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Friday, January 16, 2009

Midnight Food Trip at McDonalds

Today was the last day of my 4 straight days of work until my day-off tomorrow so my Filipino co-workers/friends decided to spend it by stopping over at McDonalds to visit our old colleague. Who would have guessed that the majority of the McDonalds staff would be Filipinos including the on-duty managers and supervisors.

It was great how they practiced the Filipino characteristic of being hospitable. I was really amazed how accommodating they were to me and my companions. They personally came to our table and introduced themselves and told us to ask whatever we wanted. They gave us a 50% discount and they even gave us a huge slice of their ice cream birthday cake which I loved of course.

I just am happy to meet fellow Filipinos who are very friendly. I like contract workers better than some immigrant Filipinos because Filipinos who become citizens of Canada or are immigrants think of themselves as superior than those who are contract workers which I personally think is so wrong.

Anyway I am really glad that I went to McDonalds this midnight. I got to eat and I got to meet new people. Great day! I'm hoping tomorrow's movie day with the guys would turn out great as well.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Money Is The Source of Problems

I really hate money. Money makes my life so miserable. I mean if I don't have money I can't buy the things I need and want. But if I have money, I worry how to keep that money from being wasted and from being used. You can't have too much or too less of money...

Earning money isn't that simple too. I have to work in a job where I do things that I never thought I would do like serving other people. Oh well when I become a nurse (or hopefully a doctor) in the future I will have to deal with people so being in customer service may be helpful in a way. It can help me strengthen my defenses against those unlikable and rude people by birth. I really hate my current job but I have to stick to it because I don't want to waste my free time by just staying at home and doing nothing.

I have to save money for university and I want to buy myself a car. But then things go crazy again. I have to make sure that I don't have too much money to be eligible for a Canadian Student Loan from the government and I can't have a car since it will add to my personal assets which will affect my eligibility for a student loan. I also have to put in mind that even if I save enough money for a car, I have to continue paying for gas and the car insurance so getting a car is not a great option if I plan on being a full time student. Oh well, guess I have to use the family car to get to my duty areas since my dad doesn't use it to go to work.

Sometimes, money can cause a strain in relationships. I have a friend from the Philippines who wanted to borrow 530 Canadian dollars (that's 20,000 Philippine Pesos) since my friend is having some financial difficulty. I have the money but I was having a hard time deciding whether I should lend my friend the money or not. It's a pretty huge sum (2 weeks pay) but if I don't help my friend in times of need then can I really call myself a friend? It's really hard when there are times you need money but your friends don't help you out because they are afraid of losing money. These are the times of hardship where you can tell your friends from the rest. I was also afraid of losing money. My brother doesn't pay me back the money he owes me and we live together, so what certainty do I have that my friend won't just run away with my money since my friend lives far away. Sure I can sue my friend or chase after my friend through legal means but then it would take time, effort, and more money. Plus it would lead to the end of our friendship, and I don't want that to happen.

But I lent my friend the money anyway because I place my trust and faith in this friend and that I want to be of help during this time of need. I just hope that I made the right decision because $530 is no laughing matter. I really hate worrying about money.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Why Are We So Different?

I really wonder why my brother and I are like opposite charges. Of course I'm the positive one and my brother is the negative. It's like we were raised by two different set of parents although it must be noted that we grew up in totally different environments.

I grew up in an environment where I was first mixed with "normal" Filipino kids and then suddenly sent to a new environment where the kids are privileged. By privileged I mean stinking rich with matching body guards and servants in uniforms. I was placed in an environment where I have to constantly prove my worth by making sure that I have several note worthy achievements. I was faced with high expectations from everyone and this pushed me to work harder. I had to live by myself while I studied in a high school in another city far away from home. I had to buy food from the grocery by myself, budget my allowance, and I had to do everything by myself because I lived alone. I was taught how to be independent and self-capable.

