Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My House = My Mall

You might be wondering what I'm ranting about this time. Well I'm not actually ranting, I'm just expressing my views and describing what a total mess my house is today. There are boxes everywhere and everything is at disarray. It's crazy! It's like Hurricane Kathrina has passed and did some serious damage to our house. Well what do you expect to see in a house that is owned by people who are about to leave. It's only natural to find my house in such a mess since we are preparing to leave and stuff. This is a good way to rationalize and explain to all the people that goes to our house.

Talking about people that goes to our house, I can't count how many people has come and gone. I feel like I'm in a mall or a boutique because any time of the day (and even night) people come in to check and see what we're selling and all. It's quite funny how people try to bargain with us but we know our stuff so we know how much we should sell it. It doesn't mean that just because we need to sell our things that we will sell it for a very low price. The price should be reasonable on both parties, the buyers and us, the sellers.

I even feel a bit of tension as some buyers try to out-bid themselves. Some people get dismayed with us as we will definitely sell the item to the highest bidder. What do you expect? Anyone would sell their stuff at a higher price right The common misconception of people is that we should sell our stuff at a lower price because we're friends and that we're already rich as we are already going abroad. But the truth is, even if we already have sufficient money, we can't say it's enough because we're starting a new life and we will begin with nothing. So the bottom line is, "Our stuff goes to the highest bidder!"

I can't wait for our upcoming garage sale. Boy am I going to make a lot of money hehehe. Better place my salesman face hahaha!

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  1. uhmmmm,might be interesting to see your house,maybe i can find something to buy?hhehehehe!it's natural,bro sometimes our house is like that.even mine with two kids?u will see how messy it is!it's also like hurricane with toys and everything around!hehehehe!ah,well,whatever,don't mind about these trivial things.hehehe!have a nice day!


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