Monday, March 31, 2008

My Morning Workout Nightmare

I'm quite proud of myself that I was able to partially complete my objectives for this day. After a month of procrastination and exhausting my scapegoats I finally did it! I went jogging early in the morning! I was quite amazed at my determination to lose weight hehehe. I woke up at 4:30 and started jogging at around 5:00 am on the highway. Yup the highway since of some reasons that I have posted here. The dawn was actually beautiful, it seemed as if it was still 12:00 am and the stars were still twinkling and the moon was still up. I told myself that this was a good day to jog. But the beautiful "evening like"-dawn turned to a scene taken out from a horror movie.

So there I was jogging with my headset on and my workout playlist playing. I was running and occasionally slow down my pace when I see people passing by and I keep a safe distance (for all I know they could be dangerous and I couldn't see their faces). The wind was very refreshing but suddenly I realized that this part of the road was very dark and the branches of the trees were like reaching towards the road. This is where hell broke loose. I didn't stop and continued running as fast as I could making sure that I'm at the middle of the road because I don't want to be jumped by "anything" at the sides of the road that had very thick bushes and foliage. My feet were already aching when all of the sudden I see these glowing eyes jump out from the bushes! Damn did I get the scare of my life and I quickly evaded the tiny eyes just to discover more of them ahead. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't a cat because a cat's eyes don't glow in the dark. They only shine when there is light pointed toward their eyes. I still am not sure what those creatures I saw but I didn't want to stop and find out. I'm thinking that they were frogs because the body was small (but do frog's eyes glow in the dark?).

I was already running a kilometer or more when I suddenly felt dizzy. I immediately knew that this was it. I had to go home if I didn't want to collapse on the highway with those creatures around me. I felt like I was going to have a stroke but this must be because I didn't warm up and I was working my self too hard. This was when my fatigue took over. My music wasn't helping since I had a headache. I couldn't run too because I was so tired so I had to walk home. Geez, i was thinking that I'm such in a miserable state.

I was walking home when all of the sudden a dog walked across me to the other side of the street when *Bang*! a truck just passed by hitting the dog. I didn't even notice the truck as it was going real fast and it did not have bright lights. I was thinking that that dog could have been me if I suddenly crossed the road... the dog yelped in pain and I was guilty because I couldn't do anything for him. I can't bring him home because I'm still very far away and that he might be rabid and bite me and all. I had to be safe so I did what i could do, leave him behind. I'm still guilty up to now.

Upon arriving home I gave a sigh of relief but my doggie. Missy, was acting crazy and played with me by nibbling on my lower pants. But at least I'm home. I made sure that my heart beat slowed down a bit and I crashed into my bed with aching legs and an aching head. I arrived home at around 5:45 am and woke up at around 9:00 am.

With my bad experience I swore never to jog again that early in the morning. I'll just have to wait until we move in into our condo unit in Canada so that I could have the right exercise facility. It's safe and it's near my home so I have no problems about collapsing anywhere (but collapsing would be bad of course). I just have to let my body adjust to my exercise routine of course. Overworking my body will do more harm than good.

My Workout Songs

I actually don't workout hahaha! But I plan to do some jogging and decided to create my workout playlist. It is undeniable that music affects our emotions, intelligence, and health. Even without words, music can make us joyful or depressed, energized or sleepy.

Listening to music that induces relaxation, before taking a test has been proven to temporarily enhance IQ and improve scores. Music also has unending benefits on our health.

With regards to health, it has been proven that music reduces blood pressure and music is also used as a form of therapy to pain and to calm patients in mental hospitals.

Mark Tramo, a neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School, commented on a study which "showed that the heart muscle of people exercising on treadmills didn't work as hard when people listened to music as it did when they exercised in silence."

That is why I spent some time creating my perfect workout playlist and here it is:
  1. Any songs from Britney Spear's Blackout (yup I love it!)
  2. Stronger - Kanye West
  3. Elevator - Flo Rida Feat Timbaland
  4. I Got It From My Mama - Will.I.Am
  5. Low - Flo Rida feat t-Pain
  6. Feedback - Janet Jackson
  7. pump it - Blackeyed Peas (or any songs from them actually)
  8. Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake
  9. Like This - Mims
  10. Dance Like There's No Tomorrow - Paula Abdul
  11. Easy - Paula DeAnda
  12. Aikoi - Kajiura Yuri
  13. In the Church - Kajiura Yuri
  14. 19 Sai - Suga Shikao
  15. I'm Coming - Rain (Bi)
  16. Fergilicious - Fergie
  17. Tokyo Drift - teriyaki Boyz
  18. Get It On the Floor - DMX
  19. Show Me The Money - ???
  20. Not Gonna Get Us - t.A.T.u.
  21. Any Song from Panic! At the Disco!
  22. Please Don't Stop the Music - Rihanna (or any other of her songs like Break it Off, etc)
  23. I'm A Scatman - Scatman Jack
  24. maria - Kim Ah Joong
  25. Outta My Head - ashlee Simpson
  26. Me & You - Cassie
  27. Die Another Day - Madonna
  28. Do It Well - Jeniffer Lopez
  29. Push It - Salt & Pepper
  30. Fighter - Christina Aguilera (or her other fast tempo songs)
So how do you choose songs for that incredible workout playlist? Here are some guidelines:
  • The song must have a fast tempo with a nice beat to it that would want you to move more
  • A song that you personally love (therefore don't just copy other people's workout playlist)
  • A song where you lose yourself making you forget your fatigue and make you go an extra mile.
Music is a great motivation to keep on going and it is fun to listen to music right? Happy workout guys!

I ♥ Crunchyroll

I am a known Anime fanatic and I love anime and I am addicted to it. Anime inspires me to dream and to believe that there is something more and greater to this life. Some anime that I have watched and enjoyed are Elfen Lied, Flame of Recca, Erementar Gerad, Vision of Escaflowne, Hunter X Hunter, San Goku, Naruto, xxxHolic, Card Captor Sakura, DNAngel, Detective Conan, and a lot more (I may have even forgotten some titles, damn I have a bad memory). But one thing is for sure, it is very difficult to find these anime titles online. Youtube sucks because they remove it while other online video streaming communities don't have the complete series. So where do I find good quality anime? Simple! Crunchyroll!

Crunchyroll which is sometimes called as the Asian Youtube is a fast growing online community for anime lovers. It was started by the mysterious "Shinji" who started Crunchyroll just for fun.
Crunchyroll has a vast collection of anime (as well as other Asian dramas and movies) for FREE! You just pay if you want to watch a high quality and high definition streaming. And the payment is used to keep the servers running and to give more bandwidth as hosting a site is not free after all.

Like Youtube, Crunchyroll also faced some copyright problems as some of their anime was licensed. But this was already addressed by Crunchyroll so don't expect to find any licensed material (you may still find some videos if you're lucky that are uploaded by some members) and hentai (Anime porn, hehehe). Wait, is hentai even licensed?

But they still have a lot of unlicensed anime that are worth the watch, like Naruto for example.

I'll Miss My Boiled Peanuts

One advantage of living far away from civilization is that you get to go on an hour travel time. And what do I do during these travel times? I either take a nap, listen to music, or I think... Yup I think of emo stuff to serious stuff to dirty stuff hahaha! I just have a lot of thoughts that surges into my mind when I'm not doing anything. And I was on a one way ride to daydream land I was thinking what I'll be missing in the Philippines when I move to Canada.