My brother on the other hand went to an average school, met average people, and my parents never expected anything from him, well except to pass and graduate that is. My brother is a spoiled brat and it is my parents who have to put extra effort in making sure he graduates from high school by doing his homework, influencing his teachers to make him pass, and they even have to waste hours trying to wake him up in the morning so that he can go to school. He is literally spoon fed and everything is given to him which never happened to me. Everything he needs is given to him and he never even have to ask for it.

Imagine asking your mom when you were a kid what a word meant and then she tells you to look it up in the dictionary while my brother on the other hand would never ask what that word means so my mom would be the one to tell him what that word meant so that he'll learn something. This is exactly how our situation is.

But I really blame my parents for how rotten my brother turned out to be. Since my parents allows him to do everything he wants, he is always out of the house and he smokes, drinks, and I presume that he does drugs too (he was already caught with marijuana and was almost expelled if it weren't for my parents). If he's not out of the house, he brings his equally pathetic and self-absorbed friends who are too busy trying to look cool and are too occupied with having fun that they forget that they should prepare for the future too and that whatever they have today is temporary.

I'm really sorry for my brother because I know that he's just wasting his life and his future. He was given an opportunity to study here in Canada and live a great life but he wastes it on his so called friends... but I shouldn't worry really, he's not my son. He's not my problem anymore. My parents aren't doing anything so why should I?

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Wish: Good Health

Christmas is fast approaching and I've got to admit that I'm not that excited really. Christmas isn't that exciting anymore here in Canada. It's my first white Christmas here in my new home but I kind of feel that there is something missing. And I bet that that something are my friends and other loved ones who I have left behind in the Philippines.

Before I was excited for Christmas because of the gifts and all but now that I can afford to buy whatever I want I have realized that Christmas here in Canada is very commercialized. It's only about gifts, the decorations, and the food. Back in the Philippines Christmas was more on the real reason for Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ.

Anyway, the past few days I've been thinking of what I would want for Christmas and after being bed-ridden for 4 consecutive days, missing work and being in agonizing pain, because of a lower back injury I have realized that good health is a great Christmas gift. I used to laugh at older people wishing other old people good health for Christmas but now that I am in such pain I suddenly realized how important and priceless good health really is. I'm just glad that my condition is improving.

I have missed work for 4 days already, a huge loss of potential earnings for me, and I didn't even have the chance to study for my coming TOEFL iBT exam this January 2009. I know what you're thinking, what have I been doing all along while I was at home? But if you were in my place, you wouldn't have the chance to think of studying because of my nagging lower back pain when I sit, stand, lay down, walk or do anything. I couldn't even sleep because of the extreme pain. The only thing that could relieve my pain was a long hot bath or a hot shower but the pain would just come back again. But now I am able to sit and lay down flat on my back with out the pain anymore so this is really a great improvement!

I just have to show up tomorrow for my physical therapy and I'm sure that I'm going to be able to work soon and be fit enough to study and prepare for my TOEFL iBT exam. My holidays are starting to be brighter all along.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Heart That Bleeds

It never ceases to amaze me how some people can say and do nasty things to other people with out any hesitation. I wish I could do that too. I wish I could just hurt people and never regret it in the end but I just can't. I can't hurt other people nor do I want to hurt them. It makes me ashamed to say that whenever I do things like not saying hi to anyone I know or not being polite to anyone makes me suffer the next day.

I hate it how I tend to reflect upon my actions at the end of the day. I envy those that can just say what ever they want at the spur of the moment without any guilt what so ever. I hate it that I have a heart that bleeds so easily.

Maybe I'm just too week, letting myself be affected too much by the actions of other people. Maybe in this heartless and cold world I have to raise all my defenses if I want to save my self from emotional scars.

I'm just glad that I'm not alone whenever wrong has been done unto me because somehow I get to feel how my Savior was persecuted. I just think of Jesus Christ and I can just smile and in a way forgive.

I don't want to be a nasty person. I don't want to be someone so full of hate and negativity. I want to live my life peacefully.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ukay-Ukay in Canada

For all those who don't have even the faintest idea of what the word "Ukay-Ukay" means, worry not for I will enlighten you. Ukay-Ukay is a Filipino term for a sale of used clothes at very low prices. Ukay-ukay can be related to flea markets or any sale of second-items where by just pure luck you might find a very expensive designer item for half the price or even lesser.

