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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sharing Memories

Year 2008 has passed but we shouldn't forget all those happy memories that we had and those exciting events that occurred during 2008. We should always cherish those days because we only live our lives once.

And what a better way to treasure memories and preserve them is by taking pictures of those unforgettable events and make a scrapbook! Yup scrapbooking is an undying art that brings a smile upon our faces once we open one and reminisce about the good old times.

Some may find making scrapbooks time consuming and difficult, but with you have absolutely no excuse not to start making your own scrapbook. It`s easy, fun, and absolutely free to use to make your very own bundle of memories. Just choose from several scrapbooking layouts and designs and share these memories with friends and loved ones by sending them Free Ecards.

I'm going to start making my own scrapbook right now and send it back to my friends in the Philippines so hope you guys start making yours too!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Knowledge Could Save You

I recently went to a friend's house for a little gathering and it is there that I met his uncle who suffered a stroke. I was amazed by his story and his fight for his life. He was really blessed because even after being half-paralyzed due to his stroke and his open-heart surgery he is still doing well and is still active.

My friend's uncle was really lucky but not every one will be blessed like that. That is why everyone especially those at high risk of heart conditions should know more about how their heart works, how different heart complications will affect the heart's and the circulatory system's functions, and most important of all, how one can prevent acquiring these problems.

I believe that knowledge could save you and that's why I really recommend that everyone checks out because it is the website that has videos and contents about the anatomy of the heart and common heart problems. Real doctors who specializes in hearts and the circulation system informs you about the said topic with an easy to understand language. The website is also a great source for finding a doctor near you and other important tidbits of information.

So as the saying goes, Knowledge is Power!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Traveling Nurse: A Goal for the Future

I have been thinking about my future and my career and I have already decided that there is no turning back for me and no more seconds thoughts because I am going to be a nurse for sure. But as I have been exposed to the clinical area as a student nurse I have realized that there are different areas in nursing and there are several career paths that I could take as a nurse.

I could be a clinical nurse specialist, nurse anesthetist, nurse administrator, or even a military nurse. But the nursing career option that is very enticing right now is to be a traveling nurse! Yup there are so many travel nursing jobs out there since there is really is a high demand for nurses.

Being a traveling nurse is great because not only do you get excellent pay and invaluable work experience in notable institutions, you get to travel all around the world too! Imagine, you can work in New York for example, and when winter comes and it becomes chilly you can travel and work in Hawaii!

I have to admit that I love traveling and being able to see all the sights and sounds of different cities and communities is better than having to live a life that is monotonous and just filled with daily routines.

I know that it's too early to really decide what I want to do in the future but becoming a traveling nurse is one of my top three career choices!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Party

I am quite excited for this year's Christmas Party. Well I am excited for Christmas each and every year but this Christmas is very different from other past Christmas celebrations because this is our first Christmas here in Canada. In my 20 years of existence it is only now that we will finally have our very own white Christmas.

But what better ways to celebrate Christmas but with other people right? All Kagay-anons or Filipinos from Cagayan de Oro are going to have a get together and enjoy Christmas with each other's presence. Being with other Filipinos makes the Christmas less lonesome especially for those who miss their families and friends back in the Philippines.

I'm not in charge with the planning and logistics of the party but I do have great ideas for a Christmas party! Well the ideas are not originally mine. If you really want great ideas and if you're looking for inspiration then you might want to visit

It is there that I found out about different Christmas party games, decorations, and food like Christmas candy recipes! What would Christmas be with out good old candy right?

I'm sure that even if I'm not into parties that much, sharing this info would be a great contribution to a successful and fun Christmas party!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our First Car: A 2009 Nissan Pathfinder SE

Today is a very special day for us, me and my family. Who would have guessed that it is only in Canada that we could get our first brand new car. Well we did have a car back in the Philippines, but we only had a Toyota Jeepey that was so old and worn-out that we don't even use it.

I used to be ashamed to be seen in our old jeepey but now I can be confident that other people won't look down at us. Many people have said that we won't be able to get this car because we don't have a credit history and we should go for a cheaper car or a used car instead but I guess that they will be blown away when they see us in our brand new 2009 Nissan Pathfinder. We may not have a credit history because we are still new here but we do have money from the Philippines that we brought here. All those years of having to ride the jeepney and having to live in a very small house in a small neighborhood in the Philippines finally paid off because we saved enough money to afford the lifestyle here. But even if we didn't have that much money a great lifestyle here is easily attained.

