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Thursday, July 3, 2008

My First Pay Check

Canada Day was very memorable to me indeed. It was not only the very first Canadian Holiday that I have experienced but it was also the day that I received my very first paycheck! Yup all my hard work was finally paid off.

Although I still have thoughts of quiting my job, getting that paycheck is like a motivation to me. Besides, what else would I do at home? I'm an Out of School Youth so I'd rather do something more productive right?

Oh yeah, I also have my own debit card which I already used by the way. I used it to pay for the electronic key cards for our apartment. You see our money is still frozen as the bank is still waiting for the banks in the Philippines to clear our bank draft.

I just hate having no money. I feel so low that's why I'm working to supplement our income. Although my parents have jobs already it would take a while for them to get their paychecks so my brother and I are kind of the bread winners for now. We do have money that my mom brought but it's not that much because she didn't expect our bank drafts to clear that long.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Stubborn Father

Ok I know, this is another one of my rantings... well maybe I should change this blog into my rant zone huh? Well if you don't want to hear rantings you may visit my other blog Angel in the Sickroom or you may choose not to read this post any further.

My father is maybe one of the most stubborn people in the world. He doesn't admit that he's wrong and that he blames other people for his short comings. Like the use of the washing machine for example. The washing machines here in Canada are very different from the ones we have at home. You can say that it's sort of hi-techy. In here there are different settings like the choose of either warm, cold, or hot water in washing or rinsing. It's actually quite complicated but if you only read what is written on the knobs then you can work your way around.

But my stubborn father insists on not learning because it's totally different and says that we should be the ones to operate it because he doesn't know how to. Well if you only use your common sense and your eyes instead of your loud mouth cursing and mumbling to yourself I bet one could easily figure its use out. It's not like a total mystery that needs a rocket scientist to figure out.

And there are so many jobs in Canada and he wants to choose a job as a garbage collector. For a person who has a mechanical engineering degree I wonder why he could be so stupid. He reasons that he knows a garbage collector in Canada who has a three story house and three Ford pick-ups. But the thing is that garbage collector may have another source of income like selling the furnitures and other stuff he salvages from the dumps and sell it to the third world countries. Or he could be like my dad who has a wife who has a higher paying job than him and the only one who literally feeds the family and makes it alive.

Yes, my dad is so stubborn that he doesn't want to continue his education to be able to land higher paying job saying that he's not fit for it. Well I kind of agree because he can't even make his own resume for Christ's sake and he always relies on my mom for this. I just wonder how my mom could keep up and tolerate living with a person who does not even contribute to the family but even cause damage to it.

But honestly. I don't expect much from my father because by the way he's going he's not going anywhere (except down) and my mom will have to clean up after his mess like all the time. He's also has a very loud mouth which is also very irritating. As they say it's the loud people who have the less brains and I have to say that it's true.

Monday, June 9, 2008

My Cute Cousins

I have noticed that my posts were becoming too negative and that this blog has become my official ranting place so I'd better place some nice and happy entries so that this place won't be that gloomy.
The picture above is taken during our stay in Makati at a relatives condominium building in Makati while we were waiting for our flight to Canada. The girl is Emmalyn, and next to her is my brother Ian, and the two guys in the jacuzzi is me and next to me is the naughty Kelly.

We were at first uncomfortable with each other but as the days passed by the ice started to break and we were already happily playing and talking with each other. We enjoyed taking for a swim on the pool upstairs, playing PC games, surfing the net, and of course going to the malls (we have Three to choose from: Greenbelt, Glorietta, SM and all of these are just a walking distance from our place).

I kind of got a hang of it with the life in Makati and I got so close to my cousins already that is why it's hard to say goodbye. But I know that we'll see each other when we come back to the Philippines for our vacation and I am looking forward to that.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Goodbye Philippines!

I don't want to be negative in this blog but some Filipinos really are thoughtless and tactless. Of all the Western culture they could adapt with they decided to adapt the attitude of "I'm better than you you fat pig!". So what if I'm fat? Does that cause the world to crumble?

But don't really care actually. So to my haters out there in the Philippines, I am happy with my life and I know that all doors and opportunities for a better and successful life is just at my grasp in a first world country like Canada.