Well I didn't believe my eyes when my parents drove to a Good Will shop. This Good Will shop has items that were donated by people who want to get rid of their old stuff and if you're lucky you might recieve the old expensive and designer items of a rich person.

I have to admit that some of the items were pretty decent. I got to buy some CD's of Alicia Keys and Craig David, an Anatomy and Physiology book, and some clothes. It was a bit hard to find anything my size since the people here are generally bigger in built. I did see some branded items but I also saw uniforms from coffee shops and other retail establishments. I never thought that people would be wearing work uniforms even if they don't work for that establishment. There were also some decorative items for the house, shoes, electronic items, and believe it or not, an exercise equipment which my dad happily bought, although I honestly would call it a piece of junk.

The Good Will shop is great for newcomers here in Canada but I still see Canadians (white people) buying stuff here so they too might also be looking for great bargains.

So the Good Will shop here in Canada is much like the Ukay-Ukay in the Philippines except that here in Canada you can oay with your Debit Card or Credit Card and there were lesser people.

The bottom line? Finding bargains and deals is a great opportunity for everyone so even if you live in a third world country or first world country, being able to save money and be able to buy some pretty neat stuff is a universal desire.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Some Things Stay The Same

Who would have thought that moving here in Canada would save me from my stupid brother's friends?! I mean seriously?! They come in the middle of the night and just make my life a living hell. They make a mess and they make so much noise. My only relaxation period is disrupted by people who have no decency and who have no idea that there are actually people out there who considers their home as their private get away or sanctuary.

I am so pissed off right now. I'm even more pissed off than when that stupid customer at Tim Hortons threw his half empty cup of hot chocolate at the counter. Well I'll talk about this in another post.

But wait... I think it's quiet already... they must have already left thank God! Geez! These are the moments that I want to live in a totally separate house all by my self. When I can support myself you can be sure that I'll be leaving this crazy family. Well I really don't want to leave them but having to deal with living with my brother is very agonizing!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our First Car: A 2009 Nissan Pathfinder SE

Today is a very special day for us, me and my family. Who would have guessed that it is only in Canada that we could get our first brand new car. Well we did have a car back in the Philippines, but we only had a Toyota Jeepey that was so old and worn-out that we don't even use it.

I used to be ashamed to be seen in our old jeepey but now I can be confident that other people won't look down at us. Many people have said that we won't be able to get this car because we don't have a credit history and we should go for a cheaper car or a used car instead but I guess that they will be blown away when they see us in our brand new 2009 Nissan Pathfinder. We may not have a credit history because we are still new here but we do have money from the Philippines that we brought here. All those years of having to ride the jeepney and having to live in a very small house in a small neighborhood in the Philippines finally paid off because we saved enough money to afford the lifestyle here. But even if we didn't have that much money a great lifestyle here is easily attained.

It's sad but here in Canada (as well back home in the Philippines), "If you don't have a car then you're nothing," as said by the Millwoods Welcome Center person and yes I have to agree with him because a car is not only a status symbol it is a NEED. Why? Well it snows here in Canada and waiting for the bus stop in the freezing cold is nothing to be happy about. Plus the places here are so far apart because the city here is very big.

Anyway we took our new baby home to our apartment and let me say that driving it home was a bit stressful. Since we're still new in Canada we really didn't know the way home other than the bus route so we had to ask the sales person to print some directions from Google Map so that we can get home.

My dad had some trouble getting used to the traffic signs here because the traffic rules and signs here in Canada are different from the Philippines. Plus the road names in Canada are a bit confusing. For example, there's a 50 street Northwest Bound, 50 street Southwest Bound, 50 street Westbound, and so on and the streets and avenue here are somehow confusing.

