Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Somehow I really feel the Christmas spirit this December. Well my Christmas isn't that extravagant and all and I don't have as much gifts that I used to but somehow I still feel blessed.

I'm very happy even if we don't have that big dinner that we used to, the annual Christmas family reunion, or as I said my gifts. I'm happy because out of this simplicity and freedom from all the material things that people relate to Christmas I get to feel the real sense of Christmas and every other holidays. For me the most important thing is to be with my family and that is the best thing ever.

Yes, I still hate the carolers who are still persistent and would even wait several minutes waiting for you to give them money... speaking of the devil, a kid is saying "Pasko tag-balay" again... oh well, why not give him a little something right?

Anyway, I still love Christmas day even if a lot has changed. I'm surprised that I don't have the sleepless nights that I used to whenever I get too excited for Christmas. Even if I don't seem excited, Christmas will still be Christmas and I still love it.

I'll be waiting for New Year though, when I get to see on TV all the kids with their hands blown off, JUST KIDDING!!!! I'm not THAT evil hehehe.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006


In Naruto, I really pity Gaara. He only grew up as a monster because the Hidden Village of Sand’s villagers treated him as one. He’s suffering from psychological problems because of the trauma he encounters daily with the villagers. His father is no good either as his father made him into what he is in the first place, a monster.

If you watch Naruto you would know what I am talking about and maybe feel what I’m feeling. Gaara really wanted to change and he wanted to live in peace with the people. The stupid people didn’t gave him the chance to change so I wouldn’t blame Gaara if he killed all of the villagers and enjoyed watching them die in pain slowly! Hahaha!!!

Happy Feet

It was very fun watching Happy Feet with KC. It isn’t just a film for little children and it’s not just a plain film for entertainment. Underneath the pretty colors and comedic elements of the film are universal lessons and truths that we people tend to forget.

First. Let us protect the environment. We may be the smartest creatures on earth, but one reason for this intelligence is to safeguard the existence of every living creature here on earth. We only have one planet, one home, that is why it is so ironic to know that we are destroying this home.

Second. Just like in several films, Happy Feet embraces the quality of man as being unique and precious. People fear and even hate other people because they are different. That is why they treat these people badly and even to the point of hurting these people. They tag these different people as monsters, but what they don’t know is that these different people only become monsters because of the way people are treating them.

Third. Man is not finite. Man has many possibilities. People do change and sometimes for the better. We might call someone a loser but we may have to eat these words in the future because the person we called loser happened to be come a great somebody. Just like in Happy Feet. Mumble was different and they branded him as queer because he couldn’t sing and he could only dance. But this dancing that the elder penguins labeled as nonsense was the one that saved them all.

So people, don’t hate.


Living without a purpose is just like being dead. This is one lesson that I’ve learned in Naruto. While watching Naruto, I was able to feel the pain of solitude, the pain of being hated and thought of as not precious. But I have realized that the pain that I feel is not the same as Naruto’s and Gaara’s. I have people who loves me and who makes my existence worthwhile. Naruto and Gaara had no one at all.

We all need a purpose to live a happy and contented life, because if we don’t have a purpose in living, we would feel inadequate and we would just be walking, talking zombies.


I really hate Christmas Carolers! They have some nerve to go door to door and sing Christmas songs when we didn’t tell them to and then they even demand money! They are worst than beggars! There are even some carolers who give you these smirks of disappointment when you give them only one peso. I really want to slap them hard in the face. Who do they think they are? It’s not as if they gave us anything or made us happy with their pitiful songs. If I wanted to be entertained with Christmas songs, I would just turned on my CD player thank you. Caroling should be made illegal I tell you.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Making Friends

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I know how friends are important and how being lonely is like. I thought that I didn't need friends that is why I could stay alone for months at home. But I then realized that I need not be lonely because I just didn't realized that I did have friends. I don't have friends as many as the sands and all of that but what really matters is that I have people who are precious to me and who consider me precious to them. It's not in how many friends you have, it's on the mere presence of a friend that really matters.

Merry Christmas

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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Audio Blog

Yes! Finally, after long hours of slaving in front of a hot monitor (hehehe) I'm finally able to load my first audio blog. Now I can indulge myself more in being lazy! Joke. Yeah, technology is so cool.

I can now post stuff anywhere and anytime, especially those enlightenment periods that really last short and I often forget to post.

My First Audio Blog

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Failure Is The Best Eye Opener

Life is truly ironic... First you get praised and is told that you will have a great nurse. This fills your head up and you really believe that you are good to the point that you think that you are the best, but then you forget one thing... humility.

But failure is a good reminder that you should always keep your feet on the ground and that you really should try your best all the time. It's an eye opener, a sort of reminder telling you that you're on the wrong path. Failures are really humbling situations that could be tagged as defining moments.

The last return demonstration (cleaning the wound and applying a sterile dressing) was a defining moment for me and it had awakened me back to my senses.

I may have failed, but I will not be a failure.

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Assisting in a Pap Smear

Last November 30, I went down to Cagayan de Oro because I was one of the eight endorsed by our clinical instructor's to assist in the Pap Smear at the Mother's House (An extension of German Doctors). I was quite excited and I have to admit that I had a bit of hepatomegalee episode (enlargement of the liver or bukad atay/burst of ego). Yeah it really felt good to be recognized because of your skills (char!).

I really thought that I could really experience a pap smear procedure but it was unfortunate that not one patient showed up. But at least I was able to take one client's vital signs (which I think I did ok). It was very fun though! I had fun talking to my team mates and it was cool to be able to share things with them.

We weren't able to gain some experience but we still have some incentives... incentives that I can't talk about because it would be a breach of secrecy. Hehehe...

Hello World

I haven't been blogging lately. There can only be three reasons...

  1. I'm too busy.
  2. I'm lazy.
  3. I don't have anything worth blogging.
It's really more of the second reason... hehehe...

Anyway I really like reading other people's blog because it really gives me a glimpse of who they really are. It is really interesting. Anyway, I'll post a couple of things now.

Monday, November 27, 2006

A Letter of Complaint

Good day and peace in Christ!

I just want to report an incident that occurred on November 27, 2006, that I thought was really disturbing and it had really affected me so much that it moved me to write this letter. Some may believe that this is only something really irrelevant and does not need to be pondered upon, but I think that this issue is quite important. This issue shakes my image of a nursing-student who has principles, good conduct, and not to mention the sensitivity to other people’s rights. This incident has tarnished this image that I had planted in my system.