I am sick of the Filipino crab mentality and how people act and live here in the Philippines. I know that people won't give a damn if I wear designer clothes and how I live my life. People here in the Philippines just love sticking their nose to my business and it irritates me. What do you people care about what I do? I don't give a damn how you people live your lives so don't meddle in mine. It's not my problem if you are insecure and I intimidate you.

So people take care of your own lives before meddling with mine ok?

Friday, June 6, 2008

On Airport Security Measures

This was only the second time that I had ever went to the airport to ride a plane to Manila. The first time was (I remember vaguely) when I went to Manila as a toddler to attend the funeral of my beloved grandmother (mother’s side). That time even when I was a toddler, I could still remember that very tight security measures were not that implemented then.

Presently, well it’s a completely different story. I had to remove my shoes, belt, cellphone, coins, etc and I felt like my privacy was invaded. I understand why the coins and metallic objects are needed to be removed (this is so I could pass the metal detector without any beep) but the shoes? My mom did inform me that checking the shoes was also required as some people place drugs, weapons, and other illegal contrabands in their shoes’s sole. Ok case closed, but why do we have to be checked twice? Before entering the airport lobby and before checking in at the departure area? Mind you the Cagayan de Oro airport is very small so the second detector would be just a few steps away. Why the very tight security anyway? But at least they are trying and giving much effort to secure our safety so I quite understand and leaving my comfort zone for our own good is quite acceptable to me…

Friday, May 30, 2008

Speed Packing

What is speed packing anyway? Well it's a new word I coined (well I claim it's new but I guess it's not, Lol!) after experiencing (still experiencinAg) the stress and headaches of packing all your life in one medium-sized bag.

I know that we should have packed and sorted all our stuff a few months ago but we were complacent and thought that our departure date is still far away. And after a few days, we then realize that we only have today (since we're leaving tomorrow) as our last packing day and guess what? We're still half-way through!

Oh well, charge it to experience as usual.

The Flippox Dynasty

SM Pictorials - Flippox Dynasty

Let me introduce to you guys the Flippox Dynasty! These are my crazy weird friends from high school and I am surely going to miss them when I leave for Canada. The pictures you see were taken from SM Cagayan de Oro. What can I say? The people at Flippox Dynasty are very smart, beautiful, handsome, creative, artistic, and perverted (well some members at least) hahaha! That is why that even at a Despedida gathering we can't help but make art through our pictorials. I too was excited at the idea of a pictorial (I'm a frustrated model hahaha) and you can check me out here:
SM Pictorials

So what is the Flippox Dynasty? Well there is already a Flippox Dynasty Bibliography created by the wacky Glenn and it goes like this:
Before I reveal to you this very sacred and important text it is necessary that you observe all proper decorum in an act of respect and devotion to our beloved group and cause. None of the information you are about to read today must leave knowledge of yourself and must be upheld with deep security. Will you now please stand up, raise your right hand properly in the air, and place your left hand on the right side of your chest, and read loudly the following words:

"I (state your full name, vital statistics, and age), properly oblige to the group's foundations and observes sincerely the laws and regulations passed down unto us by our very hot and all-knowing super-founder, the Super Overlord God-Emperor Glenus Paolus Tulos, and the less great and powerful founder, Empress Snow Queen, the queen of the ice cubes. Any violation or revelation of Flip D. secrets to citizens outside the sophistication of this membership, I shall willfully inherit the punishment of castration (for men) and/or death by stoning or mutilation (women)."

After reading the first paragraph, will you now please place your left hand on the top of your head, your right hand on your butt, lift your right leg parallel to your waist and sing the first phrase of the Macarena. After which you then say these words aloud.

"My mama is so fat, when she farted she launched herself into space!"

You now take a brief pause and make a gentlemanly bow. You may now take your seat.

You are now officially granted access to the secrets of the Flip D. at the price of your dignity and intelligence. You may now continue.

- This text was found in a pink journal of the Super Overlord God-Emperor during the early foundation of the Flip D.

