Sunday, April 1, 2012

How to Shop Organic on a Budget

There have been news stories, articles and research done and it seems that the only way to eat these days is organically. The problem is that most young people are on a budget (thanks student loans) and shopping organic is not within our means. Eating organic is a healthy lifestyle, free of harmful chemicals, better tastes and bettering your local economy. So before you give up, try a few of these techniques out:

Try Local: Hit your local farmer markets on the weekends. It’s not just fun for music and fun crafts. These farmers are local and you can guarantee they take care of their crops. Or check your area for local farms that sell throughout the week. By helping yourself eat better you are helping their business and your local economy. Also a possible great date idea?

Extreme couponing: Ok so you don’t have to be that crazy person with 189 coupons in hand but use coupons and watch for sales! As much as it doesn’t seem like it, organic food does go on sale. Toward the end of the food’s shelf life, stores will sell it for less. It’s great for that last minute dinner idea. Also check your local paper for produce coupons and online deals. You will be shocked about how much you can save this way.

Grow it yourself: Have a small space in your backyard? Start researching and start growing your own food. Check out Pinterest, there are at least a thousand helpful pictures. It’s fun and easy and an amazing learning experience for yourself and of course your child. Even if you don’t have your space in your yard, try building an indoor growing garden, think potted plants.

Doesn’t have to be all organic: There are some fruits and vegetables that you would be fine not to buy organic. Most people go organic to save themselves from pesticides and other chemicals companies use. A good rule of thumb, if the veggie or fruit has a hard outer shell like asparagus, avocado, mangos, pineapples then they are least affected by these harsh chemicals. Softer shells on fruits and veggies like celery, bell peppers, spinach grapes and strawberries, then buy organic.
These tricks will help you purchase better foods for a better you. Another helpful hint is to always plan ahead before preparing a meal. So start eating organically and start saving!

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