My classmates and I were patiently waiting in a long line to claim our breakage refund. It was very hot and people were being rude and were squeezing in front of the line. My classmates were trying to reprimand these students and told them to get back in line at the back. We were trying to bring order to this chaos when all of the sudden we saw (Hidden for Privacy Reasons) leading their group of friends and casually made their way at the front and asked someone to get their ID’s so that they could have a “reservation” at the front. (Hidden) even went to (Hidden) and told her not to get in line at front because this is unfair to everyone but she replied “Ok lang na uy.” After all the things we said they still went ahead and got in line at front not even having any guilt at all that they were being unfair and not to mention disrespectful of the other people that patiently waited in line. I know that this is not worth mentioning at all but what shocked me the most is that these people are our leaders. We look up to (Hidden), our (Hidden), and (Hidden), the (Hidden), as our role-models. We were really disappointed at knowing that our leaders who supposedly knew what is right from wrong did this, and to think that it was their duties as an Atenean leader to do something about this situation. I even heard from someone that (Hidden) even boasted to someone that she already got her breakage money first than anyone else. We just looked at them from the back of the line hoping that they would feel some remorse but they just smiled at us.

I know that courtesy is one of the important things that the XU College of Nursing is trying to teach us. And XU is trying to form men and women for others but this scenario is quite disturbing and is contradictory. I am quite concerned that if the other (Hidden) students saw this then they would lose their respect for these leaders and maybe even follow in their footsteps. I do not want any conflict ma’am; I just want someone else in authority to make them aware of their actions because they don’t seem to listen to us.

I am really down right now. I really thought that they knew what is right. I promise that I won't vote for them any more and I hope that someone else deserving takes their place so that the rest of the student body gets to have leaders who are good influences on them...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

My New Boarding House

I remembered the day when I first went away from the very first boarding house I went home to. And now for the second time, I'm moving once again from my other so-called new home. But I did not move to escape the people I hate, I had to move because I had to be able to concentrate to be able to study. I liked those people but I had to go away so that I can study.

Don't get me wrong, I like my boardmates and landlady but I had to move for the best. Well, at least best for me. It's just too noisy for me to study... But now that I had moved away and have already settled in to my new found second home I suddenly realize that maybe I just blamed the noise for not being able to study. Maybe it's just because of me that I'm not able to study. I'm just too lazy and I don't know why. Now that I have already ran out of reasons and maybe even excuses I am now finally to look at my mistakes for the one hundred millionth time...

Oh well, here comes a new page in my journey called life.

Saturday, November 4, 2006

On Relationships


I have been looking at my past and remembering my past relationships. If you would watch my life story with me you could really say that my life sure is sure unstable. I had a lot of past relationships if you could call them relationships. If I did have a real relationship, it was only with this one girl who I hold dear to me and respect until now. The rest would be categorized in the unmentionables because I am ashamed to let any one know that I ever had anything to do with them.

I don’t know what I really want. I feel that I have been writing about this frequently. I keep on ranting about being lonely and empty. Maybe I was so desperate to be with someone that I make so stupid mistakes and end up with those pathetic people. Maybe I’m pathetic myself because I fell for them. Yes I did made mistakes but at least I’ve learned from them and I didn’t have to go through five or more relationships to learn my mistakes. I have learned to be happy with my self first to be happy with any one else. The saying “You complete me” is a total crap. Only broken people get together with other broken people and they both end up destroying both their lives. And that is more pathetic don’t you think?

I don’t really understand people and the concept of relationships. Is it pure hormonal instinct that people get together so that they can procreate? Don’t forget the other probable reason: survival. Don’t get me wrong but this is the tendency and even trend that I see. People only get attracted to people who are good looking, rich, famous, or people that would raise their status in society. I don’t really believe that love really exists between these types of people. This “feeling” that these people have is a safety belt that they have because the relationship is either mutually rewarding or beneficial for one.

When I was in high school this parent of someone I know asked me if I already had a girlfriend. I said no. And he was so shocked and even told me that I should really get one. I was so infuriated because what does having a girlfriend have to do anything with being a high school student? I never knew that it was a requirement to have a girlfriend to have good grades and graduate. What is really in relationships? Love? I don’t think so. Let’s face it. Let’s stop believing that love stories that we see in the movies are possible.

The motives for a relationship that I see are the following:

1. Sex

2. Popularity

3. Security

4. Other beneficial factors

But I wish that I could really be proven wrong because I world with this kind of people is a world that I don’t ever want to love in. There is more to relationships than what I said above, if only people would agree with me.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Losing Something

It's very frustrating when you lose something. It's more frustrating when you lose something very important and that you know that someone else was at fault. I hate finding things. It really stresses me out when I am faced with a situation where I don't know anything. Losing something feels like losing a part of you. When I lose something I feel so weak and so afraid.

There are times that I cannot take the pressure anymore that I burst into tears. Some may find this weird or even funny but it's very hard to lose something which you have kept safe until someone so stupid takes it away and misplaces it. I really hate it.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Who am I?

These are my personalities/characrteristics... I'm a Type 4 & 6 in the Enneagram...

Enneagram Type 4 - The Individualist

Identity seekers, who feel unique and different

Enneagram type 4 - The IndividualistPeople of this personality type tend to build their identities around their perception of themselves as being somehow different or unique; they are thus self-consciously individualistic. Fours tend to see their difference from others as being both a gift and a curse - a gift, because it sets them apart from those they perceive as being somehow "common," and a curse, as it so often seems to separate them from the simpler forms of happiness that others so readily seem to enjoy. Thus, Fours can manage to feel superior to others while also secretly harboring some degree of longing and envy. A feeling of being a member of the "true aristocracy" alternates with deep feelings of shame, and fears of somehow being deeply flawed or defective.

Fours are emotionally complex and highly sensitive. They long to be understood and appreciated for their authentic selves, but easily feel misunderstood and unappreciated. They have a tendency to withdraw in the face of a world that seems harsh or crude, and are often somewhat moody or temperamental. They are emotionally centered and spend much of their lives immersed in their internal mental landscapes, where they feel free to cultivate and analyse their feelings. A desire to manifest this internal world often leads Fours to an interest in the arts, and some do become actual artists. Whether artistic or not, however, most Fours are aesthetically sensitive and concerned with self-expression and self-revelation, whether it be in the clothes they wear or in the overall nature of their often idiosyncratic lifestyles.