Text No. 1. It said the following:

Flip D., or more "popularly" known as the Flipox Dynasty, is a worldwide organization that was founded in the land of Lumbia, in an open space of the XUHS campus, called the-covered-used-to-be-an-open-space-court. It was a time of chaos and war.

Amidst this, I, the Super Overlord God-Emperor, in an amazing and rare act of super heroics that only super overlord god-emperors like me could ever perform, decided to lead the Flip D. freedom force to overthrow the evil tyrant named the Snow Queen and her army of hypnotized
mushu dragon clones. Together with my right-hand general, Major Minor Lieutenant General Captain Peperus Villiarus Peperonicus, then known as the abominable eggnok, made an initial strike to the heart of the Snow Queen's capital, the Loyola fortress.

Our attempt was futile. The Snow Queen's mushu dragon clones proved more powerful and outranked us five trillion to zero point one.

But then, when we thought all hope was lost, came hope (duh!). Kit the mother superior, Abbie the anime fanatic, Edgar the pinya-man, and Eurie the sports girl/guy-who's-also-good-in-her-studies, all came in a resounding clap of thunder. Together they smote the mushu dragons with unbelievable strength!

The battle was bloody! The pinya-man used his razor-sharp pinya leaves that seemed to have mutated on the top of his head and cut off the limbs of the enemy. Kit the mother superior called forth her ability to talk things out and well she talked things out!! Maj. Min. Lt. Gen. Cpt. Peperonicus transformed himself into a tank and drove through enemy defenses easily. Eurie hit everyone in the face, including me. And I, the most powerful of all, used my exotic Korean catfight moves which I learned from the monks of Mt. Kitanglad who happened to be Koreans, who happened to have escaped from the mental institution, who happened to be cold-hearted serial killers, who happened to be just reflections of myself in a mirror due to an impaired mental judgment of reality caused by weeks of extreme dehydration. How I or the mirror got to Mt. Kitanglad is none of your business. NONETHELESS my impressive skills decimated nearly eighty percent of the enemy, rendering the actions of my comrades completely irrelevant and useless.

It was then when the Snow Queen finally emerged from the horizon in her pajamas and in blinding radiance. Our advance was halted immediately! She had emerged from her sleep and her hair looked like crazy! It was then when we realized that the Snow Queen had recruited help as well. Our greatest fear had become reality! Daphne was revived from her "hibernation", and Princes Mimi, the Snow Queen's sister, had begun her transduction, otherwise known as puberty, and thus making her considerably powerful, and not to mention "grown".

ANYWAY! As if our situation wasn't bad enough, the Snow Queen also biologically enhanced five mushu dragon clones she now calls The Elite Mushu Dragon Rangers Squad, otherwise the TEMDRASQUA! Each one has the fighting potential equivalent to seven hundred billion normal mushu dragon clones.

We all paused ourselves in deep silence as somebody blew his fart and also because none know the actual outcome of the battle. Both sides are now equally matched. But then... a glimmer of hope... in a situation of hopelessness and smelly gas, a brave warrior came to our aid...

Optimus Prime had come!

(By the way JM, Yoojin, Kris, and the rest will be appearing later on in the story! So don't complain!! Hehehehe.)
So much for that... here is my version. And I am not Pinya Man, I am Pine Edgar, a mentor in spiritual and philosophical topics who is renowned for profound wisdom... Anyway I will now tell you the history of the Flippox Dynasty...
The Flippox Dynasty was originally formed at Xavier University High School during the freshmen years of the founders, me (Edgar aka Pinya Man since I live in Pineapple Country and I had spiky hair then), Glenn aka Confused Dick Overlord (because he is very smart and talented, a writer and artist, a philosopher of Confusedcianism, but a perve), Pepper aka General Egghead (see for yourself, joke) and Kevin aka Pretty Boy (because he left the group to pursue girls hahaha).

I don't know why the three of us banded but maybe this is because of the horror and shock that we had encountered during the War of the Lunch Tables during lunch time. You must be in a group in order to have a proper seat and table during lunch time. I remember that if the lunch bell rings a representative of the group must dash down the stairs to the Open Shed to secure a territory for eating hehehe.

