bad that we can't always admit ourselves in the hospital to enjoy a good bed right? Well with GoldenRest Adjustable Beds you can enjoy your very own adjustable bed for the same price as a regular mattress.

But do you think that an ordinary mattress could give you so many health benefits? Plus you can get luxurious options like a heater, massager, and remote control with your GoldenRest Adjustable Beds.

Sleeping is a luxury for most of us so don't waste your precious sleeping time and just end up waking in the morning sore all over and feeling so tired as if you didn't sleep at all. You deserve a good nights sleep so you should deserve your very own GoldenRest Adjustable Beds.

Why Make Plans?

Oh my God. I thought that all my worries were already over and solved but then all of the sudden I'm suddenly having the blues again... I'm thinking that making plans is not worth it because they won't happen anyway. Do you know how frustrating it is to make plans but they don't happen?

Oh well... but maybe my fears is not about being able to accomplish my plans... maybe my fears is that I won't be able to accomplish my goals. Sure plans could be altered and changed to reach a goal, but what if I don't reach my goal?

I'm afraid that by the time I finish my studies the demand for nurses would be low then what would happen to me? But I guess that my worries are a bit uncalled for because Alberta is big and it's not like everyone is taking up nursing right? WRONG!!! Did you know that some of my co-workers are taking up nursing? Well they are going to be Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) or Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN) and I'm going to be a Registered Nurse (RN) so I'm kind of insecure because nursing is a competitive field.

But let's just wait and see what happens.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One Cause of Bad Breath

I really hate it when customers with bad breath bends closer to me to tell me their order. I can't help but step back a bit. Some of you may think this is rude but I'm just being cautious. One cause of bad breath is not just because of tooth decay or of someone forgot to brush their teeth. One cause of bad breath is a congested digestive tract. Yup, people believe that the main cause of bad breath is the mouth but the truth is as more waste accumulates with in the colons (because of a slowed peristalsis or the like) bacteria accumulates and where there is bacteria they produce toxins which causes not only a bad odor but also compromises one's health and immune system as these toxins kill of good bacteria and the death of good bacteria gives opportunity for bad bacteria to accumulate.

One solution to prevent this from happening is to have a colon cleanse especially if you are constipated. A compromised digestive system means a compromised immune system because overpopulation of bad bacteria could lead to serious superinfection therefore maintaining a fiber rich diet and regular exercise is necessary. Fiber and exercise increases peristalsis so therefore the colon will be cleansed.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nursing Life Flashback

Here are some pictures my Clinical Instructor sent me and I wanted to share it with the rest of the world. Again, thank you Ma'am Asne for these. ^_^

Monday, July 14, 2008

FINALLY!!! The Internet is HERE!

Hahaha! Up yours TELUS! Sorry for that. It's just that I'm so frustrated with Telus because they had to make us wait for several days for them to install our TV Cable + Phone + Internet Bundle. But they never came and they had the nerve to make us wait for another several days. But good thing for us Canada is home to more better service providers such as SHAW!

Yup SHAW only made us wait for three days (which could only be a day if we called after and not before Saturday and Sunday) to install our utilities. And I am loving SHAW! Their Pay Per View service is excellent, the phone service is excellent, the internet speed is excellent, plus the customer service is excellent. It makes me want to say SHAW = EXCELLENT!!!

Plus our Shaw bundle does not only saves us a lot of money it also comes with a free Shaw Secure software ($90 for non-Shaw internet subscribers) which protects us from viruses, spyware, identity theft, spam, and pesky pop-ups.

Our subscription also comes with 10 free e-mail addresses and web pages. Having Shaw is one good reason to move to Canada hehehe.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

MacEwan College: My Future School?

My Mom and I went to MacEwan to inquire about my future. Yup my future because if we didn't do anything my life would be stagnant and nothing would happen. Here you see a picture of the main MacEwan campus where I am going to take up nursing and start going to school this Winter Intake. That would be the January of next year, well hopefully.

They said that some of my subjects might be credited and I could be placed in second year (that's quite good) but definitely not third year (that's fair enough).

I have to come back this Tuesday for another meeting with an International Councilor so let's just see what happens to my life. I was going to visit NorQuest College too but NorQuest seemed to offer only education for License Practical Nursing/Licensed Vocational Nursing so I didn't bother entering the college to inquire.

I may not be able to enter University of Alberta since they can only accept me this September of next year and I cannot wait that long.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Medical ID: Life-saving & Luxurious

Imagine this scenario: you are walking in the park and then suddenly you collapse you are inna life and death situation. You fall to the ground and become unconscious. People around you do dial 911 and then the paramedics arrives. The EMT personnels surveys you and then don't know what to do with you so decides to just rush you to the nearest hospital. But you become a DOA (dead on arrival) because you weren't given life-saving treatment because you didn't have a Medical Bracelet.

Yup having a Medical Bracelet provides a clear boundary between life and death. Because all your medical needs are engraved on your bracelet and having all of these clearly stated could save you. Precious time is not wasted on waiting and calling your significant other for more health information or tracking down your medical records.