Well we did manage to bring home our SUV and park it in our apartment's underground parking safe and sound so it was really a night for celebration. Our family friends came at our house (the ones who adopted us in their home for one month before we moved in to our own place) so we went on a joyride, our SUV is a 7-seater so we had room for everyone. We went downtown to watch the Christmas lights and grabbed some pizza on our way home.

Today was really an amazing day. I can't wait for next year when I'll get to get my very own GDL Class 5 Driver's License (I only have a learner's Class 7 license)! I can take our car whenever I have a duty in the hospital or to get to school or I could buy my own car, yes by the time I get my license I could afford to buy my own car with my earnings and with my mom's help of course.

I'm glad that our lives here is getting better. Now we only have to wait a year or more then we could finally buy our own house. And perhaps I could finally go to school... my life is not over yet as I have thought. There are still great possibilities and getting a brand new car when everyone else said we couldn't proved to be a great motivation.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Limketkai Center: The SHAME of Cagayan de Oro

Limketkai Center is said to be the "Pride of Cagayan de Oro City" but after what they have done to my friend, I don't think so!

It all happened when my friend was shopping at Limketkai Center when all of the sudden a crazed maniac security guard pointed a gun at my friend and accused my friend of stealing. If that scene is very uncomfortable, try being surrounded by a crowd of people staring down at you and shouting "kawatan!" or thief in English.

My friend was harrassed and humiliated in front of a crowd (it's a mall for crying out loud located in a not very big city). The character and public image of my friend was tarnished. If my friend really did steal anything then why didn't they find the object which they accused my friend of shoplifting? What, cat got their tounge?

Well they picked on the wrong person when Limketkai threw a public spectacle because they messed with the wrong person. My friend and my friend's family won't back down and won't be oppressed. Here starts the legal battle between the large business entity, Limketkai Center versus my friend.

My friend and my friend's family would have settled for an amicable settlement but Limketkai Center won't back down and instead of paying for damages they don't want to lose any money (typical of money-hungry companies). And guess what? Limketkai made the security guard lie and made up stupid stories to portray an image of my friend as a little kid who didn't listen to my friend's father and stole what ever they accused her of stealing. Limketkai even gave out the statement that if she was really innocent, why didn't she just flee the scene because she wasn't being detained anyway. Yeah right! You call a gun being pointed at you as not being detained? And besides, only the guilty would run away at the scene of the crime.

The security guard of limketkai has NO REMORSE at all and still believes that accusing people of shoplifting and humiliating them in froint of the public and threatening them with a deadly weapon is all fine and dandy.

I hate companies like LIMKETKAI CENTER who have no conscience or whatever! They should take the responsibility of their employee's mistake and make a public apology to my friend. But instead of doing what's right, they just decided to save the money and back up the claims of my friend.

If I were only in the Philippines right now, I would gather people and take this issue to the media and let everyone know how morally corrupt LIMKETKAI CENTER is and instead of being called the "Pride of Cagayan de Oro" it should be called "The SHAME of Cagayan de Oro".

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Paid To Go To School?!

I was watching the news on TV when I almost fell of my seat when I heard the plan that children here in Canada (especially children of the First Nation) will be paid to go to school! Like what? What an absolute rubbish idea. But this is not the first time this crazy idea was thought of, bribing kids to go to school was already discussed during the not so far past.

Paying kids to go to school here in Canada is such a stupid idea. Rather than making students develop some sense of responsibility and independence, the government is putting up the wrong image that the government will provide EVERYTHING for them! This is why there are already so many bums out there who just sit doing nothing and then expect to get help from the government for welfare.

The thing is students here in Canada are given FREE and of GOOD QUALITY education. Other students in third world countries would kill to get an opportunity to go to school and the students here are just taking that for granted.

Rather than using money (which could be used for other better cause) to encourage students to go back to school, why not show them the harsh reality and FACT that if they don't go to school their lives would be miserable and hard because they won't get a better future because they are uneducated.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cosmetic Surgery: To Do or Not to Do

Cosmetic surgery has been a controversial topic for years now and like always, people are divided: people who are pro-cosmetic surgery and the people who are anti-cosmetic surgery. There are some people who approach cosmetic surgery in a religious and self-righteous way. They say that people should not have cosmetic surgeries like boob jobs because we are already perfect and we are beautiful as we are because this is the way that God wanted us to be.