Because the three of us were very powerful since we have our own lunch area, many less fortunate beings came to us for shelter (hehehe). And these beings were Angela aka Snowqueen (since she is as white as snow, a singer, artist, model, host, and she overthrew the three founders and proclaimed herself empress), Kit aka Mother Superior (for her motherly charms), Eureka aka ??? (she doesn't have a nickname except that she is another philosopher and she founded the Shanidarism).

We were a very happy group and we then had new additions to our Dynasty:
  • Mimi - the Snowqueen's Sister
  • Abi - the Anime Fanatic
  • Mik aka Mushu the Dragon (cause he looks like one? not sure hehehe) oh yes, another perve hahaha!
  • JM aka Abi-Look-a-Like! Hahaha! She's also called Innocent JM because she doesn't want to hear words like panty, boobs, ****, and you get the point. She is the complete opposite of Glenn!
  • Eliza the Smily Girl (she's always beaming... and happy!)
  • YooJin the Korean (hehehe don't know here that well)
  • Manong Eugene - The personal servant of the Snowqueen. Before Pepper was the servant but he quit hehehe
  • Actually there are two or more other Flippox Dynasty people but I haven't been around with the Flippox during college because I can't deprive the other people from me hehehe.
But whatever! I'll miss these guys so much! Take care ok? ^_^

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Perfect Gift for Dad

Father's Day is fast approaching so one is quite pressured to think of a great Father's Day gift for his/her dad. Our dads have been our strong pillar who was always there to support us and make us feel safe and strong that is why it is just right that we show our gratitude and love with something very extraordinary that he would like.

So what do fathers like? Well we all know that they love to sit and relax every Sunday, sipping their beer while watching their favorite game on the television. So why not make his relaxation time more enjoyable by getting him a huge HDTV with the best HD service (of course provided by Charter Communications)! I say get and not buy because you only need to enter in the contest, Father's Day in HD and you could win that giant HDTV! Just send a brief essay saying why your dad deserves a giant 65” LCD HDTV Flat Panel with the best Charter HD service and The Charter Bundle™ FREE for a year!

Wow! Any dad would really be extremely happy with a gift like that! And to think that joining is so easy! You just have to make sure that your dad lives in an area that is serviceable by Charter Communications and one is of legal age residing in the US.

So what are you waiting for? There are no entry fees and the contest ends at June 6, 2008 so write that essay and submit your entry for that awesome Father's Day in HD!


Sponsored by Charter Communications

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Car Rentals

I just recently went on a vacation with my family so naturally we don't have our car with us and I tell you... traveling without a car is frustrating and scary! In our vacation it was very hard to catch a taxi and if you did manage to get a taxi they will try to charge you at very high rates especially if you're going to far away places.

So if you're traveling it's best to rent a car! And if you're going to rent a car it would be best if you go with Advantage for your rental needs! Imagine, they offer the best rates for brand new vehicles like SUV's, cars, vans, trucks, and more with several brands and types of vehicles to choose from starting from a very low price of $19.99!

With Advantage you are sure that your car rental is always less than what you expect and you don't only get comfort and ease-of-mind you also get something else... luxury as Advantage has great cars to choose from!

Planning the Ultimate Vacation

I just arrived home today after traveling from Manila (and the surrounding provinces) and Cebu in the Philippines and yet my mom and I are already planning and thinking about our next big trip in the future. Our destination? No other than the United States of America. Sure it's just at the bottom from us (Canada) but it has always been a Filipino's dream to set foot in USA. And the city that we're going to visit? No other than the home of the Hollywood Stars, Los Angeles! The City of Angels is sure the best place to be because it's a place filled with entertainment and great shopping centers. And who knows you might just be lucky enough to bump into Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in a shop somewhere.

I have a friend who saw Elijah Wood in a video store and she immediately bought a Lord of the Rings DVD to have Elijah sign it. She approached him and asked him for an autograph. For a while Elijah stared at her with a sort of curious expression. But he did sign it and when my friend read the autograph it was signed: Daniel Radcliffe! hahaha! What a blooper but they do somehow look a like right? So if you plan to visit Hollywood be sure that you got their (Hollywood Stars) names right.

