Saturday, April 30, 2005

New E-mail

My old e-mail is being filled with newsletters, chain-mails, and pretty much spam and junk. So I ask everyone who wants to contact me and wants me to get to read their messages, abd so it won't get lost among my other junk mails, please e-mail me at my new e-mail add, You want e-mail that offers 10 MB storage space for free and aside from Yahoo Mail? Try !

Civilization Has Reached Bukidnon!

Yeah you heard it right! Civilization Has Reached Bukidnon! We, I, now have internet connection!!! Right now, I'm encoding this blog to show happy I am. Do you know how many years I've waited for this?! But unfortunately, our Internet Service Provider (ISP) doesn't provide a Direct Satelite Link (DSL) meaning we have to Dial-Up and our internet connection speed is quite acceptable yes, but not fast. I hate it! But we must always look on the bright side, just a couple of years and maybe we can already have DSL connection. But I still love it! Now I don't have to stay late at internet cafe's to park (thanks to Richie for this term) and all. But there are some times that Dial-up is simply impossible wonder why. But I'm still happy hahaha! Never mind me... peace! Ciao! Wonder I started using the "Ciao" thing...

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

College Here I Come

I can’t believe that I’m already a college student… well going to be anyway. I’m going to take up Nursing as a pre-med course and I can’t wait to start! Pretty surprising since I was the one who prayed to graduate from high school so that I can get rest from studying.
But I had enough rest and in fact summer vacation is boring me to death! I want to study! At least in college I’m assured that I can use what I learn in my future job and not some very hard subject that I will not even think about in the future.
I really want to be a suma cumlaude so that I can make up for my high school dilemma. I could have at least received a silver medal if it wasn’t for physics which is really pretty simple once you get the hang of it, which means remedial classes. Hey, I even got a 100% percent mark once in a quiz and mind you, every quiz counts!
I can imagine my self in front of the school’s soccer field sitting in one of the benches memorizing the parts of the muscular system of the human body. I just wish my laziness does not overwhelm me. Oh well, there are always the quiet hours of dawn and a good cup of coffee to really make me want to study. In the crack of dawn, no one is around to bother me! What a relief! Blabby people are a scholastic’s nightmare!
I’ve got to go. I’ve got the urge to utter a villainous laugh! Hahahaha!

Never Trust Anyone but Yourself

In my sixteen years of existence in this world, I have learned one very important lesson that will probably change me for the rest of my life. In this very cruel world, you have to learn never to trust anyone. You can never rely on anyone because in the end, you will only have yourself to be with you and fight with you until the end.
Do you think that they would still stick with you when you and your boat sink? No, these people you call friends are not stupid and will bail at the single moment they get the chance. The only reason that these friends stay with you is either they need something from you or that they have no one else to go with.
You have to learn to fight and be independent. In the end, you will only have yourself because you will learn that when the going gets tough you have to be ready for good-byes, sorry, and even unexplained disappearances.
This is the truth, true friendship and people who will die for you are just characters of our very deep desires. We want these people to be real and be with us, but the truth is they’re only found in fairy tales. They’re just fiction and products of our imagination. In the real world, it’s every man for him self. Greed comes first in every human beings and this is their nature. Self survival comes first than other’s welfare. Do you know the major cause of death/injuries during accidents such as fires/earthquakes? The answer is the people them selves. They’re too busy saving themselves that they push and shove and even step on people just to stay alive. This is very true in our society today. It especially happens here in the Philippines, if you ride jeepneys, do you think that these people will move for you? No! They will move alright, they will move nearer to the entrance so you have to sit at the farthest end and be careful not to fall forward because these inconsiderate jeepneys drivers will not wait for you to take your seat.
They want change; they say that they aren’t treated right! Humph! Humans! How can they say such things when they them selves are the cause of the sufferings of others? The “Pay-it-forward Theory” does work and we see its effect every day.
What I am saying is that people are so selfish that you wouldn’t really trust your life to them. I don’t know why but there are some people who want to be martyrs and believe that there is this greater good in everyone that’s why they believe that they should just forget the pain that people cause them.
We have to see and accept that the world is a cruel and cold place to live in. There are these people who are so full of love and this blinds them from the awful truth that the world is near to its destruction. The real world is very dangerous and scary. One must learn the tricks of the trade to survive. You have to be more powerful to fight back so that they will not be able to hurt you. If you can’t run and hide from them, it is better if you faced them and play their game, but with one condition: you have to beat them!!!
But I am thankful though that I have one true friend. And she will never leave me, if ever she does she is the only person that I will truly understand and respect.