Friday, October 13, 2006

How is you?

"Hay ebryone, how is you?"

Everytime we hear someone who speaks bamboo-English (bad Englsih) we can't help but laugh... But I don't find anything to laugh about with this fact. The fact is Filipinos are known for their bad English and illeteracy... we have the so called "masa" or the masses (poor people) who aren't educated that contributes to the high illiteracy rate and not to mention the poverty count.

I can excuse the people who haven't attended school but college students?!!! I once chatted online with someone from Cagayan de Oro who studies in one of the colleges here (he's not from Xavier University... thank goodness!) and God! He sure is dumb!

I'm sorry but I can't just help it. He has no excuse to have that bad grammar! Sure being able to speak good English will not help him become richer but at least it would give him pride that he's educated and is smart (linguistic IQ)!

This either states that the Philippine's education system is down the drain or today's youth posses low IQ and not to mention EQ.

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