Friday, August 12, 2011

23 Years Old

The lake shimmered like a silver mirror, as the full moon casted it's rays upon it. Nostalgia hits me as I remember seeing the same scene not long ago. In my head I told myself, "OMG! I'm as big as the moon!". My emo moment ended right there and I was saddened by the thought that I'm actually outside 10 at night jogging. MLIA.

I then forced myself to think of more serious thoughts and remembered that in a few hours I was going to turn 23 years old... Gawd, I'm this close to being an old man and die.

I then reminisced and thought to myself that my life hasn't been a total waste. It was exciting actually. Although the majority of my life was wasted in pursuit of academic excellence, I did have a taste of social life. Like I met friends, enemies, and people who at one time were special to me. I do not regret my decisions in the past as regretting will not not correct my mistakes or alter the consequences. I do on the other hand relive these mistakes in order for me to learn from them and at least become a better person. I am sorry though for the people I've hurt and offended in the past. No excuse or apology will atone for my crudeness and selfishness. Hopefully in the following years we can learn to forgive and forget and start afresh.

I thank the people who have stayed by my side despite my shortcomings and unpredictability. I hope our friendship and camaraderie will stand the test of time and all other obstacles on the way. To the people on Facebook who took a few moments of their time to greet me, I am honored and thankful. I appreciate it a lot and I am glad to hear from all of you again.

I am now 23 years old... I am a young adult. It's scary how time has passed so quickly. I now start a new chapter in my life. I am excited.

Photo Credits to Thinaar's Blog