Monday, April 14, 2008

LA Police Gear Part 2

I have recently made a post about and I have told you how cool their wide array of Police gears are. Their products are very durable (because they're designed for combat and all) and the price is very reasonable too.

I was looking through their product list when I found this new product that they had in store: a Blackhawk Holster. So you might think that this is just an ordinary holster well you're wrong. It has a patented SERPA lock that allows fast and smooth drawing of the gun for fast shooting and all. With the patented Blackhawk Holster you are assured that you can have a quick response when bad guys are around.

Plus the design is very nice and as the lucky recent owners of a Blackhawk Holster has said and I quote, "This is the best of the paddle holsters out there." I have dreams of being a cop someday and I hope that I could wear one of those complete police gear. But if ever I'm a cop, I know where to shop!

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