I was nibbling on my favorite bag of boiled peanuts when the thought hit me, I'll miss my boiled peanuts hehehe. I know that Canada will have peanuts but I'm not sure if they'll have my favorite fresh boiled peanuts. Maybe I'll start my peanut shop there and spread the addiction to peanuts, acne afflicted skin, and anaphylactic shock from allergies to peanuts hehehe. What an evil plan to destroy the world. But seriously, I'll miss Pinoy dishes but I don't think that I'll be missing it that much because my dad (yup he's our personal slave/cook/house boy/carpenter/plumber/driver/assistant/etc) will be with us.

I'll miss my friends, my school, and my way of life here in the Philippines. But I won't miss the sight of poverty, injustice, and plain ugliness that the Philippines has to offer for Filipino. Moving to Canada is a an escape from all these hardships that the common Filipino has. Well, we aren't poor so I haven't really experience real hardship but we're not rich either so I somehow have an idea of how a poor Filipino live.

I know for a fact that I'll be enjoying my new life and I sure can't wait to move.

Corazon Aquino & Colon Cancer

I was actually shocked to discover that the former Philippine president, Cory Aquino, was announced by her daughter, Kris Aquino, a famous celebrity, that Mrs. Aquino was diagnosed with colon cancer. We know Mrs. Aquino as a living symbol of democracy as she was swept into power by a peaceful EDSA I revolution to overthrow the then President, Ferdinand Marcos. She also was the one that helped bring the current President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to power and is also ironically the one joining protests to bring President GMA down. But this time she faces a far more bigger battle, a battle for her life as she fights against colon cancer.

So what is colon cancer? To know that we must first define what cancer is.In a normal body function, rapid division and multiplication of cells are needed to regenerate and heal the body. But there are times when the growth is uncontrollable and spreads (metastasizes) into other parts of the organs where it continue to divides and replaces normally functioning cells with abnormal cells. Cancer cells multiply so fast that they may occlude blood vessels and steal blood flow by forming their own vasculature stealing normal organs their blood supply thus the organ dies. And for the people who are confused, tumors are abnormal proliferation of cells and there are two kinds of tumors, benign and malignant. Benign is non-cancerous and does not spread so it can be safely removed by surgery. The dangerous kind of tumor is a malignant tumor as it is cancerous. Even if the malignant tumor is removed, remaining cells could still multiply at a more rapid rate that is why chemotherapy (the use of medication to kill cancer cells) is also required to kill cancerous cells, but unfortunately it also kills normal cells but that would be a different topic.

I'm not sure if Mrs. Aquino's cancer is malignant or benign, but I'm guessing that it is malignant because she wouldn't have let the whole Philippines know that she had cancer. So let me share the some relevant information as to what causes colon cancer, signs and symptoms of colon cancer, what the treatment is, and what the preventions are. These are very important to know as this could save your life one day.

So what causes colon cancer? It's still unknown but it is believed that a high fat diet increases one's risk for colon cancer. Why? Breakdown of fat leads to the formation of carcinogens (cancer causing substances). Although cancer is not contagious, it is hereditary so if you have any relatives with any kind of cancer then you are at high risk for cancer.

Symptoms of colon cancer are numerous and nonspecific. They include fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, change in bowel habits, narrow stools, diarrhea or constipation, red or dark blood in stool, weight loss, abdominal pain, cramps, or bloating. Other conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (spastic colon), ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, diverticulosis, and peptic ulcer disease can have symptoms that mimic colorectal cancer (from

The treatment for colon cancer, like any other cancer is surgical removal to prevent the metastsis or spread of cancer cells to other organs. But treatment does not mean that you will be treated immediately. Factors as to how much the cancer had progressed plays an important role. This is why prevention is better than treatment because one only notices that one has cancer when it is already too late when the cancer has already grown and spread causing the signs and symptoms.

Preventing cancer entails a healthy lifestyle like eating healthy avoiding fatty foods, carcinogens like charred meat, drinking too much alcohol, etc. But the best prevention is early detection. It is recommended that all individuals over the age of 40 have yearly digital examinations of the rectum and their stool tested for hidden or "occult" blood (from a digital rectal exam a doctor inserts his finger through your anus and feels for polyps (abnormal growth). For males, a digital rectal exam is like hitting two birds with one stone as the prostate gland can also be checked for prostate cancer at the same time.

Other early detection procedures are flexible sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy. Here a video camera is inserted to see how your colon looks checking for abnormal growths and other anomalies.

For more information please visit this site:

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Deciphering the Doctor's Handwriting

We all heard about the Da Vinci Code right? But there is something more difficult to comprehend and very difficult to decipher: the doctor's handwriting... it's a great mystery why Doctor's handwriting is illegible. There is also this study conducted by the British Medical Journal to check if doctor's handwriting were legible. Guess what the result is? Doctors Fail Handwriting Test!

For years now I have always been told that my handwriting is like a doctor's. This is meant to be a joke of course, but can also be misunderstood for an insult. It is true that I had my own share of horror and eye strain from trying to read and make sense of the scribbles and marks written by doctor's on their Doctor's Order.
In fact I always have to team up with my other duty mates to help me break the secret of the doctor's handwriting. But we always end up making mistakes. It amazes us though that my clinical instructors are able to understand this foreign handwriting. We always ask our CI's in wonder how in the world do they understand those scribbles and doodles? Their answer? Lot's of experience with doctor's orders. But even the experienced staff nurse also makes mistakes because there are doctor's handwriting are so encrypted to the point that deciphering it is no use. Just a thought: Doctor's should get into the date security business.

But what is so important about doctor's having legible handwriting? Simple, a misunderstood order could lead to death of a patient. Don't believe me then take some time to read this article from BBC News: Health Doctor's Scrawl Blamed For Patient's Death. As the article shows a poorly written order or prescription could lead to a patient's death.

But let us not flame our doctors because it is not their fault too that they have such illegible handwriting. We also have to think that they have a lot of patients to take care of that is why they have to do their charting very quick. But how come nurses are able to have more legible handwriting when nurses are the ones who are with the patient 24/7 and are always documenting every procedure they do for every patient?

But there is nothing we can accomplish with complaining that we can't understand the doctor's handwriting. What we can do is look for a solution. The best solution with this problem is electronic orders or prescriptions. The orders and prescriptions are just flashed into the monitor with beautiful and neat computer generated text. This may be already true to First World Countries like USA, Canada, and the UK. But in the case of the Philippines? We can't do anything but pray that the doctor writes in print or we nag them to death to interpret their handwriting or our license is on the line. Wait, I don't have a license yet.

Skipping a Meal Leads to Brain Death

Hypoglycemia is the medical term for a level of blood glucose (blood sugar) that is too low to meet immediate energy needs of the body. Glucose is a sugar that our bodies use for energy. A normal level of glucose in the blood is between 60-110 mg/dl . If you are hypoglycemic you will encounter the following symptoms: sweating, feeling warm, dizziness, difficulty speaking, inability to concentrate, hunger, drowsiness, anxiety, confusion, nausea, trembling and headaches.

