Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Personal Definition of Health

The meaning of health is: Personally, I define health as the ability to perform daily tasks without difficulty or pain. I don’t see health as just an absence of disease or illness. I see health as an overall state of well-being where a person is able to cope with all the stress of day to day life and be able to do and finish regular routines. Health is subjective and only the person can dictate whether he/she is well enough to perform daily tasks. Good health is whenever you forget about your toothache while you are busy conversing with a friend. Although one is in pain, this is overpowered by the satisfaction that one gets from socializing with peers.

The meaning of illness: If health is the ability to function and perform daily tasks, then I see illness as a severe imbalance in either one of the physical, mental, emotional, and social aspect of a human being that it totally inhibits or hinders a person in doing things that he/she likes or routinely does. For example, I know if I am ill if I am unable to eat food that I love because I have a severe case of pharyngitis or I am unable to go out with friends because I am depressed for some reason and I don’t want to see anyone. I see illness as something that cripples you and hinders you from being happy and enjoying things that you love to do.

I know I am healthy when: I know I am healthy when I don’t even bother thinking if I am healthy or not because I just do my daily activities as I usually do. I am healthy when I can get a good night sleep because I am free of lower back pains or when I can walk or run normally without limping because of an ankle sprain. As long as I am able to do all the things I need to do then I consider myself as healthy. I may not have a personal experience of being diagnosed with a disease and still be able to live a normal daily life but take for example people with cancer. Just because they have a terminal illness, you can’t really say they’re unhealthy because they seem just like any other cancer-free people. They can even have better and healthy lifestyles as compared to cancer-free people.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Exploring the Local Spotlights

I really love travelling. I like seeing new places and eating new cuisines but I can never call myself as someone who is equipped with the right skills to travel. I still need my GPS to get around Edmonton and I've been here for 2 years now. I still don't know what the local stores are, the good places to eat at, or simply where to go to have fun.

It's just a great thing that I've recently found this neat little website called It's a great website to check out if you want to know where the local people go for fun. Sure you can always check out other reviews from travel magazines and such but nothing beats having to know the facts straight from the people who weren't paid or bribed by establishments to write good reviews.

For example, if you want to eat at an authentic English Restaurants , don't go to the highly commercialized restaurants because they charge you a fortune and the atmosphere and the food won't be the same. If you want to experience London as how it is seen by it's local people then you should just enter the keywords Restaurants London and read about the personal reviews of people who frequent those restaurants. Those reviews weren't sponsored or paid in any way so you'll be getting unbiased and honest reviews.

And here's a bit of a trivia for you guys. Pubs in London isn't just a place to get beer. Pubs, or Public House, is actually a place to eat and also a place to socialize with the community so if you want to know the local people and get to know more about their culture then searching for Pubs London to find the pubs which has a great historical importance and which is a center of the community.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Don't Care! I Just Work Here.

One thing that I hate about being a sales person is having to deal with the B.S. of customers. I was trying to help this couple because they were looking for a desktop with an i7 processor that was made by HP. I looked up our inventory and told them that we don't have it yet because it's not yet released in the market because the computer model was very new.

Then they started complaining that we were a big store and that we should have it if our website says we have it (our website did also say that it was going to be released at a particular date by the way) and how come we are more expensive than this other wholesale store bla bla bla. I just hate it when people like this keeps telling me how my store should operate and how we should price our merchandise.

I know that I shouldn't take it personally but I really hate it when someone slanders a company that I'm affiliated with. I really wanted to tell them that if they really wanted to shop at a competitor's store then by all means go for it. I don't work on commission so basically whether they buy anything from me or not, doesn't really make a huge difference.

Stupid people fail to realize that I work for a huge enterprise and that I can't just sell things that we just don't have and sell the items at a lower price just because they asked me too.

Gosh this is why I hate working at a store that entails customer service. I can be very helpful and accommodating but I'm not someone who can take someone else's B.S. just like that because my God I won't back down.

