Friday, October 13, 2006

Charness Char Char!

I've been watching MTV China (or was it MTV Asia) awhile ago and I really enjoyed it. The songs were in Chinese so I didn't understand anything but I really felt their message. The scenarios were also excellent... It was like watching a mini-movie and it was very cool!

There were a lot of similarities that I found in all of the videos:

  1. Water - Almost all of the videos I had seen had something to do with water...
  2. Love - Love is the central theme of the songs... heartbreak songs to be exact... (does this mean that this generation's lovelife doesn't last forever?)
  3. Fashion - These Asian artists are sure fashionable... not to mention HOT!!! Hehehe...
But watching the movies made me feel good... It sort of helped me realize that I'm still searching forwho I really am... and I'm not alone...

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