There are two types of hypoglycemia. And these are:
  • Fasting hypoglycemia can occur when a person goes without food for eight or more hours. It can be caused by certain underlying diseases (tumors of the pancreas, severe liver disease, adrenal failure) that upsets the body's ability to balance glucose.
  • Reactive hypoglycemia is when blood glucose levels fall too low within a few hours after eating. This type rarely has a serious underlying cause. and is not easy to diagnose.
But I guess that the type of hypoglycemia that students are more associated with is Fasting Hypoglycemia. Nursing students are guilty of skipping breakfast especially if the duty is very early in the morning and don't expect them to eat lunch either. My duty mates said that they don't want to eat because they want to finish whatever they are doing first. But I wonder what makes them so busy that they don't eat lunch? But I can never go on if I don't eat lunch. I can skip breakfast (I'm used to it) but I can never skip lunch because if I do I'll just end up very grouchy because as shown in the symptoms above, I get a headache and my body weakens because there isn't enough energy being created because of a rapid decrease in blood sugar.

But skipping a meal is not the only cause of hypoglycemia. Other causes are: alcohol on an empty stomach, taking too much insulin, exercising hard without eating a snack first, eating excessive amounts of carbohydrate foods.

But if you think that hypoglycemia can only lead to headaches and body weakness, think again! Hypoglycemia an lead to the decrease supply of glucose as fuel to the brain, resulting in impairment of function (neuroglycopenia). Derangements of function can range from vaguely "feeling bad" to coma (rarely) permanent brain damage or death.

So never skip a meal guys! If you do skip meals because of uncontrollable circumstances then always bring food with you that are high in sugar like candy or chocolates so that you can have something to munch on even when you are on duty.

University of Iowa

Friday, March 28, 2008

My Bubbly Teacher

I posted here about my day being bad and all but you know what? It's still 2:00 pm and even though I have no money to buy food maybe this day could still turn around and end up with a happy conclusion.

But I don't have to wait for happy things to happen because something wonderful did happen already. I saw three of my old high school teachers and I'm glad that I did. I saw Ma'am Gomez, my beloved first year home room adviser and Science teacher who was very busy so I didn't interrupt her. I also saw Ma'am, I mean, Dr. Vedua, who was very professional looking as always. She's my former Trigonometry teacher by the way and she is a very smart woman! She won't get her PhD if she wasn't, duh! She was with one of my clinical instructors in front of the AVR 1 and they were talking to each other and asking if they had WiFi connections with their laptops. I was wondering how they knew each other but let's just leave that as one of the great mysteries of the world hehehe.
But one teacher really struck me the most: Ma'am AlmeƱana. I saw her at the high school, actually she saw me first. I was waiting for my transcript of records and I was fiddling with my laptop when a roll of paper swung in front of my screen I looked to see who it was and there was my former Economics teacher smiling and was very bubbly. She was wearing casual clothes and her image was refreshing. I smiled back and great memories flowed in. It was very flattering that after 3 years my former high school teacher still remembered who I was despite having a lot of new students every year.

Awe I'm reminiscing the good days again. As the guest speaker in my brother's graduation said yesterday, we can never be able to pay back our teachers for all of the things that they have taught us. That is why I highly respect my teachers.

What a great day this is indeed. I'll sure miss them when I'll move away.

Fifty-Six Cents... Oh boy... Seriously?

You might be wondering what I'm blabbering about this Fift-Six cents thing. Well let;s just say that this day is so tiring and depressing. Here's the story. I went down to the city (literally since I live in the beautiful mountain province of Bukidnon) to get my transcript of records from Xavier University High School, which is also located on another mountain... why am I obsess with mountains? Anyway my mom gave me Php 150 for my fare and food and I was like what? You're only giving me this amount? How am I going to get home (the fare going to our house is Php 45 by the way)? She told me that we'll just go home together since she already gave the rest of her money to my little brother who went to the beach with friends. At first I was mumbling why is his allowance for the day bigger than mine but I decided not to make a big fuss about it to prevent any problems.

So I went down to the city and decided to take a taxi up the second mountain because it was already 10:30 and business hours today are only up to 12 noon and I still had to go to the main campus to take care of my other transcript of records in college. I was thinking that the fare for the taxi would only cost around Php 60. But to my great dismay and surprise I had to pay Php 75. I would try to make a run for it but not only is that plain evil I couldn't run fast enough because I was carrying with me a laptop and the taxi driver has... well his car.
But if you think that my misery and impoverished state was worst enough I had to pay another Php 30 for the transcript of records processing fee. So to sum up all my fare to go down the city and up another mountain and subtract that from the money I had, I will get the great total of Php 16. Oh my God, I'm so pathetic.

But my misery does not end there. Well I took the jeepney this time since I had no choice, I was broke, and I paid Php 6 for the fare. I then proceeded to our College of Nursing to get my recommendation letter which happened to be not there. Well, I'm not really complaining since there is still a lot of time and I understand that they should prioritize the job application recommendations of past graduates (our 98% PRC Nursing Board Exam Passers). Oh well, I still do have to apply for the release of my transcript of records so no big deal, I'll just return this Monday.

And so this part explains why my post title is Fifty-Six Cents. I went to the finance office to have my clearance card checked and signed when the lady at the registrar printed out an account statement. I new that meant that we still had unfinished financial obligations which seems unrealistic to me because we have already settled all of this before my final exam. How on earth would I take the final exam if I haven't paid my tuition completely right? As I read the statement I was taken back... Running balance: Php 0.56. As in for real? Seriously? Fifty-six cents! They want me to pay Fifty-six cents! Of course I really did not worry about paying Php 0.56 but my point is my school sure does think of money as very important as they still had bothered to hold my records because of an unpaid Php 0.56.

Well I paid up what I lacked and smiled when I was given Php 0.30 cents for my Php 1.00 that I gave. An evil thought came into my mind: what if I demand that I be given the "EXACT" change as it seems that cents these days are very important to them. But of course I didn't do that because the lady was very nice and helpful to me. So in return to her kindness and respect, I shown her kindness and respect.

But my encounter with the bookcenter is the main even why my day is so shitty today. Imagine, there were 6-8 people inside that pathetic useless office and no one even bothered to approach me at the window. I understand that it's still office hours and costumers are always important. But these stupid so-called "Student Assistants" are of no assistance at all. I was very calm and kind when I said, "Excuse me" but they just went on with their lives talking. Finally there was this girl who went to the window to get some paper or something and I asked her where I could have this clearance slip signed. She said Window 5 (without even looking at me the whole time). I peeked at window 5 and it was closed. So I went back to her and informed her that there was no one at Window 5. And my very angry self suddenly blurted what I wanted to suppress: "Mga Bastos!" Translation: You people are so Rude! And it was true. They seem to have all the time doing nothing and they don't even entertain students very well. Well then, you should just close down if you don't want to do any service for the students. Seriously, I never buy things from them because aside from their snail-like movement there goods and books are crappy.

And so that ends my miserable story. I'm hanging out at the bridge of the Aggies Building because it's the only part of the school that I could get a WiFi connection since the library is closed. I'm hungry and I am so bored! Good thing I decided to bring my laptop, I would have died from boredom and hunger pangs if I didn't.

Bottom line, despite some shitty office and services that Xavier University has, I still love Xavier and am proud if it. It just have to remove some unworthy people from their jobs.

