Thursday, August 14, 2008

Being A Good Man

One thing that I like about Canadians is their ability to express themselves. If they hate you they can really be nasty but if they like you they can say the darnest nice things. There are already several times that I have been called a good man. I was quite touched by what they said and of course I had a bit of hepatomegaly episode (in other words "bukad atay").

I am quite thankful that I am able to give this impression to other people but the truth is there is nothing good in me. I'm very selfish and self-centered. I'm just like any other man on this planet. The only reason that I was respectful and nice to them (as I said HERE) is because they showed me the same thing. So I was only mirroring what they were showing me.

So the truth is, they are the good people because I was only showing them what they showed me. If they were nasty, I can show them the proper way of being nasty and hostile.

But hearing those words were very rewarding indeed. I really like it when people know how to appreciate rather than just seeing the bad things from other people. So it's better to see the best in everyone right rather than lingering on people's imperfections because in this world no one is perfect (except me, JOKE!).

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