Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Value of LifeLock

What's in a name? Well just one's reputation, power, and social status! The name you carry is your unique identification because no two persons have exactly the same name! There would always be deviations in the spelling and pronunciation. But one thing is for sure, a tarnished name is hard to fix.

This is where the value of life lock comes in. Life Lock may just be the protection you need from identity theft! With several scammers and phishing sites we find on the internet it is no wonder if our identity is stolen and used for fraudulent acts. And who gets blamed? Us of course.

In my lifelock review I would say that life lock is a need for anyone who uses the internet because without it we are very vulnerable. Just in my e-mail alone I receive 3-5 spams a day saying that I have one 3 billion dollars or anything like that. I am quite disturbed because what if one day I get to accidentally get trapped in a phishing site and all my private credentials are stolen... that would really be bad. But with life lock I am guaranteed that that would never happen!

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