On Moral Relativism

Today was very interesting indeed, aside from this day being the Graduation Day for my younger brother, I was able to learn some interesting stuff during the mass celebration's homily delivered by his excellency Monsenyor Pacana.

The topic was about moral relativism. So what is moral relativism anyway? Moral Relativism asserts that morality is not based on any absolute standard. Rather, ethical "truths" depend on the situation, culture, one's feelings, etc (from In other words, morality is overrated. There is no right and wrong. A good example is stealing. Moral relativism means that stealing is only wrong if you're caught!

But if you believe this then you should need to reevaluate yourself and your value system. There is no 11th Commandment! The 11th commandment by the way is you can do whatever you want to do as long as you're not caught. A sick joke perhaps but is absolutely untrue.

We all know how to differentiate right from wrong. We have known this since we were little and society upholds these mores or socially accepted norms as our basis of our morality. Because if we disregard morality then we would have a deteriorated society right now. But wait, our society has already start to deteriorate... but this is why we should make a stand to correct this problem before it worsens.

This is why we should uphold our morals and values. It is sad that there are a lot of people out there who know embrace the sad ideology of moral relativism but we should not break and follow this fad. Just because everyone is being immoral doesn't mean that we have to follow them.

We should always put this in mind: We should ALWAYS be morally upright even if others CANNOT, if others WILL NOT, and if others ARE NOT.

Don't Eat Anything That Doesn't Rot

Before I talk about food that doesn't rot please take time to watch this video. Trust me, the video is very interesting and it kind of makes you think what large food companies are creating these days, not to mention what chemicals they add to our food.

Some would say that author and obesity activist Julia Havey is a load of bullsh*t and that it's understandable that any food item would decay and this is just unreal. My comment? No comment, Lol. But another acclaimed author and journalist Michael Pollan agrees with Ms. Julia Havey and argues that what most Americans are consuming today is not food but "edible foodlike substances."

If you want to read the full interview with Michael Pollan then you can check it out at But the bottom line of the interview is are we really eating real food or a frankenstein-creation that is not really living because it does not decay because it is filled with different kinds of chemicals and preservatives.

I will not be surprised if our food of the future would be those bland capsule like space food because people are only more concerned about vitamins, minerals, no cholesterol, and etc. Anyway, although exercise may help in losing weight, eating the right kind of food would also be important. And this right kind of food would of course be the organic food, aka REAL FOOD.

Writer's Block!

This is what Bloggers Look Like When We Have Writer’s Block

Aah! Oh my God! I'm having writer's block! I don't know what to post in my nursing blog anymore! Like I had thought of an idea a while ago but then it just *poof* flew away. I hate being out of school. I feel like I'm being drained of ideas and such. I know that there are so many things to write about but nothing seems to be nursing related and I want this blog to be 100% nursing or health related.

But posting this ranting won't do anything right? Wait! I just remembered the topic that I'm going to write about. It seems that my memory isn't that bad, Lol!

Signed up for BloggerWave!

I just signed up for BloggerWave and boy am I happy! You might already have an idea what BloggerWave is and yup you sure are right! BloggerWave is an excellent program that gives you the opportunity to earn money while doing what we bloggers love the most: BLOGGING!

So what are you waiting for? Why don't you check out BloggerWave for yourself? You have nothing to lose but instead you earn money!

Let's Place the World In Complete Darkness

Yup! You heard me right! Please support the international movement, Earth Hour (an event created by the World Wildlife Fund.), to help reduce the impact of global warming to our climate. On March 29, 2008 at 8 p.m., join millions of people around the world in making a statement about climate change by turning off your lights. By doing so, you'll be creating a brighter future for you and your children.

It may only be for a few minutes but if the rest of the world joins in then we could really make a difference? Why? Just watch the video below to learn more about Earth Hour.

If you really want to take a step further then make Earth Hour and everyday event by simply switching of unused electrical appliances and lights. You don't only save money but you also help save the world in the process. What a great deal don't you think?

And if you want to be a real hero, then please join me in raising funds for Earth Hour. Please visit The Grim Angel Earth Hero Page.

My Thoughts on Hateful Bastards

In this life there are some basic truths and one basic truth that I have learned is that you can never please everyone. You are not born in this world to make everyone happy, that is not your job. Pleasing everyone is not your destiny. For me, one's destiny is to live out one's life to the fullest, doing what you can to make a change, to be different. One should do as one pleases (as long as you don't hurt anyone in the process) and one's actions cannot be dictated upon by others.

So why am I talking about pleasing everyone and stuff? Well it's just that the world is full of hateful bastards who don't have anything productive to do but flame and hate. What's worst about these people is that they love being anonymous. They don't have a face and a name so you can't run after them and kill them or whatever retaliation you want to do.

But in this life there is another thing that I have learned that is consoling. You don't have to do anything to get back or to get even with these people. I won't waste my time and effort to get even by getting into a flaming battle or into a dog fight. I won't stoop as low as to lower myself to their level, I know my worth and I am more than that. These people, the unknown haters, are cowards. They are insecure and they don't have the confidence to show their faces and real identity. We all know these kind of people. They are the kind of people who goes online (especially on youtube) and they just flame you even if they don't know you. They are all talk but at the end of the day they are nothing, they are just insecure. These kind of people are those who have low self-esteem and are usually abused (sexually/verbally) as children or deprived of love and respect.

I have received several insults on my blog and they are always from anonymous pathetic spineless wimps who are unequipped to live as normal self-respecting human beings (ok, I'm getting a bit offensive). Just for the record, this blog is a PERSONAL BLOG. It is about my life and everything that I am. This blog is an extension of my thoughts and my feelings, in short it's part of me and my soul. So if you don't want to view my blog then don't visit it! Don't continue reading my posts and just leave. If you're not able to leave respectful constructive criticisms then don't leave any traces at all.

Honestly, their spiteful words may hurt a while (because I'm a person with feelings after all) but a little later I pick myself up and I realize that I am very lucky. I'm lucky to be loved by people I care of and I don't have to hurt other people just to make myself feel good. I am not like these haters who goes to forums and blogs just to release their frustrations from their pathetic little lives (if they even have a life that is).

Oh my... I'm supposed to have a neutral post about this negativity but I am angry and I can't help it. But I'm not angry enough to face my limitations and accept who I am. Sure I know that I am not perfect. I know that I may not have the most beautiful body in the world or the looks that people will fall for but this is who I am. This is me, I accept me for who I am and I love myself. My family loves me for who I am and I don't care what other people think.

I won't let other people get in the way of my self-expression and creativity. So haters, send me all the hate messages in the world! Buy a hate-thesaurus if you want and hit me with all of your best negative and degrading words. Because after everything you say I'll only feel better at my self, because at least I'm being Christ-like because He is always with the ones that are persecuted. I am not a saint but I do not also hurt other people just to feel that I exist in this world.

So to my haters: Thank you for your comments. Have a good day and God bless!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Instant Make-Over!

I learned about this website from PixelRN and I was a bit curious and wanted to try it out to see if really is what it advertises: creating a new look. Well the site is actually intended for the female audience but I still wanted to try it anyway. Good thing that the site offered some short hair that are also good for guys. Of course I was curious enough to try the long female hairs but it did not turn out good. hehehe!


