Saturday, April 30, 2005

Civilization Has Reached Bukidnon!

Yeah you heard it right! Civilization Has Reached Bukidnon! We, I, now have internet connection!!! Right now, I'm encoding this blog to show happy I am. Do you know how many years I've waited for this?! But unfortunately, our Internet Service Provider (ISP) doesn't provide a Direct Satelite Link (DSL) meaning we have to Dial-Up and our internet connection speed is quite acceptable yes, but not fast. I hate it! But we must always look on the bright side, just a couple of years and maybe we can already have DSL connection. But I still love it! Now I don't have to stay late at internet cafe's to park (thanks to Richie for this term) and all. But there are some times that Dial-up is simply impossible wonder why. But I'm still happy hahaha! Never mind me... peace! Ciao! Wonder I started using the "Ciao" thing...

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