Fours are somewhat melancholic by disposition, and under stress tend to lapse into depression. They also tend to be self-absorbed, even under the best of circumstances, but when unbalanced, easily give way to a self-indulgence which they perceive as being fully justified as a way to compensate for the general lack of pleasure they experience in their lives. Rather than look for practical solutions to their difficulties, Fours are prone to fantasizing about a savior who will rescue them from their unhappiness.

Intellectual Fours tend to mistakenly type themselves as Fives, and a heavy wing can certainly exacerbate this tendency. Fours however, unlike Fives, tend to be self-revealing and comfortable with emotional expression.

Enneagram Type 6 - The Loyalist

Conflicted between trust and distrust

Enneagram type 6 - The LoyalistPeople of this personality type essentially feel insecure, as though there is nothing quite steady enough to hold onto. At the core of the type Six personality is a kind of fear or anxiety. This anxiety has a very deep source and can manifest in a variety of different styles, making Sixes somewhat difficult to describe and to type. What all Sixes have in common however, is the fear rooted at the center of their personality, which manifests in worrying, and restless imaginings of everything that might go wrong. This tendency makes Sixes gifted at trouble shooting, but also robs the Six of much needed peace of mind and tends to deprive the personality of spontaneity. The essential anxiety at the core of the type Six fixation tends to permeate the personality with a sort of "defensive suspiciousness." Sixes don't trust easily; they are often ambivalent about others, until the person has absolutely proven herself, at which point they are likely to respond with steadfast loyalty. The loyalty of the Six is something of a two edged sword however, as Sixes are sometimes prone to stand by a friend, partner, job or cause even long after it is time to move on.

Sixes are generally looking for something or someone to believe in. This, combined with their general suspiciousness, gives rise to a complicated relationship to authority. The side of the Six which is looking for something to believe in, is often very susceptible to the temptation to turn authority over to an external source, whether it be in the form of an individual or a creed. But the Six's tendency towards distrust and suspicion works against any sort of faith in authority. Thus, two opposite pulls exist side by side in the personality of enneatype Six, and assume different proportions in different individuals, sometimes alternating within the same individual.

The truly confounding element when it comes to typing Sixes is that there are two fundamentally different strategies that Sixes adopt for dealing with fear. Some Sixes are basically phobic. Phobic Sixes are generally compliant, affiliative and cooperative. Other Sixes adopt the opposite strategy of dealing with fear, and become counterphobic, essentially taking a defiant stand against whatever they find threatening. This is the Six who takes on authority or who adopts a dare devil attitude towards physical danger. Counterphobic Sixes can be agressive and, rather than looking for authorities, can adopt a rebellious or anti-authoritarian demeanor. Counterphobic Sixes are often unaware of the fear that motivates their actions. In fact, Sixes in general, tend to be blind to the extent of their own anxiety. Because it is the constant back drop to all of their emotions, Sixes are frequently unaware of its existence, as they have nothing with which to contrast it.

Because Sixes so frequently fail to appreciate the extent of their own fear, they often mistype themselves. It is common for instance, for female Sixes to mistype as Twos, especially if they are identified with a helper role, but Sixes have a much more ambivalent attitude towards relationships than do Twos, who generally know exactly what they want. Sixes, failing to recognize their anxiety, can mistype as Nines, but Nines have the ability to relax and to trust in others, neither of which come easily to Sixes. Sixes can mistype as Fours, especially if they have artistic inclinations, but they lack the Four's self-absorption. They can mistype as Fives, especially if they are intellectual, as many Sixes are, but unlike Fives, Sixes tend to be practical. Finally, conterphobic Sixes can easily mistype as Eights, but they lack the Eight's self-certainty.

Want to know what personality type you are?

Check this out...

Friday, October 27, 2006


:-) Friendship (-:

Many people will walk in and out of your life.
But only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.
To handle yourself, use your head;
To handle others, use your heart.


Anger is only one letter short of danger
If someone betrays you once, it is his fault;
If he betrays you twice, it is your fault.

Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.

He, who loses money, loses much;
He, who loses a friend, loses much more;
He, who loses faith, loses all.

Beautiful young people are accidents of nature,
But beautiful old people are works of art.

Learn from the mistakes of others
You can't live long enough to make them all

Friends, you and me...
You brought another friend...
And then there were 3...
We started our group...
Our circle of friends...
And like that circle...
There is no beginning or end...

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is mystery.
Today is a gift.
That is why it is called the present.

Show your friends how much you care...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

XU Schedule

Oct 30-31, 2006 -- freshmen enrollment

november 3-7 - upperclassmen enrollment

nov 8 - classes starts

prelim: dec 11-16

midterms: jan 22-27

semifinals: feb 19-24

finals: march 14-20


My school may have a lot of short comings and downsides but those are outshined by several positive aspects. I love XU very much and I am proud to be an Atenean! Yes, I AM PROUD TO BE AN ATENEAN! Being an Atenean does not only require Competence! It requires Conscience and Commitment. And as a very intelligent mentor adds... Compassion (for student-nurses)! A true Atenean is a Man and Woman for others who serve under the light of Justice and Truth!

I don't want to prove or start a debate why Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan is one of the most prominent schools in Cagayan de Oro. My purpose in writing this is to express my hurt and dismay.

This essay is directed to a faculty of one school in Cagayan. We all are entitled to our opinions and beliefs and I believe in freedom of expression because this is of course our constitutional rights. But our rights end when we step on the rights of others. I did not want to eavesdrop on this faculty’s conversation with another person while riding a van to my hometown. Of course I didn’t listen in to their conversation but it can’t be help because this faculty’s voice was very loud and clear.

She was saying that her school (university) is better than XU and maybe all the other schools in Cagayan de Oro because of a lot of reasons, reasons of course that are very debatable and can be proven false. I can not help it. I can’t just sit around and listen to this faculty flame and defame my beloved school! I have to express my feelings! Gladly I was in a very pleasant mood so I was still calm and decided not to confront this faculty because I knew that it would just end up in a big mess.

My point is if you want to prove that your school is BETTER than the rest, begin by stating facts about your school. Do not compare and use other schools (especially XU) to prove that your school is a good school. Don’t destroy the name of other schools or the name of other people for that matter to gain fame or prestige. The only logical explanation why people use such low tactics to bring fame to their institution is either they are afraid of good competition or they really suck and have nothing to show the public.