So what do you think? From the haggard looking person to the stylish F4 Wanna Be look hahaha! is actually very fun to play with but is more practical for female users of course. The site offers you to create a new look using real to life products. It's like testing beauty products in the convenience of your own home/office/library or where ever you are as long as you're connected to the internet.

I don't use make-up or plan to use make-up but the products used on the site are very nice! I especially liked the contacts. The site is also very user friendly. It beats using photoshop which is a nightmare for newbies like me.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Delaying Tactics

Boy! Am I good with delaying stuff hahaha! Last night I have planned again to continue my dream of losing weight (for health reasons, not for image reasons hahaha!) even if it meant disobeying the wishes of my mom! But sadly I stayed up late talking with my brother in the living room. Who would've thought that I could have those 7th Heaven mushy heart to heart talks with my brother... ewe... hehehe... I realized that I don't know much about my little brother and having that talk makes me think that he's human after all hahaha! I respect and understand him more now that we had that talk and I promised myself that I won't be that strict to him and be mean and all that stuff.

Anyway as expected, I didn't have a good sleep. In fact I woke up before 4:15 am, the time I plan to wake up to exercise. I knew by then that I wouldn't be able to wake up and have the energy to exercise. And to my surprise my mom actually woke up at 3:00 am and checked up on me to see if I was actually in my room. Hmm... I wonder where she gets her information and knew that I had plans to sneak out of the house? hehehe? Is it mother's intuition?

Anyway, I bet that I won't be able to wake up early later because I have to look after the new camcorder that my mom bought. Since it's new I have to wait for it until it's charged for 3 hours. My mom came home at 9:00 pm so I have to stay up until 12:00 am to unplug the camera. And of course since I love gadgets, I want to play with it and all so tomorrow's exercise is once again rescheduled...

I wonder if I really want to exercise or is my subconscious telling me that I don't really want to wake up that early in the morning to lose weight. Ok what is with the losing weight thing anyway? I'm not that obese really, well maybe a few percent obese but not that much! It just happens that I'm not tall enough that's why I'm obese hahaha!

I just want to get rid of my big tummy for health reasons. Being obese could lead to many health problems concerning the circulatory system not to mention psychological problems brought about a disturbed body image hehehe.

Anyway as I have read in an article by Tina Juan, one reason why I have a big tummy is that I have poor posture and that my abdominal muscles are weak that's why my internal organs are bulging out... ok my post is becoming nasty so I'll end it here.

Bottom line: Eat right, exercise daily, and most of all straight back and suck my gut! Hahaha!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Heard any Good Oyster Jokes Lately?

I have been chatting with an old friend of mine when we suddenly got bored and our boredom lead us to this corny oyster joke that we came up with:
A gulf oyster came rushing in the emergency room of the hospital and wasn't looking too good. An oyster specialist then rushed to the very pale oyster and then told the sick oyster, "Oh my God! You have real clammy skin!"
Hahaha! Did you get the joke? Clammy skin? You see what the oyster specialist meant is that the oyster had a cool, moist, and pale skin (which meant that the oyster is about to go into shock) but then it's ironic that the specialist would say that when the oyster was a bivalved mollusk too! It's a bit corny, I know, but eating gulf oysters without sufficient knowledge of it's dangers is no joke! Eating oysters without proper knowledge can be dangerous.

We all love to eat gulf oysters, like who doesn't? But if you're an at-risk consumer (if you have cancer, liver disease, stomach disorders, etc) of oysters then you could suffer gastroenteritis and primary septicemia which is very uncomfortable mind you and is of no laughing matter.

I know that all of these may sound difficult to digest (excuse me for the pun) but it is better to be a well informed consumer than a uninformed suffering one.

Want to learn more about oysters and the many ways to enjoy them? Just visit the Be Oyster Aware website for more interesting oyster facts and recipes! Prevent the suffering and learn how to enjoy oysters more!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Me: A Pyromaniac

It's official, I'm a pyromaniac! I just love burning all my notes and all the stuff I could burn. Like it was already 12:30 AM in the morning and I'm still up eager to burn stuff. It's a good thing my neighbors did not wake up and rebuked me for being up so late just to burn stuff and not to mention pollute the air (bad me).

I just love seeing the papers burn. It was like having this special gift where I could make something disappear. I really had fun turning the paper over so that it could burn faster. I learned that paper will burn slower and inefficiently if you try to burn it in bundles. But if you spread the paper enough so that each page could cover a wide area, they are more faster and efficiently burned separately. It's sort of a divide and conquer thing.

I also loved the warmth that the fire was emitting. It sort of was soothing especially when cool air was blowing through me. It was like being in a little heaven of my own (the only difference is that there's fire).

It's weird but I really felt high and mighty as the flames grew stronger and brighter with each thrust of my steel rod. When the fire was slowly dying I was even desperate to find paper that hadn't completely burned so that the fire won't die.

Maybe I have a career opportunity in being an arsonist, what do you think? hehehe...

Additional note: Or maybe it was the joy of having to hide and burn all my secrets behind and start a new life... what do you think?

Photo Credit: cholesterol

Nursing: Back To Basics

Today I have heard what I have feared the most... It's bad enough that I have to transfer to another school and lose my chance and my dream of graduating from Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan. But my fear had been realized. My mom has told me that I might have to take some 12th Year Subjects and then go back to 1st Year College just like what a friend's child had gone through...

I was at first at denial and I was rationalizing, a defense mechanism, that I would not actually have to go back to the very beginning because I already have an Associate in Health Science Education and I had already been capped and badged... but then I realized that the education system in Canada is different from the Philippines and that some of my subjects might not be credited at all.

It's sad but if you weigh the pros and cons, going back to first year in a new country and a new life might not be bad at all. Here are the pros and cons that I have thought of:

the CONS:
  • my batch mates will graduate ahead of me
  • I'll finish my Bachelor of Science in Nursing when I'm 23 or 24 years old
  • my 3 years of studying, hardship, and turmoil will be all for nothing
  • If I fail the challenge exam/placement exam I might go back to high school (darn I forgot my high school concepts already)
the PROS:
  • starting fresh will give me a chance to master the Nursing concepts and theories
  • I have an edge over my new fresh high school graduate classmates
  • better quality education and clinical exposure [I'm sorry XU, but studying at University of Alberta (hopefully, fingers crossed) is being in the real thing, the ideal nursing setting]
  • I can easily land a job in Alberta and I'll be prioritized over foreign nurses
  • I'll be with my family and will not be left alone in the Philippines
Oh my, I'm like a newly hatched chick that will have to go back to my egg shell and start the process of hatching all over again. But I have made my decision, I will study in Canada so that I can be with my family even if I have to go back to 1st year. The pros seems promising and when I graduate I won't really be that old.

Besides, I don't want to shift to another course because there is no other course that I would want to shift to. My dream and my goal is to be a Registered Nurse, and that is what I will become.

Photo belongs to cameradude

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

7 Deady Sins

Since today is a Maundy Thursday I thought why not post something about religion ei? And what better topic than sin. Plus I found these awesome pictures that I found on deviantART that I thought was worth sharing. These photos are by blackeri, a digital painter from Poland.

