Thursday, February 26, 2009

Computer Dust Could KILL!!!

There have been papers about how computer dust (or dust bunnies) could possibly harm or even kill. They don't harm people but they surely deal a great damage to computers. And in this way some people may have nervous breakdowns so dust bunnies could indirectly cause mental health issues.

Dust bunnies are very discrete and they attack your computer in secret. The surrounding area of the computer may be clean and tidy but the computer is one big vacuum cleaner sucking dust in with it's fans and also with the help of static energy that it creates. So everything may be good from the outside but the inside is infiltrated and is a great breeding ground for the multitudes of dust bunnies.

Normal signs and symptoms of this dust bunny disease is over heating, screen freezes, slow processing power of the computer, and finally the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!

My computer was attacked by this infested creature. Two times in fact. I have an HP Pavilion Elite m9350f Computer boasting an AMD Phenom X4 Quad-Core Processor with speeds of 2.4 GHz, 6 GB DDR2 memory, and a NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT Graphics Card with 512MB Memory. But this was no match for the dust bunnies as they made it to slow down and at times crash.

The first time I did system check-ups and tweaks. I even did a system restore but didn't work. I brought it back to Best Buy to have it checked, paid them $100 for doing the same things I did. The second time I was playing my Oblivion game which usually runs smoothly and fast but now lags and takes forever to load.

I checked my tower and there they were! The creepy dust bunnies were showing their heads out of the ventilation holes! I realized that the first time it broke, the Best Buy people did something I didn't: clean and dust the computer!

So I made an offensive action and wiped them out. I opened the Tower Casing (Turning it OFF and Disconnecting all wires of course) and there they were all over my poor computer's insides. I used Q-Tips and Cotton Balls soaked slightly with 70% isopropyl alcohol to wipe them clean. I touched something metal first before doing the cleaning to discharge my self from static energy which could damage the computers delicate electronics.

I concentrated my cleaning on the fans and especially the heat sinks! There were so many dust bunnies that by just dippping the Q-tips into the heat sink it already took out so many that it looked like I was taking out lint from a dryer.

I could have done a better cleaning if I had a can of compressed air but I guess i did the job right because my computer is fast again.

So if your computer slows down, it might not be a virus or spyware that is causing the rucuss. It might be the evil and deadly DUST BUNNIES!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Computer Almost Gave Me a Heart Attack!

God! I was this close to smashing my computer to smithereens! I came home from work and I was exhausted. Playing Oblivion IV was my way of de-stressing my self so I turn on the computer. It was very strange when it said "Preparing My Desktop" but I didn't think anything was wrong until I realized that my computer somehow lost it's memory. My files where gone and my settings where different. It was ok at first because my Oblivion game was still there but when I started to play I was horrified to discover that my saved game files where also deleted or where missing!

I was about to lose my mind when I realized that maybe if I restarted it it might fix itself or something. And thank goodness it did just that. So my computer is safe for now from being turned into scrap metal.

So be good computer! You don't want to be hurt!

Are you a Doctor "Doctor" or a Doctor "Nurse"?

The article New Degree Creates Doctor Nurses — And Confusion is quite intriguing! Imagine, a nurse who has a high level of expertise in nursing and has already earned a PhD could finally be called a "doctor". Well people with PhD's are really called doctor for their title but when you are in the hospital setting, when you think of the word doctor it is usually the person who diagnose and treat the disease and had graduated from the School of Medicine and not the School of Nursing.

But if you ask me, the title of doctor should be given solely to the doctors of medicine rather than the doctors of nursing. Why? Well sure some nurses with advanced degrees can diagnose and prescribe medicine but it is true that this would cause some confusion. But if you think of it people shouldn't really make a big fuss out of it. It is true that the real reason behind this dilemma is that egos of MD's are being deflated. The title of doctor had normally came with superiority but this is already in the past because doctors are not better than nurses and nurses are not the assistants of doctors. Nurses are part of the health care team as equal members who collaborate to provide efficient and holistic care.

But if doctors are preventing nurses from obtaining the title of doctor then nurses should also fight for the title of nurse. When you give the title nurse, this should only be given to those with Bachelors of Science in Nursing (and maybe to those with LPN/LVN) but not to the caregivers or nurse assistants. But this is only for the sake of ego and a sense of accomplishment... but in the end these doesn't matter at all.

The patient wouldn't care if you had a PhD or whatever as long as you help them feel better.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shopping Online for Games

I just LOVE shopping online for games and even gaming consoles! The main reason I got myself a credit card was so that I could buy stuff online. Shopping online saves you time and effort! You don't need to drive all around the city to find the game title you are looking for and you can search for user feedback and reviews about a certain game before you buy it. Knowing the comments of other people before buying a certain game is very important because you don't want to waste money buying something and then finding out when you come home that the game really sucked and that playing it only drains all the fun and life out of you. There are a lot of video games out there but sadly not every one of them will suite your preferred gaming style and genre and even if they do the over-all impact of the game (Plot, Audio, Video, Length of Game, Re-playability) may not be that impressive so reviews and feedback are a must!