Finally, Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan is already a historical landmark in Cagayan de Oro and it has already yielded exceptional Atenean alumni who excel in various fields in various places around the world. This ladies and gentlemen is a FACT! The reason why I don’t have to start a debate or prove anything is because everyone knows that XU is an exceptional school. XU does not need to advertise or promote because XU is already a well recognized school in Cagayan de Oro, in the Philippines, and in the world. This is a fact. And as they say in business, the only reason why a product is being promoted is either it is new or it is not patronized by the public.

I don't read forwarded chain messages... why?

I don't read forwarded chain messages... why?

1. It's either spam
2. There's a curse or bad luck thing...
3. It's so impersonal
4. It's either plain stupid or too good to be true...

I'm sorry if I offend people who loves forwarding messages but please, try to reconsider your actions. You really want your friend to die? As in really... I have been deleting, ignoring, and practically ending the chain of nonesense! And I'm still alive and bad luck hasn't come to me... no, Samara didn't steal my soul, and my family are ok.

Please stop forwarding hurtful trash. Thank you. Peace!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What I Did Today

I wish I could say that I have a very productive sem-break but I don't. Infact, I haven't been doing anything special for the past days ever since I was on vacation. As usual, I'mbored to death and am already begging to go back to school... but I won't repeat what I say every time I'm on school breaks...

What I did today... wake up... eat... take a bath... watch detective conan... surf the net... eat lunch... surf the net... watch tv... snack... play legends of zelda... listen to music... and now currently blogging... exciting huh? Oh yes, don't forget to forget chatting and fighting someone who hates people with extensive vocabulary compared to hers. My day is really something...

Why can't I be like Ellen, a friend of mine, who has another recollection somewhere... She's been into so many recollections and retreats already that I won't wonder why she decided to enter the seminary but I could be wrong... hehehe...

Anyway nothing exciting is happening in my life, not that I am looking for excitement. I mean I want to do something productive for a change... like a job (not cleaning the house thank you, but it's a good idea though) or write a song or something... but I'm simply don't have any inspiration and my creative juices (if I have any) have already run out dry.

I feel like I don't know how to think aymore and I'm becoming very stupid by the second... I wonder how many brain cells have died already from doing nothing and thinking about nothing...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pandora's Box! Great Music!!!

Guys I just want to share Pandora's Box. They said
that Pandora's Box contained all evil in the world
but did you know that it also contains great
music? Nah, I'm lying...

Anyway, do you want to be your own DJ of your own
radio station? Then visit
for great music and artists and songs of your

This is the Music Genome Project! Want to discover
more artists and songs that fits your tastes? Then
visit Pandora! It's free!

On Mistakes

We have to admit that doing nothing can sometimes be very productive. It gives you time to reflect and for some, this is the perfect opportunity to let all the creative juices flow. As for me, it is in these times of dullness and stillness that I suddenly get hit by great ideas and realizations.

It is in these times of dullness for example that I have once again realized that I shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes. Sure I have chosen the wrong choices and taken the wrong paths but this should not be a hindrance or even an excuse for failure. Yes, these mistakes will make us stronger and will serve as a good lesson as not to commit similar mistakes in the future.

Yes I have made dumb mistakes in my life that still makes me gag and look at myself with hate and disgust. But what’s done is done. I could never change the past. I have to live my life and continue my journey for the search of myself and my destiny.

I am happier with myself now and even content. Sure we all commit mistakes sometimes; it is these mistakes that prove that we are only human. What really matters is how we handle these mistakes. We can either allow our mistakes ruin our lives or we can use this negativity and transform it to something positive. As long as there is hope and strong will, nothing is impossible.

Don’t be afraid to commit mistakes… but a piece of advice. If you know it’s going to be a mistake, then why go through it right?

Friday, October 13, 2006

How is you?

"Hay ebryone, how is you?"

Everytime we hear someone who speaks bamboo-English (bad Englsih) we can't help but laugh... But I don't find anything to laugh about with this fact. The fact is Filipinos are known for their bad English and illeteracy... we have the so called "masa" or the masses (poor people) who aren't educated that contributes to the high illiteracy rate and not to mention the poverty count.

I can excuse the people who haven't attended school but college students?!!! I once chatted online with someone from Cagayan de Oro who studies in one of the colleges here (he's not from Xavier University... thank goodness!) and God! He sure is dumb!

I'm sorry but I can't just help it. He has no excuse to have that bad grammar! Sure being able to speak good English will not help him become richer but at least it would give him pride that he's educated and is smart (linguistic IQ)!

This either states that the Philippine's education system is down the drain or today's youth posses low IQ and not to mention EQ.

Charness Char Char!

I've been watching MTV China (or was it MTV Asia) awhile ago and I really enjoyed it. The songs were in Chinese so I didn't understand anything but I really felt their message. The scenarios were also excellent... It was like watching a mini-movie and it was very cool!

There were a lot of similarities that I found in all of the videos:

  1. Water - Almost all of the videos I had seen had something to do with water...
  2. Love - Love is the central theme of the songs... heartbreak songs to be exact... (does this mean that this generation's lovelife doesn't last forever?)
  3. Fashion - These Asian artists are sure fashionable... not to mention HOT!!! Hehehe...
But watching the movies made me feel good... It sort of helped me realize that I'm still searching forwho I really am... and I'm not alone...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Abused Customer Service Agent

The link above will lead youto a taped conversation of a PLDT DSL subscriber and a PLDT Customer Service Agent. The customer is very hot headed and is putting all his frustration on the poor customer service agent. The customer service agent has just got enough of him and turned her microphone to mute and cursed at him.... well so she thought... because the very hot headed customer heard her curse and so he became very violent and made the poor customer agent day a living hell.

The agent just broke down crying...

In my opinion, the customer has all the right to be frustrated but he should also consider that the agent had nothing to do with the failure of the company. She just receives complaints and tries to convey this complaints to the department that would look to this. The customer has no right to attack these poor innocent customer agents because they already have a lot of inconsiderate people to talk to every day and they are just adding insult to injury.

The mental health of these workers are in critical condition. They constantly face anger, hate, pain, hurt, and a lot of verbal abuse from customers who fail to notice that these agents are also people with feelings. Sure, they're paid to receive all of the customer's complaints but the customers should know the limit as not to attack the agents.

The call centers may be one of the stressful jobs in the world. They constantly face apathy and dehumanization. How can you expect them to face another caller and greet them "good"morning when they just went through hell with a past arrogant caller?

We should be more sensitive of others feelings... this is what we should learn...