So what are these 7 Deadly Sins I am talking about? Well they are no other than:
  1. Pride is excessive belief in one's own abilities, that interferes with the individual's recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity.
  2. Envy is the desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation.
  3. Gluttony is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires.
  4. Lust is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body.
  5. Anger is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury. It is also known as Wrath.
  6. Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. It is also called Avarice or Covetousness.
  7. Sloth is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work.

If I remember my Religious Studies well enough these are also known as capital vices or cardinal sins (mortal sins). They are classified as mortal sins because it destroys man's state of grace and the sinner is threatened of eternal damnation unless forgiven or given an absolution through the sacrament of confession.

Hmm... I wonder if I am guilty of any of those sins... well I do admit that I sometimes am greedy, envious, lustful, wrathful, a sloth (not slut), prideful, and I am even am a glutton at times but not that excessively that it destroys my relationship. But I am only human and make mistakes sometimes... but I know that there is no excuse to sin...

Nurses Needs FUN Too

Being a nurse is not an easy job (especially if you're an RN in the Philippines). One is faced with an extremely unfair patient to nurse ratio that you are overworked but underpaid. Nurses are faced with so much stress from trying to save their patient's life to having to do with disgruntled and discontented family members. There are times that nurses suffer from ulcers and distended bladders because they are so busy (from caring for a lot of patients) that they forget to eat and even neglect relieving them selves in the bathroom.

I won't be amazed if a nurse suddenly had enough and just have a total break down. That is why nurses should also have their own "ME" time and take some time to relax. And what better way to relax than play some online casino games right? Gambling could be quite relaxing and just having the thrill of the game is the best cure for a nurse's fatigue and stress from the hospital.

But the thing about online casino is that there's just too much of them around in the internet that it could just bring more agony than relaxation. With a nurse's time being limited one does not have the luxury of time to check each of the 3000 online casinos out for reliability and genuineness.

But that's not a problem anymore because I have found one simple solution! You can just check out online casino reviews. With Pro360, an online casino review site, you don’t have to worry about anything and you can start playing and have fun in no time!

This online casino review site is very user friendly and has a great design. All you need to know about online casinos are here and they conveniently have a Top 20 Best Online Casino category. They have very professional reviews and the games you want to play are all neatly arranged. What's most important is the personal reviews of other players like yourself so that you could really feel safe. And talking about safety, Pro360 shows an online casino site's credentials and certificates.

So for the tired and weary nurse who needs a break, try Pro360 now to find that online casino that suites your taste and preference.

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This blog does contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content will always be identified.

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Welcome to the Dark Ages

Oh my God! I am totally pissed off! I was in the middle of replying to people’s messages to me when all of the sudden *poof*! A black-out… Aah!!! Today is supposed to be a Holy Thursday! People are in their house relaxing because it’s a holiday and then the freaking electricity goes out? This is the province in the Philippines for you, darn it.

I am really so frustrated and furious! We have so many black-outs here that our computers and appliances gets busted easily because the electricity goes on and off like crazy. I really hate this! Good thing my laptop’s battery is fully charged. At least I can still write about my thoughts… geez… talk about an addicted blogger…

But then my laptop's battery will only last for 1 and a half hours so what will I do then? No! What a boring day today will be. I'll just help my parents pack then. Beats doing nothing but stare at the ceiling hoping the electricity will come back.

The Newest Hip Hop/Rap Site

Yo peeps! How are you all doing? Doing fine I hope. Anyway I was searching the net with nothing to do and I encountered this new rap forum. You might be asking what this rap forum is all about. Well as the name implies it's the latest hip hop/rap forum were you can join for free and talk about hip hop or rap. For newbie hip hop/rap artists out there, this site is a good way for promoting yourself and to get a chance in the big time lime light and be a celebrity yourself.

The rap forum also features artist listing, new releases, the rap artist top 10, and the online hip hop online free style battling (that's where you compete to see who's a better rapper or hip hop singer; not actually physically fighting or bashing your face mind you).

Just check out the rap forum yourself if you want to know what I'm talking about. The site has a very nice design and vibe to it. It really is worth the try and joining.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

XU @ 75!

Xavier University Jubilee Music Video in celebration of its 75th founding anniversary.


Words can't tell how proud I am to be an Atenean! For 75 years, XAVIER UNIVERSITY - ATENEO DE CAGAYAN have been forming men and women for others who are competent, committed, and compassionate.

XAVIER UNIVERSITY, the first Jesuit University in the Philippines and the first university in Mindanao. Celebrating its 75th year of truth and excellence! From being literally demolished during World War II it now rises in it's shining glory as it is now. Rooted in history and I know will continue to go on strong and build better leaders for our country, the Philippines.

I have been a proud Atenean ever since high school. Once I was enrolled and started to go to school at Xavier University High School - Ateneo de Cagayan (XUHS), I could really feel that there is something very different in the atmosphere. It was a feeling of great achievement and of great passion. It is at XUHS that I could safely say that I was molded into a true blue Atenean who does more than what being asked (who never settles for mediocrity (magis). It was at XUHS where I found myself and I really felt at home. I was also glad that I went to XU for my College Education. It is here that I had found my future and who I envision my self to be, a Registered Nurse who places the sake of his patients first and who plays a role as a patient advocate. It's sad that I have to leave this wonderful community as I am about to leave for Canada. But my heart and passion will always be a true blue Atenean.

Again, I am PROUD to be an ATENEAN!!!

XU @ 75!!!

Xavier University Jubilee Music Video in celebration of its 75th founding anniversary.


Words can't tell how proud I am to be an Atenean! For 75 years, XAVIER UNIVERSITY - ATENEO DE CAGAYAN have been forming men and women for others who are competent, committed, and compassionate.

XAVIER UNIVERSITY, the first Jesuit University in the Philippines and the first university in Mindanao. Celebrating its 75th year of truth and excellence! From being literally demolished during World War II it now rises in it's shining glory as it is now. Rooted in history and I know will continue to go on strong and build better leaders for our country, the Philippines.

Again, I am PROUD to be an ATENEAN!!!

Receiving the Spreaded Love

I am so honored to have received these awards that were very generously shared by rnfreebies! I am really at lost for words. Never have I in my wildest thoughts did I imagine that someone could really appreciate my blog and the things I write in here. Thank you very much! But this award is not only for me but for my readers and the other nursing blogs out there who want to spread TLC (that's Tender Loving Care) through Nursing.

The Beautiful People

I was browsing deviantART and I was looking at artistic nude photographs (it's not pornography people it's art!) and a thought suddenly came to me...

What if all the beautiful people (I mean the physical appearance not the personality thing) were sorted or moved to their own island. That wouldn't be hard because there are only a few beautiful people by today's standard (the thin girls and muscular guys).

So we have an island of the average looking people and the island of gorgeous people... what do you think will happen? I know, the island of the average looking people and the island of gorgeous people will then set a new set of standards for beauty and then each island will have again a division of the beautiful and not.

Geez, people are so hard to please...

Monday, March 17, 2008

How to Stay Healthy on a Plane

I got this e-mail from my mom and I thought that I'd share it with everyone. Uhm, this information I think came from MSN pages.

.:The Problem: Dry Cabin Air:.

The low humidity in airplane cabins tends to dry out the sensitive mucus membranes in the upper airways where viruses and bacteria can take hold.