But in my opinion, I approach this issue in a scientific way and practical way. What I mean by this statement is that I am for cosmetic surgery and I will want to have a surgery done to me like a liposuction. Many people have already done several cosmetic surgeries to their body and this is why they are now beautiful or even more beautiful than ever... who are they? The celebrities of course.

Some would say that they would prefer real "natural" beauty but they are being hypocritical about this when the people they idolize and even obsess about are products of cosmetic surgery. I am happy that cosmetic surgery is available because with this science we are able to correct any flaws that we may have in ourselves thus making our lives better. Because of cosmetic surgeries people who sometimes see themselves as ugly are given the chance to live life again to the fullest without being restrained by the thoughts that people will judge them and their physical flaws. With cosmetic surgery, people become more positive and happy as well as confident about themselves.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Identifying the Unknown

Do you hate it when there are unknown callers to your home? Well you do have the caller ID but then it's not that good because most annoying and sometimes harassing phone callers have the ability to cloak their names.

I had never experienced telemarketing this invasive way back home in the Philippines. Heck, we didn't have telemarketing in the Philippines calling and disturbing us in the comfort of our home. What's worst is if you answer the phone and you just hear a recording.

That is why it would be great to be able to trace a phone number and call up that caller saying I know who you are and where you live. Stop calling me or I'll take legal actions against you.

Yup you can have the power to know who called you even if their numbers are unlisted and you can be sure that it is 100% confidential. They won't know that you know who they are. With reverse phone lookups offered by you can trace a phone number and even know the exact location of the caller even if they are using a cellphone. Isn't that great? It's like having your own personal FBI agent tracing unknown callers for you.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Angels on Earth

Some may think of angels as a transcendental being or those beings with white wings and who fights of evil and serves as God's messengers...

But to me, the real angels are the real human beings here on earth who help other people when they are in need. But one does not have to do extreme acts to be called an angel. By simply being courteous or nice to someone could make that person an angel.

Angels for me are people who makes each passing day worthwhile. These are the people who make the world a better place.

So who are the devils? Well the people who are opposite of the angels. They're rude, self-absorbed, selfish and destroy everything around them. They are infectious as they tend to make other people evil to as one will be evil to protect one's self from evil because if your good, these evil people will team up against you. It's a never ending vicious cycle... but we can really break this cycle. Be an angel... don't transfer your hate to other people and always be kind and patient to people. Being calm and forgiving makes things better rather than being hot headed and rude.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nasty People

I don't know why some people could be so nasty. Why can't people be more civilized and be more human when they deal with other people. What is it with people who live in western countries that they stop thinking of other people and be very selfish and only think about what they want every single day.

I have dealt with rude and disrespectful customers at my work and I showed them that they can't step on me. Don't they think that I'm just some poor Filipino contract worker who will take their crap because I'm afraid to lose my job. Because I will really take them on!

But there are also very nice customers who are kind, understanding, and patient so I'm not always on the guard putting up my I'll-Kill-You face. As I have gained experience with dealing with people I have learned not to displace my frustrations to my kind customers.

I've learned to treat people the way they treat me in a case-to-case basis. If you treat me with respect, I will respect you. if you don't, then go to hell, I won't take your crap.

Imagine a world where people will think of other people's feelings before their own... if they have feelings to begin with that is.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I was watching a documentary of Madonna (Yup she has a documentary! She's a Legend of Pop!) when it said something about the controversial American Dream of Madonna. Well of course, my curiosity got the best of me and I searched for the said video. Well I didn't have to search to far thanks to Youtube:

The music video combined with the song brings out an explosive message of how US supremacy is affecting third world countries. If the US wants to wage wars on other countries then they can. But I think that the deeper message is not really being anti-US but rather being an anti-war.

War brings so much death and violence. There is nothing that war can solve. Period.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Get A Job You BUM!

