Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Promoting English as a Second Language and its Importance

English is a language that is widely used in many areas of the world primarily because of the influence the United States has. Whether it is economical or practical, many will practice English in other countries in order to conduct business with Americans. In the states, promoting English as a Second Language will have the same effect on those who have migrated to North America. Although we may have translators available in order to help other nationalities communicate with others inside the U.S., there are times where a translator is not available. For a person to be completely independent and successful in any country, he or she needs to learn the native language.

1. Employment - Although many immigrants are able to find employment as the employer has a translator or can speak the language themselves, it is still vital to learn the native language to eliminate confusion. One should never aspire to be the bottom rung on the ladder and failure to communicate with potential employers or supervisors could keep a foot solidly adhered to that rung.

2. Social Relationships - Enjoying the company of others doesn't have to be restricted to those who speak the same language. There is a great deal of potential relationships that could alter one's life for the better if they only knew how to communicate with them. Instead of being isolated from interacting with the majority of the people in any given location, learning to speak the language could put a person in the middle of the festivities.

3. Economical Communication - Instead of limiting choices of shopping to those places that speak your language, wouldn't it be nice to have the ability to visit other retail sites? Better deals that could save you money, better selections, and more could be a strong point in learning the native language.

Ordering food at restaurants could be a chore that results in ordering the wrong food. If communication isn't possible, one could spend his or her days isolated at home without experiencing fine foods. It's all about understanding information about a specific product and knowing if it's what you want.

4. Entertainment - Although you could rely on subtext and translations in movies, you could lose something in the context. Music, arts, and more rely heavily on the ability to communicate to a spectator and being without the knowledge of the native language could leave you without the inspiration that could come from the entertainment.

Regardless of what method is used to promote English as a Second Language, it is a necessity in order to fully communicate the needs and wants of a person. Foreign individuals need to understand how vital learning the native tongue of a country is. Without communication, an experience by a foreign individual could be less than ideal.

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