What To Do:
* Keep drinking. Ideally, have 8 ounces of water or fruit juice for each hour of your trip.
* Stick to bottled or canned water and juices, and limit alcohol or caffeinated drinks, which can be dehydrating.
* Consider skipping drinks that may be made from airline tap water, such as coffee or tea. Also, ask for your drinks without ice when traveling from countries where water safety is questionable.

.:The Problem: Blood Clots:.

Blood clots (deep venous thrombosis, or DVT) can develop in the deep veins of the legs, especially on long flights. They can lead to a potentially deadly embolism, sometimes days after the trip. At particular risk: individuals who have had recent orthopedic surgery in their lower limbs, those with vascular or circulatory problems, some cancer patients, the severely obese, smokers, pregnant women and those on hormone replacement medication or contraception pills, and those with a family history of blood clots, says Dr. Phyllis Kozarsky, a consultant to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

What To Do:
* Stretch and walk around, if you can, every hour or so.
* Do in-seat ankle extensions and flexes, wiggle your toes, move your arms and legs around.
* If possible, get your legs above your heart—easiest if you are in a first-class sleeper, but also possible in a bulkhead economy-class seat, where you can put your feet up on the wall in front of you.
* Avoid sitting with your legs crossed or sleeping for long periods of time.
* Ask your doctor about prescribing medical graduated compression socks if you are at risk for blood clots.

Those who experience the symptoms of DVT—swelling, warmth, redness in the leg, or pain that is noticeable or worse when standing or walking— should notify a flight attendant. (And do not massage the leg, which could be dangerous.)

.:The Problem: Germs in Close Quarters:.

The Federal Aviation Administration reports that 75% of commercial airliners now use air filters that can intercept almost all of the harmful bacteria, viruses and other contaminants in the cabin. Still, that may not be enough to protect you from the germs of the sneezer sitting next to you.

What To Do:

* Bring your own lightweight microfiber travel blanket and pillow cover for long flights, because you can never be sure that supplies onboard are clean. (Airline cleaning schedules vary.)
* Wash, wash, wash your hands after touching potentially germy surfaces—door handles, toilet seats and handles, lavatory sink spigots, magazines or other people’s hands. Also, use clean hands when touching your mouth, eyes, nose or any food. “The most common way of contracting an infection onboard is by contact with an infected surface—not by breathing infected air,” says Jolanda Janczewski, an occupational health and safety consultant.
* If you can’t get to soap and water, use an antibacterial gel cleaner. Choose one that is at least 60% alcohol, recommends Dr. Christie Reed, a travel-health official at the CDC. Small, 2- to 3-ounce samplers that comply with stricter airport carry-on rules for liquids and gels are available at most convenience stores and drugstores.
* Use bottled water—not tap—for brushing your teeth.

.:The Problem: Blocked Ears:.

Traveling at 35,000 feet can cause painful and potentially dangerous changes in ear pressure when the plane is ascending or descending. Passengers traveling with head congestion are particularly susceptible.

What To Do:

* Chew gum, suck on candy and keep swallowing. Says Dr. Reed, “Swallowing helps to equalize pressure. Sips of bottled water also help.”
* Consider depressurizing ear inserts (available in adult and children’s sizes at most drugstores), which also can help to equalize air pressure.
* Have a cold? Ask your doctor if decongestant medication would help. (Check security rules for packing nasal spray.) And don’t hold your nose and blow hard, which can do more harm than good by potentially damaging your eardrum.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shopping Cart Software

Are you an online merchant or do you plan to sell your items online? Well I know the ecommerce software that is just right for you! This shopping cart software offers merchants a great way to sell items online. What made me interested in this software first is that it actually does not need any installation! Great right? Since the program is web based you don't have to go through all the hassle of downloading and installing. It's so easy to use that almost anyone can use it and it's also very affordable too! And if ever you need any help you can just chat with the customer support live!

And it's not just limited to being an old plain shopping cart because this program offers so much more like sales analysis, web optimization, inventory, and guess what? Shipping and tax!

And if you think that it's just plain too good to be true why don't you try it yourself for 10-days without any use of credit card! What kind of shopping cart software could beat these features? What are you waiting for? Check out and try the ecommerce software by Ashop Commerce!

Missy the Dogie

You just have to love my dogie! Her name is Missy and she's kind of weird in a funny sort of way. I went out of the house to check up on her and there she comes waking from her sleep wagging her tail in a cute way. I was about to pet her when she started running back and forth our yard like crazy so I thought she must need some "out-of-the-house" time. Well, we all do need to get out of the house and make have a walk somewhere. So I took her with me for a walk and then all of the sudden her collar broke and she ran like crazy! Kind of like an escaped convict if you ask me.

I was frantic and ran after her and boy, how can you catch a dog that runs that fast? Grr! I was getting frustrated and decided to come home. I thought that Missy would rather run away somewhere and be a wild dog or something. But to my surprise she ran back to me as I turned my back and followed me home.

Guess she just needed to break free for a while and chase the other dogs and birds and spend her stored energy. She's very hyperactive people! It's like she's on a high sugar diet or something.

Well, I will sure miss her when we leave for Canada. But I know she'll be happy with her mom and bro when we return her to her original owner.

There's More to an Oyster Than You Think

What if gulf oysters produce not only pearls? What if they produce other kinds of precious jewels like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and etc! What if oysters are the solution to our current problems like pollution, fast depleting energy resources, and a cure for HIV/AIDS?!

What if oysters provide new life for all living creatures? Well, I might be exaggerating a bit already but it is true that gulf oysters can sustain life, especially our lives, by giving us nourishment that is!

You just have to love oysters!There are several ways to cook oysters and so many ways to enjoy them! But did you know that eating oysters can also be risky? Eating raw or under-cooked oysters can cause serious illness or even death from Vibrio vulnificus bacteria. Scary huh? But does this mean that we have to stop eating freshgulf oysters? You've got to be kidding right? That is definitely not an option!

So if you love eating oysters and can't get enough, please visit the Be Oyster Aware website so that you can learn more about your beloved oysters and how to eat oysters safely! Happy eating guys!

Topsy-Turvy House

Aah! My house is such a mess! We have boxes here, garbage there, and you get the point. I never new that our house had so much junk in it! Yeah I'm going to burn all of them later! I just love burning things, I might be a pyromaniac! Hahaha! But I won't burn my house down hehehe!

But within these junk are some hidden treasures... seriously! I get to remember precious memories and it's quite heart-warming. Just proves that not all junk is trash... for that junk may be someones precious item.

Homeowners May Be Being Treated Unfairly

I have read an interesting article about commercial mortgages and I have to say that I was totally blown away! I am saddened by the fact that there are some money lending firms that treat homeowners unfairly according to the Financial Ombudsman.

Many people are struggling just to live a decent living and at the same time be able to pay their commercial mortgages and then we have money lending firms imposing several fees that are not any more reasonable.

For me, the homeowners should really complain about these excessive fees and that the Financial Ombudsman should protect these rights. Homeowners should protect their rights from money lenders that takes advantage of their situation.

Good thing that there still are great lending firms that offers commercial mortgages at very reasonable prices. We're going to move to another place this coming May and this thought is very reassuring.

Smorty - Get Paid For Blogging

We all are familiar and have seen this funny man riding the small bicycle in various blogs and websites while we go blog hopping and surf the net. Well, that is not something to be amazed of because Smorty is one, if not the best, service that connects bloggers to advertisers by allowing advertisers to advertise on blogs.