I really need to find another job before I strangle people to death.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time Management

Ah! Alas! I wish I was an expert on this but I'm not. Even when I wasn't going to school yet I never had good time management skills. In fact I often tend to procrastinate and just do what I can when I feel like doing it or if there is still time to do it.

Now that I went back to school and now that I am getting buried with tons of school work I have no choice but to pick up the slack and really start working hard. I even had to cut down my hours of work so that I can focus more on my studies... I wish I can quit work altogether but I have to pay for my car so it sucks.

Anyway I was supposed to allocate this time to studying and doing my online quiz but I guess it got replaced by Facebook, checking e-mails, and of course blogging. I realized that although school and work should be my priority but I should also allocate time to my blogging because my blog did help me get through my dry spells and basically depression phase.

Time Management is actually a great skill! Something that not everyone has. I did do some reading and there are three essential components of time management:

1. Remembering
2. Prioritizing
3. Motivation

It's easy to forget things that we need to do so it's always important to keep an agenda. I always have my student agenda with me and I always set long term and short term goals.

There are times when even if we remember all the things that we need to do, we still can't do it because we don't know which one to do first. This is when we should place certain things in priority. There are times when we simply can't do everything that we need to do, this is when we have to weight which of the tasks that we need to do is really important.

So we remembered what we need to do and we already prioritized tasks but we simply aren't in the mood. DON'T PROCRASTINATE!!! Do everything now so you don't have to worry about anything else tomorrow. I am guilty of this vile deed. I always put things off until it's simply too late. What's the moral lesson? Even when you're not in the mood just do it. You'll end up finishing what you started.

Maybe this could be my New Year's Resolution! Manage my time wisely!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On Group Works

One thing that I hate (well more of dislike) about my current nursing classes is the great amount of time which is dedicated to group work. When in class, we have to form groups to discuss things, and when we're not in class we have to do group work.

I don't have anything against group work but I just dislike it because I'm a loner. I love to get things done at my time, on my terms, and in my way. I also dislike it when I feel alienated because people already had formed their own groups and there is nowhere for me to go.

There are pros and cons to group work. Lets start with the cons:

1. Group work alienates some people. People who knows each other flock together or people who have more to contribute to the group are basically chosen or wanted in a group.

2. Not everyone in the group contributes to the group work. What's worst is that they become more of a liability than an asset.

3. More people means more conflicting ideas or it may also mean, the more people, the less people there are who really does the work.

But there are also pros, which I will admit:

1. Forming groups will give you opportunity to get to know your classmates and thus help establish friendships and will make everything less awkward.

2. When everyone in the group actually contribute to the group project, all the inputs would sprout into a creative mass which would gain great marks and praise from the instructor.

3. There are times when having more people to solve a problem or do something is way easier than doing it alone. With more people you are able to divide and distribute the work so in turn the work load is manageable and less time is used to finish the project.

Well I did end up finding group mates who I like so let's take it from there.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm A Student Nurse Once Again!

Wow! It's already 2010 and A LOT has already happened! This is already old news but I'm officially a nursing student once again! Finally my life is back on track! I'm not a loser anymore and all of my self-esteem and self-worth has finally come back.

2010 has been a very great year so far and all the luck and blessings have suddenly flowed in. So let me begin by thanking the Lord for these blessings that I have recieved:

1. First of all I'm so ecstatic that I've finally been accepted and is currently studying BS Nursing at Grant MacEwan University. After one year of turmoil and self-loath, my time to shine has come!

2. We're finally moving in our new home! Yipee! No more living in a cramped condo! Now we have the basement, main floor, and second floor to move around in.

3. I've finally bought my own car! It sucks to have to work to pay for it but it's life. You have to work to have money.

4. I'm thankful for my job at Best Buy and for my co-workers who makes my life so easy. Working at Best Buy is perhaps the greatest choice that I have made.

I'd actually love to expound more on these stuff but now that I'm already a student nurse, I tend to be so caught up in both school and work that I seldom find the time to update my blog anymore but again, now that I'm more exposed to the real world, I now have the opportunity to share more interesting bits of tidbits and information.

Photo credits goes to topanmoon