A Change of Perspective

Imagine you're in a Airport. While you're waiting
for your flight, you notice a kiosk selling
shortbread cookies.
You buy a box, put them in your traveling bag and
then you patiently search for an available seat so
you can sit down and enjoy your cookies.
Finally you find a seat next to a gentleman. You
reach down into your traveling bag and pull out your
box of shortbread cookies.
As you do so, you notice that the gentleman starts
watching you intensely.
He stares as you open the box and his eyes follow
your hand as you pick up the cookie and bring it to
your mouth. Just then he reaches over and takes one
of your cookies from the box and eats it!
You're more than a little surprised at this.
Actually, you're at a loss for words. Not only does
he take one cookie, but he alternates with you.
For every one cookie you take, he takes one.
Now, what's your immediate impression of this guy?
Crazy? Greedy? He's got some nerve! Can you imagine
the words you might use to describe this man to your
associates back at the office? Meanwhile, you both
continue eating the cookies until there's just one
To your surprise, the man reaches over and takes
it. But then he does something unexpected. He breaks
it in half, and gives half to you.
After he's finished with his half he gets up, and
> without a word, he leaves.
You think to yourself, "Did this really happen?"
You're left sitting there dumbfounded and still
hungry. So you go back to the kiosk and buy another
box of cookies. You then return to your seat and
begin opening your new box of cookies when you
glance down into your traveling bag.
Sitting there in your bag is your original box of
cookies -- still unopened. Only then did you realize
that when you reached down earlier, you had reached
into the other man's bag and grabbed his box of
cookies by mistake.
Now what do you think of the man? Generous?
Tolerant? You've just experienced a profound
paradigm shift. You're seeing things from a new
point of view.
Is it time to change your point of view?
Now, think of this story as it relates to your
life. Seeing things from a new point of view can be
very enlightening.
Think outside the box. Don't settle for the status
quo. Be open to suggestions

from: Xta

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Detective Conan


I haven't started watching this one...It has 81 episodes and I am running out of memory in my harddrive!!! Stupid computer!!! I'm erasing asmuch trash as Ican so that I can accomodate this beauty in to my computer... I have toreturn the DVD tomorrow to once again...the great Jade. Well I party own it...we both do but I'll allow her to keep it because she unselfishly lent me her HunterXHunter: Greed Island DVD (which I haven't returned yet... hehehe...).

So what is Detective Conan all about? Here's a short summary:

Shinichi Kudo is a high school student who, by using observation
and deduction, is good at solving mysteries. While investigating
one, he is caught by the criminals that he was watching and
forced to take an experimental drug. Leaving him for dead, the
criminals disappear. Instead of killing him, however, the drug
turns Shinichi into a little kid. To preserve the illusion of
his 'disappearance', Shinichi adopts a new name based on his
favorite author (Arthur Conan Doyle) and becomes Conan Edogawa.
Ran, his (actually Shinichi's) girlfriend takes this little boy
under her wing and brings him to her home. Conan now lives at a
detective agency run by Ran's father, but his mind is as keen as
ever and he continues to solve mysteries...always allowing Ran's
father to take all the credit. As far as everyone's concerned,
Conan is just a little kid anyway...even to Ran. This is
*extremely* frustrating to Conan since nobody will listen to a
'little boy'. In spite of this, Conan has a find
the criminals who did this to him and get the antidote to that
drug. This is, first and foremost, a mystery series. Each
episode contains a mystery that Conan has to solve. Unlike a lot
of "kids shows", the solutions aren't always obvious and form
enjoyable brain teasers. To date, I haven't solved any of the
mysteries before Conan yet! :-)
I'm really going to be busy this sem-break watching anime!!! Hmm...but I guess I stil
lhave tocome back toschoolin the middle ofsem-break to serve my 4 hours extension!!! No!

Oh well... that's life...

HunterXHunter: Greed Island

HunterXHunter is simply the best!!!

I want to thank Jade for lending me this DVD! As in it's so nice! I love the story and it just overwhelms me to watch something of great beauty and art! Buhuhu!!!

Here's a short summary so you people won't be Out of Place (OP):

Gon Freecs, a young boy that lives on a small island learns that his father who he doesn't remember is an extremely famous man and has become somewhat of an amazing hunter. Gon takes the hunter exam to seek out his amazing father, but on the way while teaming up with 3 other candidates, Kurapica, Leorio, and Killua, he learns that there is more to becoming a hunter and the challenges that he must face will be beyond his imaginations.

To further his quest to find his father, Gon Freecs and his friend Killua enter the world of Greed Island, a video game which Gon's father helped to create. Once inside the world of the game, Gon and Killua are faced with a combination of new allies and new enemies.

Blah, blah, blah... I urge you to watch it so you'llshare with me the ecstacy of HunterXHunter!!!

I'm the Worst Student Ever

I am proud tosay that I am the most irresponsible student in the world! I had my finals in organic and biochemistry this morning and I didn't even study! Well I did study the 2 days before the exam but I did not study as in study... I relied too much on the fact that the exam would only be multiple choice and there won't be any structures and the like.I did not memorize anything at all! I simply skimmed throught the book!

The cool part about this is that the testwas incredibly easy! I'm so sure to pass it! Hehehe... let's just see the results... buhuhu... but honestly... if it wasan objective type of exam... I would have met a fate worst than of failing.... I would fail yes... but I would fail because I have nothing to answer at all... huhuhu...

I do have a Religious Studies exam tomorrow (the last of my exams...) but I still haven't studied and look at the time hehehe... I'm such an exemplary student... JOKE!!!

Oh well... I'll just think positive! Do you think I'm being TOO POSITIVE already that it already became NEGATIVE?! Hmm... the complexities of life...

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Ms. Angelee O. Jasareno

I will surely miss Ma'am Jasareno, she is such a great loss to the XU - College of Nursing... but what can we do, Ma'am Jasareno has to go back somewhere (confidential) to continue her awesome job as a researcher.

Ma'am Jasareno is perhaps the kindest and most loving and even motherly advisor that I had ever met in college. She's the only teacher in college that never aims to degrade your self-esteem but instead lifts you up on a pedestal so you can look at yourself with dignity and pride. No, Ma'am Jasareno is more than a mere teacher... she was a mentor...forming our young minds and forming our attitudes... we arereally empoweredunder her wings.

Ma'am Jasareno is a symbol of credibility and all out generosity... Buhuhu... I'm really getting so sentimental...

My last words for Ma'am Jasareno... she's so incredible! She's my role-model from now on hehehe!

On Homosexuality and Bisexuality...