It's sad but here in Canada (as well back home in the Philippines), "If you don't have a car then you're nothing," as said by the Millwoods Welcome Center person and yes I have to agree with him because a car is not only a status symbol it is a NEED. Why? Well it snows here in Canada and waiting for the bus stop in the freezing cold is nothing to be happy about. Plus the places here are so far apart because the city here is very big.

Anyway we took our new baby home to our apartment and let me say that driving it home was a bit stressful. Since we're still new in Canada we really didn't know the way home other than the bus route so we had to ask the sales person to print some directions from Google Map so that we can get home.

My dad had some trouble getting used to the traffic signs here because the traffic rules and signs here in Canada are different from the Philippines. Plus the road names in Canada are a bit confusing. For example, there's a 50 street Northwest Bound, 50 street Southwest Bound, 50 street Westbound, and so on and the streets and avenue here are somehow confusing.

Well we did manage to bring home our SUV and park it in our apartment's underground parking safe and sound so it was really a night for celebration. Our family friends came at our house (the ones who adopted us in their home for one month before we moved in to our own place) so we went on a joyride, our SUV is a 7-seater so we had room for everyone. We went downtown to watch the Christmas lights and grabbed some pizza on our way home.

Today was really an amazing day. I can't wait for next year when I'll get to get my very own GDL Class 5 Driver's License (I only have a learner's Class 7 license)! I can take our car whenever I have a duty in the hospital or to get to school or I could buy my own car, yes by the time I get my license I could afford to buy my own car with my earnings and with my mom's help of course.

I'm glad that our lives here is getting better. Now we only have to wait a year or more then we could finally buy our own house. And perhaps I could finally go to school... my life is not over yet as I have thought. There are still great possibilities and getting a brand new car when everyone else said we couldn't proved to be a great motivation.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Speech Recognition Is Cool

I can't believe that I had a speech recognition software in my computer. I was just looking around in my computer for a way to activate my microphone and I found out that Windows Vista actually had a voice recognition program, how cool is that?! This neat little software can transform my words into text and can understand my commands and going through Windows without the help of a mouse and keyboard was easy.

So now, all I have to do is sit back and relax and just tell the computer what to do. You may call me lazy and all but this is actually productive because I save time and effort. I can actually type more words by just saying them then actually typing them.

I actually typed this entry by just speaking. Well to be honest, typing this entry using speech recognition actually took more time because the computer needed to recognize my voice and is still learning my voice.

Well, the technology is still new so there's still more areas for improvement . I can't wait until we can speak to our computers normally like we are talking to another human being.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Being Beautiful

It wasn't busy at work today so my co-workers and I had time to talk to save ourselves from dying out of boredom.

One of my co-worker was complaining how her skin is so dry and that she looks older as the days passes by because of stress. This started the never dying discussion of beauty products. We then shared our experience with certain beauty products and how they improved our skin and all. One of my co-workers recommended Meaningful Beauty as a great age-defying cream. It felt like we were in a talk show or something.

But it is true that one must rely on the experiences and reviews of others with beauty products. Reviews are needed because with the numerous products out there in the market it would be impossible to start trying each and every product out there. It would be like starting your own research which will require time, money, and effort.

Fortunately enough for us people who consider our appearance as important, there are websites such as that serves as our map in finding that miracle product that will turn our imperfect skin days into I-love-my-skin days. I'm going to share this website to my co-workers tomorrow and I know that they'll surely thank me for it.

Monday, November 10, 2008

David Archuleta's New Album

Some of you might know by now that I am a huge fan of David Archuleta. That is why I will support David Archuleta by pre-ordering his debut album at iTunes!

I'm not usually the type of person who buys albums or songs (because you can just download them for free! *evil grin*) but because I am a fan and I want to hear more of little Archie's songs in the future so I bought his album which will release this November 11! I can't wait to download his songs on iTunes!

Anyway I have been using iTunes to download songs because I find it more convenient than going to the music store to buy albums. On iTunes I can preview the song and check it's rating and popularity before I buy a song. I love how I can pick the songs I like rather than buying the whole album.

Since I'm loving iTunes it kind of made me think that I should also buy myself an iPod Touch but then I'm thinking that it would be a waste of money since I don't listen to music that much these days since I'm working and that I already have my 8gb W960i Sony Ericsson phone to serve as my mp3 player...

I really hate it when I have a credit card. It doesn't compliment my being a compulsive buyer. There was this time when I was in a store with my credit card and then I had the urge to buy a Wii gaming console. Good thing I thought it out and I was able to prioritize my needs and instead of spending money I was able to save money.

