Sunday, October 8, 2006

On Homosexuality and Bisexuality...

I onced asked someone if he knew that it was a sin to have homosexual relations with another man. It has been frequently taught in my Religious Studies classes and church that homosexuality and even the now very common bisexual guys are big sinners. They say that it is unnatural and simply wrong.

Going back to the guy who I asked the do you think that you will go to hell question, I was deeply disturbed and even confused with what he said. He told me that it wasn't wrong to love so it wasn't a sin.

I was quite made aghast, yes, but he did quite have a point. The thing is that that kind of love is pointless. Why can't the homosexuals and bisexuals admit that they are only after easy sex that is why they engage in these deluded acts.

Homosexuals are incapable of loving and so I said... But according to a psychology study this statement is a big fallacy. Does that mean that homosexuals can love someone of the same sex?

This is quite a controversial topic. Why am I even talking about it? Hmm...

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