But with Universal Medical ID, you would want to wear your Medical Bracelet not only for your safety but also because it is fancy and very fashionable. With Universal Medical ID you don't only have the option to design and make your own personalized bracelet online you also get these services for FREE:

  • - Free personalized engraving and sizing
  • - Free engraving warranty
  • - Online Medical Registry with 24/7 access
  • - A wide variety of styles to choose from
  • - Free Wallet Card with every order

If I had a serious medical condition and I want to really survive in case of an emergency securing a Medical Bracelet is a very smart move indeed.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Unstable Future

My gosh! I am really in a fix this time! My future is at risk here people so I'm really anxious right now.

This afternoon we're going to the University of Alberta to have an assessment as to where I stand as a student nurse. I really want to study nursing in Canada so I was willing to go back to first year college and I'm supposed to be a 4th year student back in the Philippines.

I was told by my mom's friend that University requirements are strict here in Canada unlike in the Philippines were education is mainly about business. She told me that I had to have at least three units of English here in Canada or something. So does that mean I have to go back to high school? Maybe in grade 8 (equivalent to 4th year high school in the Philippines)?

Or I was given another option.... which I don't want to take... GO BACK TO THE PHILIPPINES!!! It's not that I don't want to go back but it's because I feel ashamed if I go back because people expect me to be a here in Canada and all of the sudden *poof* I'm right back here. And my batch mates would already be ahead of me and I have to go back where I dropped off, third year nursing during summer.

I should have just stayed here in the Philippines if that's the case. I wanted to stay and finish in the Philippines but my mom didn't allow me because she doesn't want to worry about me. I know that it's sweet and all but it's my future that's in stake here. I had never took my education for granted (well in some occasions I had) and it pains me that I am getting behind in everything.

I hope that we could beat the system! I could just study as a Licensed Practical Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse then go to University of Alberta to take Bachelor of Science in Nursing so that I could be an RN already. Ayayayayay! This is just some of the stress of moving... hope that we could all cope up with this.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

David Vetter - The Boy in the Bubble

This is David Vetter and he is well known as The Boy in the Bubble. You would see here in this picture his innocence and his youth... but all of that is slowly going to fade away...

You see David was born with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) meaning he has no immune system. The common cold could kill him and therefore he must continue to live in a sterile germ-free environment, a bubble free of germs.

David was a happy and kind boy but as he matured and grew his emotions became more mature for a young boy. He wasn't a teenager yet but he was already becoming to have these dark moods and he wanted to be alone because he felt that he had no where else to go... he was going to die... there was no need to continue on living...

He was trapped in a cage as he saw his childhood friends and family members growing up and leaving him to explore the world and live their own lives. David was actually built a space suit so that he could explore the world around him. But he was always terrified to leave his bubble because if he was exposed even a tiny bit with a leak in his space suit he could die.

My heart was totally crushed as this young boy faced so much hardship but he remained strong and made it up to the age of 12. But sadly even though his doctors tried to save him, he still died after a bone marrow transplantation. The operation was a success but they weren't able to detect that the bone marrow harbored inactive viruses that caused a tumor which in turn caused massive hemorrhaging in David's intestines...

Seeing David suffer for so long emotionally for so long was heart wrenching... I am thankful that with our technology today 90% of newborns with SCID are successfully treated and doesn't have to live a life in isolation.

When David died, it was the first and last time that his mother was able to touch him...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Midnight Snacks Won't Pack Fat

Ok I have been guilty of sneaking into the kitchen to grab a midnight snack (but only once, I'm so defensive hehehe). What can I do? I was going to bed and my stomach was begging me to eat something. So I did grab something from the refrigerator a Del Monte made recipe "Pizzarap (coined from the words pizza and masarap (yummy)". It was really yummy, it was made from cheese and ham rolled into a pan de sal (a type of bread) but it was more of a taco looking than a sandwhich... I actually had two slices...

Anyway I was guilty and all saying that I'm trying to loose weight but all I do is eat and eat and I ate at midnight when my metabolism is lower. But! Hear me out peepz! I have a scientific research to back me up!

According to Daniel J. Denoon, Midnight Snacks Won't Pack Fat! Activity and not meal timing is the key to weight control. You see they did these experiments with monkeys (since they are very similar to us) and they compared if nighttime meals made the monkeys heavier as compared to monkeys who have midday snacks.

Guess what? No change at all. Both monkeys still became fat. But some stayed lean because they were more active (monkey exercise, Lol!). And for those who believes that eating late at night makes you fat, that is a myth!

"If it were true that nighttime eating made you fat, everyone in Spain would be obese -- because they don't eat dinner until 10 p.m." as said by Leslie Bonci, MPH, RD
So hurray for me! A scientific study saved me from my "lapse of judgement" hehehe. Anyway I still have to look at what I eat though... I just hope there's an easier way to loose weight.

Update: Anyway, although you can have that midnight snack, please do try to sit awhile and don't go to bed directly as you might have another problem and it's not gaining weight... it's gastric reflux. It's when what you ate goes back to your esophagus because gastric acid (which is stronger when there is food) burns the esophageal sphincters which then leads to our heartburn. Also try sleeping lying at your left side so that the normal anatomical position of the stomach would help prevent the sphincter from being burned.