But there are some cons to shopping online too. There are so many online stores that it would be very difficult to search for an online store that has credibility and offers great prices! This is where comes in to save the day! Not only does this site offer great reviews of a certain product like for example their Nintendo Wii Buying Guide, it helps you find online stores in the internet and you can even filter them by the price of the item they are selling!

So if you want to find online bargains and best priced products on the internet, is the first place to start.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

I'm so happy that I'm able to play a tune on my violin even if it is just "Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars". It is just so hard to play the violin. I'm going to practice, practice, and practice until I make my "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" sound like a song from the opera! If the opera was dedicated to kids hehehe.

Monday, February 16, 2009

13 Year Old Father

Look at this baby-faced boy... look at the baby... aren't these two brothers look so cute together? Well they are cute but they sure aren't brothers! The 13 year old boy is the baby's father!!! Seems like a big joke right? But this isn't any laughing matter.

I first heard of this story on the news but confirmed it at Juliana's new blog WAHM Talks! What is happening to the world? Why are these things happening? I can't believe that a 13 year old boy can become a father! I can't even believe that he lost his virginity at that young age!

This is why kids these days shouldn't be allowed to have intimate relationships like girlfriends or boyfriends because they have no idea what an intimate relationship is really about and where it should be headed...

It such a shame that an innocent 13 year old was already tainted at such a young age. He doesn't even know how grave the situation is.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentines Day

My Valentine's Day turned out great after all. It sucked that I had to go to work today but I was really happy when I came home. I was surprised by my mom's gift: an I U Chocolate! And I loved it!

It was a very sweet gesture by my mom and I really appreciate it. I may not have that Significant Other but I do have my mom who loves me and I guess that is all that matters to me.

So I'm now not eligible to be part of the statistics of people who didn't receive anything on Heart's Day hahaha! ^_^

Friday, February 13, 2009

Yes! It's for Free!!!

Free Samples

Yes! You heard me right! You can actually get free stuff without any credit card, shipping fees, or whatsoever!

It's really hard to believe huh? But it really is true! You can get Free Samples of food, clothing, office supplies, and anything else under the sun. This really is legitimate and there really is no strings attached.

Free Samples does not only benefit those who receive it but benefits the company giving away the samples more. It's just like a business tactic to inform potential customers that their products can really satisfy your needs and wants.

So if you want to learn more about what I'm talking about, just head on to to get your own samples.

Guess there are really free stuff in the world.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Decision Pending

These are the two words that makes me tremble and makes my tiny world be flung into utter chaos: DECISION PENDING...

Ah! It's totally nerve wracking never knowing what will happen next and I have to envision different scenarios so that I could cope with what ever will happen next. Oh gosh, the supreme euphoria of being accepted and the extreme depression if ever I don't get admission into University of Alberta is tearing me apart!

How lovely it would be if I could only be a carefree person and just shrug my shoulders and say, "Whatever..." to whatever might happen.

Whatever... LOL!

Monday, February 9, 2009

NEVER Use Dishwashing Liquid In a Dish Washer

Yup that's our dishwasher alright and yes those are soap bubbles that I had to scoop out because I foolishly used ordinary dish washing liquid instead of the standard dishwasher detergent. I know that most of the people out there know that this indeed is a very stupid thing to do but hey how should I know that?! I couldn't find our dishwasher detergent so I thought of using the dish washing liquid since I was thinking that it wouldn't matter because it is used to clean dishes right? Not a good idea...

Anyway out of this very distressing situation, and I mean DISTRESSING because our kitchen was already flooding, I did learn a few things on how to get rid of the pesky soap bubbles. Well I did a few researching, and these are the stuff that will help get rid of soap suds:
  • Fabric Softener
  • Salt
  • Vinegar
Oh well, I'll just charge this to experience...

Curing My Social Phobia

I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of people, especially crowds. I hate taking public transit, I hate walking alone in crowded places like the mall, and I especially hate parties and gatherings with people I don't know.

I really don't have a clinical diagnosis of Social Anxiety Disorder (a.k.a. Social Phobia) but how I feel towards other people and how I react maybe qualifies me for being antisocial.

I can open up and talk to people who I am comfortable with (non-flashy, approachable, and the fellow shy-type kind of people) but I really put up an invisible defensive barrier around me when I'm out of my comfort zone (meaning being out in public).

I hate walking in crowded places because I feel like every one is staring at me and mocking me (not to be too conceited or anything, I know that they don't really notice me).

I'd also prefer staying at home than going with my parents to parties and gatherings to other people's house. I feel uncomfortable not being in my own territory. When I'm in parties I usually go with my mom or anyone I know or if the people I go with tend to socailize with others too much I just go out and hide in a solitary space.