I onced asked someone if he knew that it was a sin to have homosexual relations with another man. It has been frequently taught in my Religious Studies classes and church that homosexuality and even the now very common bisexual guys are big sinners. They say that it is unnatural and simply wrong.

Going back to the guy who I asked the do you think that you will go to hell question, I was deeply disturbed and even confused with what he said. He told me that it wasn't wrong to love so it wasn't a sin.

I was quite made aghast, yes, but he did quite have a point. The thing is that that kind of love is pointless. Why can't the homosexuals and bisexuals admit that they are only after easy sex that is why they engage in these deluded acts.

Homosexuals are incapable of loving and so I said... But according to a psychology study this statement is a big fallacy. Does that mean that homosexuals can love someone of the same sex?

This is quite a controversial topic. Why am I even talking about it? Hmm...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fucking, Austria

Fucking (IPA: /ˈfʊkɪŋ/—the "u" is pronounced like the "u" in English "put") is a small settlement (population c. 150), part of the municipality of Tarsdorf, in the Innviertel region of western Upper Austria, located at 48°02′59″N, 12°50′59″E, bordering Bavaria. [2] It is near the city of Salzburg. The village is known to have existed as “Fucking” since at least 1070 and is named after a man from the 6th century called Focko. “Ing” is an old Germanic suffix meaning “people”; thus Fucking, in this case, means “place of Focko’s people”. [3]

The name, spelled identically to the gerund form of the often-used English profanityfuck,” is often found amusing by Anglophones. In German the name has no obvious associations, amusing or otherwise, although most German speakers are aware of the English word. The German equivalent of “to fuck,” regarded as equally vulgar to the English word, is ficken (IPA [ˈfɪkən]).

The settlement’s most famous feature is a traffic sign with its name on it beside which English-speaking tourists often stop to have their photograph taken. The sign is the most commonly stolen street sign in Austria.[4] Significant amounts of public funds are spent on replacing the stolen signs. In August 2005 the road signs were replaced with theft-proof signs welded to steel and secured in concrete to make the signs harder to take. [5]

On some photographs that can also be found through the Internet, below the sign with the name "Fucking" there is another sign with a picture of two children and the words "Bitte — nicht so schnell!" meaning "Please — not so fast!" Apparently this type of sign is a common reminder around the area for drivers to keep their speed down for the saftey of children, but the double meaning was found humorous to many of the german-speaking tourists. [6]

In 2004, owing to the stolen signs and embarrassment over the name, a vote was held on changing the name, but the residents voted against doing so.

Coincidentally there is a small municipality just over the border in Bavaria, Germany called Petting, which is a loanword meaning Foreplay in German.

To All My Fellow Bloggers

Thank you so much for taking time to read my silly posts hehehe.... I really appreciate it. I want you guys to know that I also browse and read your thoughts but it's just a shame that I can't post any comments since I'm already on the Beta version of blogger and I can't revert to my old account huhuhu... The beta version is cool but I hope they get to finish the renovations to this beta stuff soon hehehe....

Take care you guys! Hey I saw Dara this afternoon! I'm really glad that she's already back. Anyhow... have to do homework so 'till next time... :)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Metabolise! (Biochemistry Song)


Music: Breaking Free (Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens)

Rendition of: Edgar Vincent Peñano Bautista

We’re thirsty, hungry
Our cells are dying
And there’s no energy

If we’re lucky
We can make it tomorrow

I know what we really need

Food rich with carbohydrates

And with all those sugar
We’ll have ATP

But there are still bonds to break

Glycosidic Bonds

Chorus #1
No! Glucose
Glucose is known as an aldohexose
If we need it
Use glycolysis.
To release energy.
Wait we’re forgetting something
We need other macromolecules

Oh yes I forgot about
Proteins and Enzymes

Eating different kinds of food

So we can be healthy

Chorus #2
Troy: Metabolise!
Gabriella: We’re eating’
Troy: Yeah eating!
Eat lots of protein for our cell’s functions.
And for enzymes
and antibodies


Yeah proteins
The body’s proteins
Consists of amino acids
There are twenty
Linked with peptide bonds

Let’s name some
Essential Amino Acids




Valine, what else?


Chorus #3
Gabriella: DNA
Troy: RNA
They’re made of phosphate and nitrogenous bases

Pentose Sugar

Troy: Deoxyribose for DNA
Ribose for RNA
Water In
Water Out
You can change them
By synthesis and hydrolysis
Biochem is fun!
Troy: But it’s already time…
Gabriella: we’re breaking free
Troy: we’re breaking free

You must know your Biochem
To truly understand… us…

Knowing Organic Chemistry (Chemistry Song)

Knowing Organic Chemistry

Music: Start of Something New (Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens)

Rendition of: Edgar Vincent Peñano Bautista

Living in my own world
Didn't understand
What things are really made of
And how they’re formed
Encountering Organic Chem

Oh I then could see
The beauty of C & H

And all the possibilities
I know that it’s in the bonds
Always covalent bonds
And right here I know

This could be the start
Of something new
Like formaline
To preserve all things
And then adding in more C’s

Then saturate

The start of something new

Now who'd of ever thought that
Benzene is really Bad!
With its six Carbon Chain (Carbon, Carbon)
Electrons delocalized

I know it’s a carcinogen

Maybe a mutagen

I know it for real

This could be the start
Of something new
Like Aspirin
To relieve our pain

And then adding functional groups
I feel in my heart
The start of something new

I never knew that it could happen
With just hydrolysis and hydration
I didn't know it before
But now it's easy to see

It's a start
Of something new
Tires and shampoo
Made from polymers
And now cleaving of some C’s
Or repositioning

That it's the start
Of something new
It feels so right
To know all these things
And now looking through Organic Chem

I feel in my heart
The start of something new
Start of something new

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sex Sells

It really is funny how people are so attracted to the topic about sex... but what is in sex that is so likable? Before you get me wrong this topic is PG-rated as well as this blog but let us tackle this very strange controversy.

I have noticed that in every form of advertisement there is always a tinge of sex, if not, all out sexual message is seen. Pervertive acts, words, and even thoughts are already made normal in this era and it is quite alarming.

What ever happened to true love? What happened to purity? I blame the media for this. The media is what sets trends, the what's good and whats bad; the what's hot and what's not. But I also think that the people who follow these trends are stupid. Why do they have to be such stereotypes?!

I can excuse the stupid teens for being so stupid and horny but even some adults are not to be excused from this excessive lust. Whatever happened to the saying that the adults are suppose to set an example?

