Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh well this topic seems to be so redundant and I have kept saying that I will lose weight and exercise and all of that but I seem to get so many convenient excuses at my disposal like this one HERE.

Well I'm now here in Canada and my promise to lose weight in the Philippines seems to be forgotten. I actually did lose some weight back when I was in the Philippines but when I recently checked my waistline and weight, well you can guess what happened.

Hey! I work at a donut shop for crying out loud! It's so darn hard to fight the temptations. And to think that the food here is so cheap that we literally have a full fridge. I could have ice cream everyday and since we don't have time to cook we usually just order pizza at Pizza Hut or get some yummy food at the Filipino store. But they're not that healthy.

I can barely remember when I last had "pinakbet" or any food that has lots of veggies in it. Oh well guess I have to start counting calories right now... that won't be hard since everything I eat has labels on it...

This is one cons with everyone in the family is working, no one is left to cook food hehehe.

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