Anyway, I am sure that pre-orderinbg David Archuleta's album is money well spent!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gift Ideas

I was on break at the staff room and I was thinking of an excellent gift to a very dear co-worker, who has just recently had her early retirement, when a fellow co-worker came bringing with him his snack.

I couldn't help but notice the tempting bowl of pistachios he was carrying. I was helping myself with some pistachios which my co-worker generously offered to me when a great idea struck me. Why don't I give my co-worker nut gifts?! I know that she'd love an assortment of her favorite nuts since she also shares my love for nuts.

I know that nuts would be a great gift for her because aside from her love of nuts, it's also a great source of protein for her since she is vegetarian. I just know that she'd love the gift package that I am going to give her. Not only will she be able to eat what she loves, she'd also be able to eat healthy because nuts would be a healthy snack plus it's very low in calories. I think that I'll also get myself a few bags so that I can enjoy those awesome pistachio nuts anytime I want.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Halloween Day

Ok today was Halloween and it was ok I guess. I was tired from work but I was glad that my co-worker gave me a lift home so I wasn't drenched from the rain. I was on my way to our apartment when guess what? The elevators were busted so I had to walk to the end of the building to take the stairs. Good thing that we're just at the second floor.

Anyway when I entered our apartment I saw my whole family in the living room, which by the way is very rare because when I come home at 11 pm from work they are usually asleep. We were just watching TV when my mom asked if my brother's Playstation can play here VCD then I told her that we should just use the DVD player instead, yup they all forgot that we had a DVD player, geez...

Anyway you thought that Halloween's Day would be scary movies night or something but instead of watching the standard Halloween flick, we decided to watch my mom's VCD that she had received from the Philippines entitled: A Very Special Love.

I actually am not a fan of Filipino movies (especially lovey-dovey movies) but I really liked this one for some weird reasons that I can't really understand. Well the plot was generic if you asked me, poor girl makes a rich self-centered guy a softee and falls in love with her, they fight and then he wins her back. But I did enjoy watching the movie. It was really funny and uhm... romantic? Anyway it's good, well worth the freight and all. It's been a while since I've watched Filipino shows since we don't have The Filipino Channel. All shows I see are either Canadian or American.

Anyway I'm getting dizzy and sleepy right now because it's already 2 am so off to bed for me.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On the Love of Watches

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved watches. Ever since I was a toddler, I already had a watch on my wrist. I remember having a digital watch first so that I could easily read the time. And as I grew older my mom gave me a watch as a gift on very significant occasions that is why I love my watches because they hold so many memories and sentimental value.

I would never feel complete if I left my watch at home and it worries me if my watch is not on my wrist. One of my favorite watches is my men's Omega watch. Many of my co-workers praise me for having such a beautiful watch and this somehow boosts my confidence. It's great that I have a functional piece of jewelry that gives a first impression that I am someone of good taste and class and it's also an essential part of my life because without it I would always be late.

You may call me a watch collector or fanatic, but I am really not an expert on watches. But for sure, I do know where to get fine watches at very low prices and this is They have a huge selection of watches from all the top brands in watches and I can't wait to buy myself one to add to my collection.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What Every Blogger Needs

You may have already guessed what I am going to blog about today as I have already given you very leading clues at the start of my blog entry. But you must admit that I am really right when I say that Dragon Naturally Speaking is indeed what every blogger needs.
I know that this speech recognition software is indeed a need for every blogger because I am a blogger and one of my reasons why I skip a day (or weeks) of blogging is because I am too lazy to encode. With Dragon Naturally Speaking at my side, it's like having a personal assistant jotting down my every thought and encoding it for me.
MacSpeech Dictate
Ok, this software is not just for lazy people like me. It's most especially suited for people who have to type thousands of words each day. With Dragon Naturally Speaking you could just talk and talk and your encoded work will be ready for printing whenever you're done talking. If you're a novelist or a student writing that 1000 essay, this software can help improve your productivity as you get more words typed in less the time it takes you to type. Dragon Naturally Speaking can literally put into typing your words in 150 words per minute! I can type 40-50 words per minute. But if you think that you can beat the Dragon Naturally Speaking software, then I dare you to take the Dragon’s typing speed test!
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred
It's really frustrating that I only get to encounter this software now. It would have been better if it already existed when I was back in school having to encode a lot of stuff.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Loving Those Limos

A friend of mine who lives in Dallas invited me over to stay at their place for a week, a sort of short vacation from the plain and dull existence that I call my life. I actually refused to go because Dallas is very far away from Edmonton but then she caught my attention when she bribed me of fetching me at the airport in one of those famous Dallas limousine.