I think that money and sex are the roots of all evil. These are the structural sins of society... I just hope that we put an end to this soon and reclaim our souls...

I don't want to sound like a righteous Christian but really... I don't think that I am all good... I am also a sinner... I just realized my mistakes.

Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura

I am really happy that I got to finish watching the 70 episodes of Cardcaptor Sakura (CCS), the 2 Movies and Tomoyo-Chan's Action Video Diaries but somehow a trace of sadness is within my heart...

I can't believe that a months worth of thrilling adventure and fantasy is finally coming to an end... I will wiss you Sakura-chan... buhuhu...

Oh damn you people... don't think that I am childish for loving anime so much! If you only know the great joy it brings to me. Anime has thought me so many lessons in life and it is because of anime that I am more inspired than ever!

I really am going to hear Sakura's chant when she releases the power of the star wand and I am going to miss Li-kun's blushing face whenever he sees Sakura and his sweet voice... Sakura is really cute too!

Anyway... I don't want to summarize what Cardcaptor Sakura is and explain what I am talking about because you can only search the web using my search bar to the left and you would be amazed to know that I am not the only one tranquilized by the fantastic story line and cuteness of Cardcaptor Sakura. I am going to post a link of the site where I got hold of my CCS episodes. I really am thankful for this site. When I am rich enough I'll donate money big time to this site for making me so happy...

Hmm... the simple pleasures in life...

As Sakura-chan keepson uttering, "I will definitely be ok..."

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Xavier student charged for game hacking

Xavier student charged for game hacking

A third-year college student of Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro is being sued and is under investigation by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for allegedly hacking a new online game and posting its "cheat" codes in the Internet.
A formal complaint has been formally filed in the NBI against Camilo Lozano III, described by the legal counsel of complainant Webzen Inc. as a "chronic" game hacker.
A press statement earlier issued by Webzen, developer of the online game MU, erroneously claimed the NBI has arrested Lozano this week. But Elfren Meneses, chief of the agency?s Anti-Computer Crimes Division, denied this since the case was only filed last Tuesday.
"There is no arrest made yet because we still have to send our agents to Cagayan de Oro to investigate," Meneses said in an interview, adding that computer experts from the NBI Manila office have yet to look at the evidence of the case.
Atty. Salvador Belaro Jr. of Belaro & Associates, counsel for Webzen, said the company?s technical consultants, together with NBI agents in Cagayan de Oro, conducted an initial investigation on the activities of Lozano prior the filing of the complaint.
Lozano, who uses the call sign "Camilord," is allegedly one of the country?s most notorious hackers who is on the NBI?s list for hacking into software applications, the statement from Webzen said.
Belaro said investigators said Lazano posted "cheat" programs in his personal website which other hackers frequented. "Perhaps because he?s still young, he was brave enough to proclaim to the world that he had hacked the game."
The alleged student hacker is being charged for violating provisions of the IP Code and E-Commerce Law, according to Belaro. If convicted, the suspect could face imprisonment and civil damages.
"He (Lozano) could be also liable for more damages for destroying the goodwill of the whole gaming community," Belaro said, noting the introduction of MU Online in the country has brought with it millions of pesos in investment that has created jobs for computer science and other graduates.
The same statement also said the NBI raided two Internet cafes in the same city for suspicion of operating private servers providing illegal access to an unauthorized version of MU. The raid resulted in the seizure of R2 million in computers and peripherals.
Belaro said the anti-piracy enforcement efforts were the first ever conducted by Webzen in the Philippines

Wednesday, September 13, 2006



Death may be the greatest fear of some people but to some death is what they crave for. Death may strike in many forms, accidents, murder, old age, in one’s sleep, and etc. It happens when you least expect it. A quick and painless death is what every one wants but not everyone is lucky. Death usually occurs slowly and painfully in the form of disease and one can only wait and watch helplessly as one’s life passes by and comes to an end.
Cancer ranks third in the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the Philippines. It can occur at any age and in any social class, no one is safe from this disease. Cancer is like a silent killer that strikes without you knowing. You only know when the cancer has progressed to a larger scale, multiplying and spreading throughout one’s body unnoticed until it is too late to perform any treatment. It’s like being stabbed with out you knowing and you only realized this when it’s too late.
I have seen and read many movies and books of real people going through cancer. My own Godmother had this disease and I know how she really fought to live for her family and keep her family together. Cancer had changed their lives totally. They went through not only the pain while undergoing treatment but also through emotional pain, fear, and even denial. They need not only the treatment for the disease but they also needed spiritual support to keep them strong. Being alone during this time can be very hard because one can fall into a state of depression and hopelessness and will just embrace death just like that.
In the Philippines however, not every one can afford to undergo treatment so even if they have a huge chance of being cured of cancer they cannot avail of the expensive procedures and I find this unfair.
I empathize with the patients with cancer because I know how it is to be sick. Being sick is the last thing that I want to happen to me and a mere fever is already too much for me and I really suffer. So I am really amazed at the people afflicted with cancer, I am amazed at their strong will to undergo chemotherapy and endure the pain. I especially am amazed at the children with cancer.
Having knowledge of cancer and other diseases had really changed my perspective in health. It is really scary to think of the possibilities that I might acquire any of these diseases. It simply sends chill down my spine as I am made to think of a scenario where I have cancer. This is why I am more interested and more motivated in pursuing nursing, as I want to be able to save a life someday by being able to educate people of proper health practices and learn more of these diseases and how to treat them. I only hope that treatment for cancer may improve in the future and have lesser side effects and of course may be affordable even for the poor cancer patients.
Only one-third of all cancers are curable if detected early so yearly check-ups are really needed. We should invest in our health because what will money do if we are dead? But prevention is always better than being treated so one should always practice good health habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
We only have one life, let us not let negligence destroy it.

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Virus Warning


Advisory sent in by LIGHTHOUSE
Emails with pictures of Osama Bin-Laden hanged are being sent and the moment that you open these emails your computer will crash and you will not be able to fix it!

If you get an email along the lines of "Osama Bin Laden Captured" or "Osama Hanged" don't open the attachment.

This e-mail is being distributed through countries around the globe, but mainly in the US and Israel.

You should be alert during the next days:
Do not open any message with an attached filed called "Invitation" regardless of who sent it.

It is a virus that opens an Olympic Torch that "burns" the whole hard disc C of your computer. This virus will be received from someone who has your e-mail address in his/her contact list. That is why you should send this e-mail to all your contacts.

