Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm Tired of Being a Parent

I have written an entry somewhere in this blog or my other blog about me trying to teach my brother to be responsible and independent. My brother is 16 years old and yet he is very irresponsible and care free. I wasn't like that when I was young.

I'm trying to teach him to clean up after himself. I mean pick up his tissue or clothes from the living room and sometimes even share and help with the house chores. But all of these are in vain because I seem to get no support from my parents.

Hell. My parents spoil him that's for sure. Just this day my mom told me to wash the dishes during lunchtime and I did. I told my brother that he should also have a share in the dish washing chores and do the dishes later after dinner. But guess who washed the dishes? My mom. I told my self that they should do something about this. I'm tired of doing all the cleaning in this house and looking after my brother who is old enough. If he's old enough to use drugs and have a girlfriend surely he's old enough to help around in the house or at least be responsible enough to clean up his own mess.

I don't know what is wrong with my parents... especially my mom. My dad doesn't care about rearing us and being our role model ever since so there is no need for him to do anything. But my mom on the other hand is doing more damage than harm. I mean please! Do you really want your own son growing up dependent and a dysfunctional individual?

I mean before she had lots of excuses why I had to do all the work. One, he's asthmatic so he shouldn't do any work. Two, he's still too young. And three he won't do it anyway. So my counter would be, one: if he's asthmatic why do you allow him to smoke? Two: Too young? Please he leaves home during the middle of the night ad come homes at the break of dawn... you call that young? Three: That's why do something about it so he will be responsible enough.

Why aren't you doing anything about him being a good for nothing slob? Why don't you do to him what you did to me? Like I still remember asking you what the meaning of a word is when I was in grade school and you told me to check the dictionary. My brother? You spoon feed him. You even do his own freaking assignments when he was in high school! Me? Well you sent me away to study when I was in high school and I had to feed myself and learn to budget my measly allowance. My brother? You give him what ever he wants! You even allow him to drink to think he's a minor too.

I'm tired of doing anything to help him. And you know what my brother told me that really irritated me? He said why don't I clean up his mess when I already see it. I should clean it because I see it already. Like what?!

But I'm tired of trying to help my brother. From now on I will stop cleaning after him and I won't do his laundry. Let him do his own laundry once in a while. I won't pick up his mess in the living room. Let's see how this will affect my mom. If she tells me that I should clean the mess up I am going to go insane!

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