Just this afternoon, several of our customers called our attention and asked us to shoo away a woman outside our store who was asking every one who comes in (or out) the store door for money. Many of the customers unanimously agreed that people like her should just take a hike and get lost.

I honestly have to agree with them because I too have been asked once or twice by these able bodied people for money. And like any people here in Canada would do, I would refuse to give them money. I don't want to give them money because I'm working hard for my money and they just ask for it and wait for the government to give them money?! Yes the government gives them compensation and living expenses because they are unemployed. But the thing is Alberta has so many job openings so it's impossible for them not to get a job.

Heck even my 16 year old brother has a job and is earning his own money so how could they not be able to find a job and just rely on other people's hard earned money to survive?

These people, ladies and gentlemen, are the scum of society. I know it's too harsh of a word but it's the only word that gives justice to them. You see there are more people that deserves funding from the government. Who are these deserving people? Well the people who are unable to work because they are disabled and or maybe just because they are dead. If they are dead then who will support their family right?

Since many are claiming that they need welfare, less is being given to those who truly need it. So I highly recommend people to refrain from giving your money to these beggars who might be using these money for drugs or some illegal activities. If you really want to help the needy, you're better off donating your money to charity organizations or for good causes like funds for cure of HIV or something like that.

Being A Good Man

One thing that I like about Canadians is their ability to express themselves. If they hate you they can really be nasty but if they like you they can say the darnest nice things. There are already several times that I have been called a good man. I was quite touched by what they said and of course I had a bit of hepatomegaly episode (in other words "bukad atay").

I am quite thankful that I am able to give this impression to other people but the truth is there is nothing good in me. I'm very selfish and self-centered. I'm just like any other man on this planet. The only reason that I was respectful and nice to them (as I said HERE) is because they showed me the same thing. So I was only mirroring what they were showing me.

So the truth is, they are the good people because I was only showing them what they showed me. If they were nasty, I can show them the proper way of being nasty and hostile.

But hearing those words were very rewarding indeed. I really like it when people know how to appreciate rather than just seeing the bad things from other people. So it's better to see the best in everyone right rather than lingering on people's imperfections because in this world no one is perfect (except me, JOKE!).

Monday, August 11, 2008

RESPECT: A Two Way Process

I really don't appreciate it when customers raise their voice or try to belittle me thinking that I'm inferior to them because they are the customer and I am the lowly servant. Well they should think again. I don't anymore bother calling them "ma'am or sir" because here in Canada only a few does. Why? Because every one here are equal. No one is above the other.

People like me who work in the customer service department are here to help them and we are not here to be trash talked to or abused. So if they want respect from me then they should give it too.

But the kind of customers that really bug me are the Indians. They don't speak clearly and they get mad when you ask them to repeat what they said because their English is not only bad but their pronunciation of the words are all wrong. But I don't say that all Indians are arrogant and self-absorbed. It's just that there are these people who think that Filipinos are inferior to them and that we are only here in Canada as contract workers. Excuse me but I happen to be a permanent resident here in Canada and in 3 to 5 years time a CITIZEN of CANADA. Besides, even if I was a contract worker, I still deserve respect.

There are some rude and nasty customers who come into our store each day but I don't let them get their way because I always show them that I am not the person they should mess with. But there are also times that I'm tired and I just don't care anymore. But when I am in the heat of the moment and ready to fight back, well... they should watch themselves.

Oh well. We can't really say that the world is a perfect place. But we should also remember not all other people are as rotten as some people out there. The point is even if a nasty customers try to ruin my day, I still smile and treat the next customer with respect. But if that customer is like the previous nasty one then I switch the way I relate to them appropriately too.

Oh my... why am I ranting again? Sorry about that guys, just releasing some steam.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm Tired of Being a Parent

I have written an entry somewhere in this blog or my other blog about me trying to teach my brother to be responsible and independent. My brother is 16 years old and yet he is very irresponsible and care free. I wasn't like that when I was young.