It is better to receive this message 25 times than to receive the virus and open it. If you receive a mail called "invitation" , though sent by a friend, do not open it and shut down your computer immediately.

This is the worst virus announced by CNN, it has been classified by Microsoft as the most destructive virus ever. This virus was discovered by McAfee yesterday, and there is no repair yet for this kind of virus.

This virus simply destroys the Zero Sector of the Hard Disc, where the vital information is kept.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


PLS 4WARD 2 ALL UR FRENDS & LUVD ONES: "All drugs containing PHENYLPROPANOLAMINE are being recalled in the USA. Stop taking drugs with this ingredient (alkaseltzer, dimetapp, robitussin, dexatrim, bioflu, neozep, tuseran, dissudrin, etc.) it is linked to INCREASED HEMORRHAGIC STROKE (bleeding brain) among women ages 18 to 49 and seizures in children. Please take tym to

Monday, August 7, 2006

Who am I?

Yes... Sometimes I can't decide who I want to be... I don't know... I'm suffering an identity crisis. I know it's normal for teenagers my age but I want to know what lies for me in the future... do I even have a future. I know that I should work hard because I am the one that will build my future but everything for me is so dull... nothing is hapening right... I have everything that I need but I don't have the will to go on... No... This is not one of my depressed states... This is serious. I need to decide and choose who I want to be and what my future will be. Everything is held up by a thin line that could break at any moment. I pray to God to give me a sign. What am I going to do now? Where will I go from here? I can't even make sense of what I'm babbling about. I don't know... It's all so dark...

Saturday, August 5, 2006

Lady In the Water

I watched this movie a few hours ago at Limketkai called "Lady in the Water" and once again M. Night Shyamalan impressed me again with one of his movies. He isn't just an award winning actor/director, he is also now an actor! He plays a role of a writer in this story who is destined to write a social situation book entitled "The Cookbook" and this will inspire a future US President who will promote change for the world.

But Mr. Shyamalan is not the main character. It's really about a superintendent of a certain apartment. This apartment is visited by a sea nymph sent to inspire and awaken the character of Mr. Shyamalan here to write the story. The sea nymphs are creatures who can see the future and provide enlightenment to the people that is why they should be heard by the people so that they could help the people change their greedy and evil ways.

The conflict of the story is that an evil force is preventing the sea nymph to return to their world (the Blue World) because if the sea nymph (Story) is to return to their world, this would serve as a sign of good hope to the other nymphs and they would continue reaching out to the people.

What inspired me in this story is that the fact that the story showed how inter-related people really are. One action of a person can affect another person directly or indirectly.

This is avery good movie!!! You should watch it! It's better than Sukob hehehe...

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Sometimes you think you know the people that are close to you..but beware. Please excuse the graphic nature of how this story is told but I b

elieve it is necessary to highlight the
important lesson within.

Huwag Po Itay....

Nais kong ibahagi sa inyo ang namagitan sa amin ng aking itay isang gabi. Hinding-hindi ko
makakalimutan ang gabing iyon. Malakas ang ulan noon nguni't maalinsangan ang simoy ng hangin.

Ako ay nagsusuklay sa aking silid, katatapos ko pa lamang maligo at nakatapis pa lamang noon. Narinig kong kumakatok si Itay sa aking pinto. Nang sagutin ko ang pagkatok niya ay sinabi niya na kailangan daw naming mag-usap at humiling na papasukin siya. Binuksan ko ang pinto at siya'y kagyat na pumasok sa aking silid.

Laking pagkagulat ko nang ipinid niya at susian ang pinto. Hinawakan ni Itay ang aking mga kamay, hinaplos-haplos niya ang aking buhok, ang aking mukha, pinaraan niya ang kanyang mga daliri sa aking kilay, sa aking mga

pisngi,sa aking mga labi. Napasigaw ako.

"ITAY, huwag, huwag! Ako'y inyong anak! Utang na loob, Itay!" Nguni't parang walang narinig ang aking Itay. Ipinagpatuloy niya ang kanyang ginagawa. Ipinikit ko na lamang ang aking mga mata dahil ayaw kong makita ang mukha ng aking ama habang ipinagpapatuloy niya ang kanyang ginagawa sa akin.

Naririnig ko si Inay sumisigaw habang binabayo ang pinto at nagpipilit na ito'y buksan, "Hayop ka! hayop ka! Huwag mong gawin iyan sa an

ak mo! Huwag mong sirain ang kanyang kinabukasan".

Subalit wala ring nagawa si Inay, hindi rin siya pinakinggan ni Itay. Nanatili na lamang akong walang katinag-tinag at ipinaubaya ko na lamang ang aking sarili sa anumang gustong gawin ng aking Itay.

Pagkalipas ng ilang oras ay tumigil na rin ang aking Itay. Iniharap niya ako sa salamin ay ganoon na lamang ang aking pagkamangha at pagkagulat sa aking nakita. Magaling naman palang mag-make-up si Itay.

Nang gabing iyon ay nagtapat sa akin ang aking ama. Bakla pala siya. Labis akong nagalak sa
galing at husay ng aking ama. Naisip ko na matutuwa ang aking boyfriend dahil lalo akong gumanda ngayon. Niyakap ko si Itay at pareho kaming napaluha sa labis na kagalakan. Masaya na kami ngayon at nabubu

hay nang matiwasay.

Lovingly yours,


Friday, July 21, 2006

DN Angel

I have finally watched DN Angel, the whole series! This is thanks to and! The story is so cute and the plot becomes deeper and more interesting as the story progresses. I learned from the story that no one deserves to be alone because somewhere out there, there would be someone who would cherish our lives and existence in this world. No one deserves to be lonely because as the saying goes, there is always someone for everyone, just wait for them at the right time and at the right place.

I encourage everyone to watch this anime series. It’s really great!!!

Oh how I wish I could be like Daisuke Niwa who is such a great person. How I wish I was a person with a heart that is pure.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

These days I have been always so busy! busy! busy! But I never exert that much effort in my studies at all these days but I still get so tired and stressed. Maybe I’m just suffering from a severe case of laziness because all I do when I reach my boarding house is sleep, sleep, sleep… I feel like Hitome in Vision of Escaflawne who just wants to sleep and fade away… hmm… fading away… this is what I want to happen to me someday… just fade away with no one ever noticing… I want to rest… Or maybe I just need strength. I need strength to be the best that I can be. I thought that I can find that kind of strength in someone else but I realize that I am the only one who can really draw that strength from me… It all relies on me…