Monday, August 4, 2008

The World is Full of Crazy People

I know that the world is full of crazy people. But I haven't really grasped this fact until I started working and seeing so many different people everyday. Just yesterday, I was happily serving an old man who was a regular at our store when he was approached by this old lady. I was shocked because all of the sudden they were fighting and the old man almost hit the lady because she hit him and she made him spill some of his coffee. The old man was already saying "You saw that right? Call the police!" and I was like oh my I need to hide. I really don't like these things when fights happen.

What's more awkward is that the old lady was also a regular so I'm going to see them every single day... awkward...

But I don't know if the old lady is mentally disturbed or what (or she could be just genuinely nice...) because she always brings cups and plates from the tables to our store front and cleans up the tables. And guess what? She asked for a broom and she swept! I should have given her the mop so that she could mop too! Hehehe. Well I did try getting the broom from her and she suddenly said "Do you think I'm some sort of cream or something? I can do this." When she said I suddenly backed off because she has a broom people and she's not afraid to use it.

I have seen her with a fight before with another customer and this time the police did come. But seems like she's friends with the police so no charges were made against her.


For the next crazy person, this is a girl in her twenties this time and she would come to the customers and say, "Hi! Can I give you my name and number?". Some customers would obviously say, "No thank you." The girl would then reply, "So you don't want any new friends?". She must be a "special child" with autism or something.


The last crazy person would be this lady who goes in line but when you ask her if you could help her she would just glare at you then leave. There's also this time when she ordered a donut she just gobbled it all up upon giving it to her making such a mess on her face and on the counter. She then slept on the tables for the whole afternoon. I was about to call the police but I'm not really sure if she's crazy or if she's having some emotional problems...

The thing is there are a lot of crazy people in the world doing crazy things. You might be crazy. I might be crazy. We all might be crazy! What is normal anyway? Who defined what is normal? Society does right?

There are so many crazy people in the world. And most are very good in acting normal...

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