One might be surprised how I survive working at Tim Hortons were I'm supposed to take orders from strangers and such. Well it really depends upon my mood, the number of co-workers with me, and there are days where I am the baker and I don't have to be in contact with other people so it's all good.

But I'm slowly coping with this problem of mine. Now, even if I find it troublesome, I go out with friends and enjoy. In fact this coming March 7, my friends and I are going on a skiing trip! The normal antisocial me would rather stay at home and just watch movies on my laptop but I guess socializing once in a while isn't too bad.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Some People Deserve to Die!

In a world where the good and righteous is oppressed, tortured, taken advantaged, and even killed in cold blood....

In a world where the criminals, sociopaths, bullies, and plainly evil people roam the earth freely immuned from what we call the justice system...

In a world where the powerful can step on the rights of those who are weak just because they can and because no one is willing to stand up against them...

I can't live in this world that we live in...

Constantly I fear for the lives of the ones I love as I hear grim stories of innocent people slaughtered on the streets by gangs and criminals.

I hate feeling powerless and I hate how society just sits and even protects these criminals saying that they too have rights... our world is really naive and stupid.

How I wish that I had the power to pass judgment to all those evil people out there making the world such a filthy place to live in... I would trade my soul and my whole humanity just to be able to get rid of all scum on the face of the earth. I don't care if I get my soul tainted in the process and even if I have to spend my whole eternity in hell...

It is so wrong to kill but there are just some people out there who deserve to die. For example, just this afternoon I was walking to work minding my own business when these Indian teenage boys asked for $10. Naturally I just ignored them and just walked passed them and they started cussing at me and harassing me. I just ignored them and it was fortunate that someone else passed by. Who knew what would have happened if I was all alone with those Indians. I don't want to be racist but this event left a foul taste in my mouth that I can't just spit out and forget.

Anyway on with my rant... I actually had a dream early before all of this happened. There was this white woman who went inside our car to tell us to move because we were blocking her way or something (I can't remember it that well). Anyway I got pissed off because how could we move when there were two cars ahead of us, it's not like we could just ram them over right? But I kind of felt guilty for losing my temper because I could have just reasoned with her. Anyway, she left our car (why did she enter in the first place?) and when I looked at her at the back she was mugged by this person with a gun. I was so terrified and he was about to enter our car through my mom's open door so I told her to close the door but she didn't listen because she was preoccupied with searching for something in her purse. She closed the door but it was too late, I was pulling the door close and the villain was pulling it open... I was about to lose my grip when I woke up. Seriously, I was about to call my mom to tell her to lock the door immediately when she hears me scream in a frantic fashion.

Anyway, I shared this dream just to give an example of how upset and affected I am by all the evil in the world. I want to do something about it and I want to have the power to do so. But really... In an act to get rid of all the evil people in the world, I become evil myself in the process... how ironic...

Photo Credits to *ANARKYMAN

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Glasses to See the World Clearly

My dad has so many eyeglasses. But the problem is he can never keep track of where his glasses are and he usually loses them, destroys them, or I throw them away because they are ancient and it would be a crime against fashion if I let him wear it around in public.

It costs us a great fortune going back and forth to the eyeglass store to get him a new pair at least twice or thrice a month! In fact when we walk in the store, this sales lady would immediately hand us a list of the bifocal reading glasses that my dad likes (which he usually misplaces).

In this time of economic crisis and slowdown, I guess that I just had to find a way to lessen our expenses. That's why I'm so glad that I found an online store that sells cheap prescription eyeglasses! What I liked about this store is that they had trendy, fashionable, and of great quality prescription eyeglasses for a very reasonable price too of $15!

What I like about this store is that they have this thing they call Virtual try-on system that as the name suggests, allows you to try on the product allowing you to know how it would look on your face.

And if you ever dreamed of having different looks every week, grants that dream because as I said they sell their eyeglasses cheap, plus they get delivered right to your doorstep just in 1 week plus they offer free shipping worldwide if you get more than 1 pair of glasses.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be

This quote by William Shakespeare has really enlightened me and I'm willing to place it in my top 5 most favorite quotes (that is if i had a Top 5 Quotes List). I should have listened to my mother or consulted with my mother before I lent a friend out of my naivety Php 20,000 or CAN$ 500!

Now that friend cannot be reached. Her cellphone is always turned off and she doesn't reply to my e-mails or instant messages. It's funny how easy it was to reach her when she needed money immediately like as in now at this very moment and now that it's time for her to pay it back, it's like she never existed!

I will charge this $500 to experience and I will never lend money to anyone from the Philippines or even anyone that lives near me here in Canada unless they sign a contract with me clearly stating the amount they borrowed, the date they will have to pay me, and the consequences of defaulting upon our agreement.