Who would have guessed that I would actually go all the way to Dallas just to enjoy a limo ride. Oh well, you can't blame me for wanting to ride in those beautiful and luxurious cars. For me, being able to ride in one of those means that you either have reached the peak of your life where you have gained either fame, power, wealth or all three of them.

I just love those very attractive classic stretch limos, especially those cool hummer limos like what shows and actually offer great limo service. One of these days I'll give my very cunning friend a surprise visit and I'd be cruising into her home riding one of those awesome limos in comfort, style, and luxury. Getting to ride in a limo is a great way to enjoy.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Edmonton Body Worlds

In case you are wondering, yes those are real human bodies that are plastinated (a preservation technique) and displayed to the public for both educational reasons, aesthetic reasons, and for reasons that will make us appreciate the complexity and beauty of the human body.

I've seen the exhibit yesterday at the Telus World of Science and I have to say that I was a bit shocked with the way the human bodies were displayed. They were made to do these positions and the positions were not the thing I was disturbed with, but the way the bodies were positioned. How would you imagine your dead body holding your own brain on your hands?

It was weird and I felt like I was in a circus. Plus I really believed that the exhibit should have only been reserved for the people in the medical field but then again that would be unfair, it's like keeping knowledge from the public.

Over all I was pretty amazed with the exhibit, the bones were boring but as we were half way through the exhibit the stripped human bodies were actually interesting, although I really feel that it was wrong to see human bodies displayed in that fashion.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Be A Smart Shopper

My friends had always described me as a wise shopper because I never buy anything directly with out researching about it, it's specs and how other current owners like the product. And I am somehow like my mom because I always check the prices of the product I want to buy and compare it with the prices in other stores. I do all of these to make sure that I am satisfied with the product and the money I spent was not wasted.

Well my friend from the UK is the same like me and when he bought that laptop of his online he did not only find himself a great deal he also successfully managed to make me drool in envy.

I wished that I could have done the same thing that he did when I bought my computer because I could have saved my self the time and effort in researching about product reviews and going store to store comparing prices when I could have done all of that in one click in the comforts of my own home...

So this time my friend one and took the crown from me of being a smart shopper. Next time I'll take his advice and visit and when ever I need to buy something because with just one click of the search button I get access to the hottest deals, compare prices between several stores, and I get to read product reviews from real people who bought the same product. Plus you can search by category so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Well, I better start saving since I'll be doing a lot of online shopping.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Cheapest Text Books

When I was still back in the Philippines, living my life happily as a college student who didn't have to worry about money and expenses and only depended on my mom for money... well I actually did worry.

I'm even more worried more about expenses in college because if you think that college was expensive in the Philippines, wait until you try going to school here in Canada! My gad! I am still thinking how I would pay back the government for the student loan that I have to pay back. but at least finding cheap textbooks wouldn't be a problem.

Yup! I manage to cut down my college expenses by a very significant amount by buying at stores with the cheapest text books. I also buy used textbooks because even when they were used by someone else, the content is what matters the most. Especially in my field of study, books related to health and nursing are very very expensive!

That is why I have found! I can find nursing books that are usually expensive at bargain prices and I get to spend the money I saved on text books on medical supplies that I need while I'm on duty at the hospital. Plus it's so easy to sell my used and old textbooks that I won't be needing anymore. I get to rid of junk, earn money, and help other future students all in one! How great is that?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Breaking Free

When we turn on the TV, the headlines are always the same... it's either prices of consumer goods are rising, houses being foreclosed, or the most recent headliner: the Wall Street Crisis. Let's face it the economy is pretty bad right now and it's only going to be worst if consumers (that's us) become knee deep in debt.

But first of all let us talk about the reasons why we are in this current situation. Well let's just say that with oil prices hiking up and more jobs are lost because huge companies go into bankruptcy we can't help but use our credit cards. But on the other hand, even if the economy was good, we would still be using our credit cards. There's actually nothing wrong with the use of credit cards, in fact the use of credit cards is very handy and convenient. The only thing that we should know is that we shouldn't spend more than what we earn.

Unfortunately, their are thousands of people take up the habit of over-using their credit cards that they make late payments, minimum payments, or they don't pay at all because they don't have the funds. Therefore they end up being buried with debt as the interests pile up. And what does bad credit mean? Well you won't be approved for credit that's for sure. You can't get new mortgages and let's just say your life would be a living hell. You will work and work but the money you earn won't be enough to provide you a happy life because you can't pay your debts until you die.