I'm trying to teach him to clean up after himself. I mean pick up his tissue or clothes from the living room and sometimes even share and help with the house chores. But all of these are in vain because I seem to get no support from my parents.

Hell. My parents spoil him that's for sure. Just this day my mom told me to wash the dishes during lunchtime and I did. I told my brother that he should also have a share in the dish washing chores and do the dishes later after dinner. But guess who washed the dishes? My mom. I told my self that they should do something about this. I'm tired of doing all the cleaning in this house and looking after my brother who is old enough. If he's old enough to use drugs and have a girlfriend surely he's old enough to help around in the house or at least be responsible enough to clean up his own mess.

I don't know what is wrong with my parents... especially my mom. My dad doesn't care about rearing us and being our role model ever since so there is no need for him to do anything. But my mom on the other hand is doing more damage than harm. I mean please! Do you really want your own son growing up dependent and a dysfunctional individual?

I mean before she had lots of excuses why I had to do all the work. One, he's asthmatic so he shouldn't do any work. Two, he's still too young. And three he won't do it anyway. So my counter would be, one: if he's asthmatic why do you allow him to smoke? Two: Too young? Please he leaves home during the middle of the night ad come homes at the break of dawn... you call that young? Three: That's why do something about it so he will be responsible enough.

Why aren't you doing anything about him being a good for nothing slob? Why don't you do to him what you did to me? Like I still remember asking you what the meaning of a word is when I was in grade school and you told me to check the dictionary. My brother? You spoon feed him. You even do his own freaking assignments when he was in high school! Me? Well you sent me away to study when I was in high school and I had to feed myself and learn to budget my measly allowance. My brother? You give him what ever he wants! You even allow him to drink to think he's a minor too.

I'm tired of doing anything to help him. And you know what my brother told me that really irritated me? He said why don't I clean up his mess when I already see it. I should clean it because I see it already. Like what?!

But I'm tired of trying to help my brother. From now on I will stop cleaning after him and I won't do his laundry. Let him do his own laundry once in a while. I won't pick up his mess in the living room. Let's see how this will affect my mom. If she tells me that I should clean the mess up I am going to go insane!

Monday, August 4, 2008

The World is Full of Crazy People

I know that the world is full of crazy people. But I haven't really grasped this fact until I started working and seeing so many different people everyday. Just yesterday, I was happily serving an old man who was a regular at our store when he was approached by this old lady. I was shocked because all of the sudden they were fighting and the old man almost hit the lady because she hit him and she made him spill some of his coffee. The old man was already saying "You saw that right? Call the police!" and I was like oh my I need to hide. I really don't like these things when fights happen.

What's more awkward is that the old lady was also a regular so I'm going to see them every single day... awkward...

But I don't know if the old lady is mentally disturbed or what (or she could be just genuinely nice...) because she always brings cups and plates from the tables to our store front and cleans up the tables. And guess what? She asked for a broom and she swept! I should have given her the mop so that she could mop too! Hehehe. Well I did try getting the broom from her and she suddenly said "Do you think I'm some sort of cream or something? I can do this." When she said I suddenly backed off because she has a broom people and she's not afraid to use it.

I have seen her with a fight before with another customer and this time the police did come. But seems like she's friends with the police so no charges were made against her.


For the next crazy person, this is a girl in her twenties this time and she would come to the customers and say, "Hi! Can I give you my name and number?". Some customers would obviously say, "No thank you." The girl would then reply, "So you don't want any new friends?". She must be a "special child" with autism or something.


The last crazy person would be this lady who goes in line but when you ask her if you could help her she would just glare at you then leave. There's also this time when she ordered a donut she just gobbled it all up upon giving it to her making such a mess on her face and on the counter. She then slept on the tables for the whole afternoon. I was about to call the police but I'm not really sure if she's crazy or if she's having some emotional problems...

The thing is there are a lot of crazy people in the world doing crazy things. You might be crazy. I might be crazy. We all might be crazy! What is normal anyway? Who defined what is normal? Society does right?

There are so many crazy people in the world. And most are very good in acting normal...