Bloggers are happy because they get paid to blog while they speak out their opinions on products and the things they want to blog about. Smorty is a service that is very easy to understand and use because it has a very user-friendly web layout and the services are stated in simple plain English. No technical terms so even newbies like me could benefit totally from Smorty's services.

For advertisers, they are given an easy access to blog advertising. With several blogs on the net, Smorty gives them blogs with substance where they can advertise on blogs with out any worries. Advertisers pay bloggers, bloggers writes great posts about their opinion, then everyone is happy.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nursing Garage Sale!

Hello everyone! You might be wondering why I have a nursing related post here when I already have My Nurse's Notes for my nursing topics. Well I just wanted to spread the good news about my Nursing Garage Sale! There's nothing special about my garage sale, well except that the majority of the stuff I'm selling are nursing books for such a reasonable price! Why don't you check my Nursing Garage Sale for yourself!

Nursing Garage Sale!

Hi everyone! Let me invite you to my garage sale! Please check out my Nursing Garage Sale for used nursing books at very reasonable prices plus more nursing stuff! ^_^

Friday, March 14, 2008

Bad Credit? No Problem!

We all find shopping very fun. What makes the shopping experience more care-free and enjoyable is the use of our handy-dandy credit card. With one swipe we get to buy everything that we want. It's because of this reason that some people become shop-a-holics and continue to use their credit cards. But at the end of the month, our shopping frenzy comes to a halt because of the tremendous bills we have to pay.

And if we're not able to pay up then we have bad credit standing and it would be very difficult to apply for another credit card. How then would we live the life that we have dreamed of right if we don't have purchasing power? But there is absolutely nothing to worry about because there is an available credit cards for bad credit. Is there really a bad credit credit cards? You bet there is! not only offers you bad credit credit cards, but helps you repair your credit and pay up your debts so that you'll have a clean record once again. They also provide you with different kinds of loans like home, auto, and personal loans. It's like having a friend help you out during your bad credit days, and all thanks to

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Discovering New Songs That You'll Like

So a friend of mine send me a message on Friendster (yup I have an account asking me for song recommendations. I have done this too for a time now but I've realized that I have my own unique taste in music and my preferences are not the same with my friends. So I gave my friend this advice that I think would be helpful to other song lovers out there trying so hard to find for new musical inspiration:

1. You can try searching for songs and listen to them online. You have to register first if you're not a member but trust me this site is good and that you won't regret signing up. Listening to other people's playlist can be nice as you are introduced to new songs, artists, and new styles.
2. You could also try No, it's not the stupid girl who opened the box that contains all evil and hellish. It's an internet radio service that helps you discover new artists and songs that matches your preference by analyzing and matching songs from the ones you currently like. It's sort of an online dating service that makes sure that songs that you like are matched to you.
3. Or, if you have watched any good movies lately and you liked the official sound track (OST) why not research about the song and the artist of the song. Chances are you'll discover an artist you have never heard of before and that you'll like their songs and style.
4. Watch MTV or listen to the radio! Doing so would make you updated to new songs and trends.
5. Lastly, Download/buy the songs that you like and enjoy!

But it does help if you ask your friends for endorsements... because as the old cliche goes, birds of the same feather stick together. Your friends might have the same weird taste in music like you hahaha... joke.

Exercise Attempt Foiled

After planning to jog or cycle early in the morning these past few days, it was quite amazing that I really woke up and was so determined to exercise (I need to lose some weight, Lol!). I was already preparing myself, I've already changed and all. And as I was putting on my shoes my mom asked me what I was doing.

At first I was a bit defensive because I didn't want her to know that I wanted to lose weight and told her that I just want to take a walk (a walk? 5 am in the morning? What was I thinking?! I could have lied better hehehe). But my mom was not to be fooled and she told me that it would be best if I stayed at home since there are a lot of stray dogs in the neighborhood and that I'd only catch a cold.

Even if I planned this exercise routine for so long now, I decided to take my mom's advice because I'm an obedient loving son (hahaha). Actually I realized that my mom was right. Our neighborhood is not that decent and I'm even afraid to walk around thinking that some stupid delinquents would play a trick on me or something.

So I delay my exercise plans until we move to our new condo unit in Canada. My mom tells me that it has great exercise facilities plus an indoor heated swimming pool. But should I really wait two months to lose some weight? Well, I could always just take minimal servings. Maybe that would do. But I don't plan to starve my self to death because that would be uhm, fatal?

Besides I'm not that overweight.

11 Commandments in Using the Toilet

I found this hilarious 11 Commandments in Using the Toilet (actually 12 but one rule is illegible) while browsing through our old class blogspot, Tataknerd. And I have to say, who ever made these rules sure does have a great sense of humor:

11 Commandments in Using the Toilet
  1. Lift the seat before starting.
  2. Caution! All women place seat in proper position before sitting.
  3. Do not waste paper - use both sides. If paper is scarce use your ingenuity but be careful for hygiene reasons.
  4. Do not confuse toilet brush with toothbrush.
  5. Save electricity - learn to aim in the dark.
  6. Long timers be warned! After two hours ejectochair will start working.
  7. When writing graffiti on the wall - use only waterproof colors and brushes of good quality. Please write legibly.
  8. Flush only when a risk of suffocation or feeling of sickness occurs.
  9. Warning! When dispatching excessive amounts there is a strong possibility of blockage. Flush several times and hope for the best.
  10. If flooding occurs - keep calm. Life vest is under your seat. Tread water until help arrives.
  11. Avoid crowds - max: 16 persons in this room.

I signed up for PPP!

Yeay! I'm so happy that I was finally accepted by payperpost! Like this is a dream come true! Did you know that payperpost may be one, if not the best, online program that offers it's subscribers (they call us "Postie" cute right?) the one of a kind opportunity to post about the things we like and at the same time earn money!

A friend of mine referred this program to me and boy was I thankful! Imagine, they literally pay you $20.00 just to announce to the world that you're proud and happy that you got in their program! Isn't it great? The payperpost site is also very user-friendly even to newbies like me. Boy I am really ready to write some great posts from now on!

So to my friends out there, what are you waiting for? Why not join payperpost and join me as I earn while I continue with my addiction: blogging!

The Children of Chinese Businessmen

I'm not sure if this is true or if it is just one of my wild ideas. But I think some Chinese businessmen (and women, I don't want to be sexist) have their children work for their business once in a while. This is just an observation that I have gathered, because every time that I go to a restaurant (doesn't really need to be a Chinese restaurant) I see these Chinese looking waiters who stand out from the store team because they look Chinese and they don't seem to fit in.

Let's just say that I have a gut feeling that these waiters/waitresses are actually rich and are sons/daughters of the rich Chinese businessmen. I think that the reason behind having your children work like common people (if you were a rich Chinese businessman) is to let your children know that making money is not easy. The experience of being common people, the average low-wage salary type of people, would make their children more hardworking and grow up responsible and independent.

I know a Chinese family, friends of my family, who grew up living simple. Their children are not snobbish little rich brats that you would expect of rich families but rather they are rather down to earth totally disregarding the fact that they are surrounded by such extravagance and wealth.

Maybe this is one of the reasons why Chinese businessmen are successful, what do you think?