Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm the Worst Student Ever

I am proud tosay that I am the most irresponsible student in the world! I had my finals in organic and biochemistry this morning and I didn't even study! Well I did study the 2 days before the exam but I did not study as in study... I relied too much on the fact that the exam would only be multiple choice and there won't be any structures and the like.I did not memorize anything at all! I simply skimmed throught the book!

The cool part about this is that the testwas incredibly easy! I'm so sure to pass it! Hehehe... let's just see the results... buhuhu... but honestly... if it wasan objective type of exam... I would have met a fate worst than of failing.... I would fail yes... but I would fail because I have nothing to answer at all... huhuhu...

I do have a Religious Studies exam tomorrow (the last of my exams...) but I still haven't studied and look at the time hehehe... I'm such an exemplary student... JOKE!!!

Oh well... I'll just think positive! Do you think I'm being TOO POSITIVE already that it already became NEGATIVE?! Hmm... the complexities of life...

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