But never lose hope because getting credit card debt help is not far away. Credit card counseling is a service provided to help you and your family break free from the chains of debt and continue to live and enjoy life.

Limketkai Center: The SHAME of Cagayan de Oro

Limketkai Center is said to be the "Pride of Cagayan de Oro City" but after what they have done to my friend, I don't think so!

It all happened when my friend was shopping at Limketkai Center when all of the sudden a crazed maniac security guard pointed a gun at my friend and accused my friend of stealing. If that scene is very uncomfortable, try being surrounded by a crowd of people staring down at you and shouting "kawatan!" or thief in English.

My friend was harrassed and humiliated in front of a crowd (it's a mall for crying out loud located in a not very big city). The character and public image of my friend was tarnished. If my friend really did steal anything then why didn't they find the object which they accused my friend of shoplifting? What, cat got their tounge?

Well they picked on the wrong person when Limketkai threw a public spectacle because they messed with the wrong person. My friend and my friend's family won't back down and won't be oppressed. Here starts the legal battle between the large business entity, Limketkai Center versus my friend.

My friend and my friend's family would have settled for an amicable settlement but Limketkai Center won't back down and instead of paying for damages they don't want to lose any money (typical of money-hungry companies). And guess what? Limketkai made the security guard lie and made up stupid stories to portray an image of my friend as a little kid who didn't listen to my friend's father and stole what ever they accused her of stealing. Limketkai even gave out the statement that if she was really innocent, why didn't she just flee the scene because she wasn't being detained anyway. Yeah right! You call a gun being pointed at you as not being detained? And besides, only the guilty would run away at the scene of the crime.

The security guard of limketkai has NO REMORSE at all and still believes that accusing people of shoplifting and humiliating them in froint of the public and threatening them with a deadly weapon is all fine and dandy.

I hate companies like LIMKETKAI CENTER who have no conscience or whatever! They should take the responsibility of their employee's mistake and make a public apology to my friend. But instead of doing what's right, they just decided to save the money and back up the claims of my friend.

If I were only in the Philippines right now, I would gather people and take this issue to the media and let everyone know how morally corrupt LIMKETKAI CENTER is and instead of being called the "Pride of Cagayan de Oro" it should be called "The SHAME of Cagayan de Oro".

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shooting People is Fun

I live in a world that is bland and boring, nothing new or interesting ever happens. My job is a high-paced environment filled with agitated and grumpy people and the increasing oil prices and the bad economy are not doing any good in reducing my stress level either.

My friends and I have thought that if we don't do anything we will just simply go insane... that is why we have decided to shoot each other with paintballs . Yup! Who ever thought that shooting people would be such fun. Just think that you're friend is your boss or any one that makes your day such a mess and just gun that person down.

Having paintball parties once in a while is awesome! It's such a great way to vent and release all the stress and negativity from day to day life and just go berserk and shoot away. Just because I work in a serious boring environment doesn't mean that I can't have fun and be crazy during the weekends right?

I just love holding those cool spyder paintball guns and just have fun with my friends. I'm not much of a sports fan but paintball is an exception, it's just too extreme that I can't help but get myself dirty in the war field.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Updating Drivers

For most people out there, they have absolutely no idea of what a driver is. Nope I'm not talking about a person that operates a car or any vehicle (or even animal) for that matter. I'm talking about device drivers, the computer programs that works together with the operating system so that the operating system can find and control the hardware (be it a keyboard, mouse, graphic cards, etc).

If you still don't get it and need a little bit more explaining, let's just say that the operating system (OS) is a person, the driver is the person's senses, and the hardware is a guitar. The person wants to play the guitar. But in order for the person to use the guitar, one must see the guitar, one must feel and touch the guitar, and hear what the sound the guitar is making. In other words without the person's senses, the guitar would be useless.

Sometimes you would experience some problems with your computer or you want your computer system up to date, this is why updating drivers is very important. But the thing is your computer have several hundreds of drivers and not every one of them is from the same manufacturer so does this mean that you have to go to each manufacturer's website to download an updated driver?

Wrong! Because you can actually get your drivers regularly checked and the needed drivers are automatically downloaded with a driver update management software! You can get a free driver scan with Uniblue. And if you like the driver scanner so much by Uniblue you can purchase it for a discounted price of $29.95 so that you can have the peace of mind that your computer won't slow down or crash because of updated drivers.