Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm Definitely a David Archuleta Fan!

I was going to sleep early tonight but decided to watch TV and American Idol was on. It so happened that it was David Archuleta's turn to perform. I wasn't a fan of David nor do I watch American Idol but when I saw David perform tonight I was totally blown away. I immediately became an Archuleta fan and for very good reasons too!

It has been said that David is the predicted grand winner for this season of American Idol and I couldn't agree more. Like Simon Cowell I also have a nose for star power and oh boy David is one shining star! He does not only have an incredible sweet voice, he also has good looks to come with his adorable smile and personality... and this is being objective of of course. Hey! Even Simon agrees with me that David is great.

Although David had some bad performances (I saw these on Youtube) where he forgot the lyrics I would say, "So what?" I didn't actually notice that he skipped some lines because I was just concentrating on his great over all performance. The studio audience enjoyed it like I did too, I could say this because David (like always) gets the loudest applause. This isn't a wonder because David sure does have a huge fan base because as I said for a 17 year old, he is quite impressive. This is one of the reasons that I can say that he will be the American Idol.

I guess other Filipinos would agree with me as they are already hoping that David would be part Filipino so that they could also vote for him asides from Ramiele Malubay. I'm Filipino but I have to stick with one idol and that is David Archulete even if he isn't Filipino.

And to prove why I think David is just booming with talent here is his video when he was younger playing on the piano and singing Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles. And I rate his performance here a 9/10!

And why is he adorable as people say? Just watch this fan video and you'll understand why:

So ladies and gentlemen, David Archulete, the future American Idol! The young singer with a great voice, adorable looks, and a great personality. What a great package for a future and rising star!

Oh yeah here's more of David:

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Being Businessminded

I don't know what aches more, my legs from my morning workout nightmare or my arms from cleaning my mom's boxes fully loaded with her shoes! What is it with women and shoes? Anyway I'm opt to the challenge of cleaning her shoes as I'm excited to sell them for our garage sale. But that's not the main topic of my post today, my main topic is about selling your items to the highest bidder.

Ok you might be wondering why my posts are all about moving and selling stuff, well I'm sorry but that is all that occupies my mind right now. So back to the topic, isn't it normal for you to sell your items to the highest bidder? Some of our neighbors are dismayed at us because we sold our items that they liked to other higher bidders, But the point of selling your stuff is to earn money right so they should understand that a business operates to earn income and not to lose money in the long run. What's wrong with some of our neighbors is that we already have a price for our items at very reasonable prices but they still want to bargain and make the prices lower to the point that their prices are just unfair and insane.

For example, we're selling our bedroom refrigerator for Php 3000 which is still new and we bought it for Php 9000 originally. They still want to lower that to Php 2500 and they are the ones that fixes the price. A sort of take it or leave it attitude. But the point is we won't be cheated because we know that there are other higher bidders. It so happened that another bidder wanted to buy the said refrigerator for Php 4000. What a swell price! So naturally our refrigerator went to the highest bidder. But now we're faced with a neighbor who's dismayed for selling the item that she really wanted. But if she really wanted it then she should have just agreed to buy it at a reasonable price. I know that friendship is important, but we have to consider that we are selling items to earn money for our expenses for our new life at Canada. We still have to buy furnitures and appliances and we also have to pay for our living right? So it's only fair that we sell our items for a right price.

I'm sorry neighbors but we will leave your very cheap price and take a more reasonable price by better buyers.

Download Mac Games Now!

Woah! Guys you wouldn't believe what I just found on the net! I found a site where you can download mac games! I'm really so excited! It's like finding a hidden treasure or something. It's very difficult to find decent mac games theses days that's why you can explain why I'm so happy.

So what's so special about these apple games you ask? Well aside from the fact that these games are very unique and can ultimately kill boredom, these mac games can first be downloaded for free as demo versions so that you can have the choice to buy the game when you really like it.

The prices are really so reasonable and affordable and the games are all neatly categorized and this site is simply amazing! A treasure cove of mac games. So waht are you waiting for? Start downloading these mac games!

My House = My Mall

You might be wondering what I'm ranting about this time. Well I'm not actually ranting, I'm just expressing my views and describing what a total mess my house is today. There are boxes everywhere and everything is at disarray. It's crazy! It's like Hurricane Kathrina has passed and did some serious damage to our house. Well what do you expect to see in a house that is owned by people who are about to leave. It's only natural to find my house in such a mess since we are preparing to leave and stuff. This is a good way to rationalize and explain to all the people that goes to our house.

Talking about people that goes to our house, I can't count how many people has come and gone. I feel like I'm in a mall or a boutique because any time of the day (and even night) people come in to check and see what we're selling and all. It's quite funny how people try to bargain with us but we know our stuff so we know how much we should sell it. It doesn't mean that just because we need to sell our things that we will sell it for a very low price. The price should be reasonable on both parties, the buyers and us, the sellers.

I even feel a bit of tension as some buyers try to out-bid themselves. Some people get dismayed with us as we will definitely sell the item to the highest bidder. What do you expect? Anyone would sell their stuff at a higher price right The common misconception of people is that we should sell our stuff at a lower price because we're friends and that we're already rich as we are already going abroad. But the truth is, even if we already have sufficient money, we can't say it's enough because we're starting a new life and we will begin with nothing. So the bottom line is, "Our stuff goes to the highest bidder!"

I can't wait for our upcoming garage sale. Boy am I going to make a lot of money hehehe. Better place my salesman face hahaha!

Joined Smorty and I'm Loving It!

I'm quite happy with myself that I was able to join Smorty. So what is Smorty anyway? Oh it's just one cool way to get paid to blog by simply writing opinions about a product. Smorty provides a great opportunity for advertisers to reach out to more audiences by advertising through blogs so they earn more profit and we, bloggers, share in this profit as we get paid to blog. is a hot trend by the way, blog advertising that is.

I have already tried posting a review and guess what? I got paid almost immediately and it's also so convenient because we are paid through Paypal so we get our hard earned money instantly. What are you waiting for? Be one of us and share in our profit making. We get to help spread great products that we chose to review and we get paid for it! What more can you ask for?