Another city I would sure like to visit is Las Vegas so I could try my luck at those slots and maybe visit the Grand Canyon afterwards. There are so many places in the US that I sure would like to visit and since I'm not good with directions and all I would have to rely on the services of Trusted Tours & Attractions to help us plan our vacation and not to mention that they offer discounted tickets to 23 cities in the US.

So if you're interested in sightseeing tours it's best to check out Trusted Tours & Attractions for ideas on what to do like Things to do in Boston and the like.

So if you're still planning your vacation then you should sign up for the Trusted Tours & Attractions Newsletter so that you could get new ideas for your planning and you might as well win a $150 itunes gift card just for signing up! I sure did sign up and it just took less than a minute to complete. No credit cards or anything was needed.

All that's left for me to do is save up for that trip!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feeling Guilty

I felt really bad and sort of guilty by the way I treated my brother's girlfriend. In my post, Extraneous Variables, I expressed how I felt about her how I didn't like her and didn't know why. Verpo commented that he felt the same way and that he also didn't like the friends of his friends and he also didn't know why.

After looking at the picture taken last 2 nights ago of me, my mom, my brother and his girlfriend I noticed that they were all smiling. It was only me with a frown on my face. I would like to post the picture but the camera is with my brother right now. Anyway she looked so innocent and kind and I looked like the antagonist of a teledrama serye (television drama series) where she's the poor girl who was hated by someone.

Well I didn't do anything bad to her just completely ignore her and stay away whenever she's around (plus a gloomy face on) but other than that we never had verbal or even eye contact. I don't do eye contacts to a stranger.

But I don't know why I disliked her and now I'm guilty for disliking her. It's so confusing. It just proves that I am human after all with stupid emotions.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Extraneous Variables

I don't know why I hate her... no I don't hate her that's too harsh of a word. More like, I dislike her and I don't know why. I can't be fake but I can't stand it when I'm around her. Who am I talking about? No other than my brother's girlfriend. Actually I never did like my brother's girlfriends ever since I caught my brother alone with one of her friends in my parents room alone with the door locked. I don't think so that a genius is needed to guess what they were trying to do.

Sure this present girlfriend is better than her past girlfriend who was a liar, obsessed, and manipulative [censored]. Imagine she had the nerve to talk back to my mom (well just through SMS really) but if ever she talked back to my mom and I was there I would wring her neck!

Sure the present girlfriend somehow helped my brother get through high school and has become my brother's new bodyguard/slave I still don't like her and I don't know why.

There were two occasions that was supposed to be only a family affair when she was around and I was pissed off. My mom invited her of course but I'd rather be not included in activities that she is included like the outing to Obrero and my mom's birthday dinner.

I don't know why but I don't really like any of my brother's friends and I don't know why... is it because I'm anti-social? Or is it because his friends are I are just in a completely different wavelength.

Maybe this is why there are people I can't relate to because of this "wavelength" thing...

I know people who are just like me so maybe this time I kind of respect them more since well, they're like me.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wear The Right Pants

My brother loves wearing BDU pants and I mean love! He wears it every day and I even wonder if he even washes them. For those who have no idea what BDU pants are these are pants used by the military and the police hence the name Battle Dress Uniform (BDU).

But I don't blame my brother for wearing them. It's really comfortable as it is made of cotton and it's very durable. They may seem to be hot but they're actually very cool to wear and what's best about some BDU pants is that they are stain resistant so even if you play in the mud and spill food on them the stain and grime comes of easily with just water since the pants are sprayed with Teflon (kind of wish there were BDU pants for kids huh?).

Get Your Boots

I think everyone likes wearing boots. I love wearing boots. My mom loves wearing boots. My brother, well he likes flip flops, but my dad on the other hand will not wear anything but boots.

Boots are very stylish and are very comfortable to wear. Who would have guessed that work boots could also be fashionable? Yup work boots were designed to be durable and to last a lifetime. Some boots are designed to meet your needs too. So if you want a boot that has an insulator, a waterproof boot, a steeled-toe boot, slip resistant boot, or any kind of boot at all, there is bound to be a work boot for you.

So if you're looking for that boot that suites your needs, I totally recommend because they specialize in work boots so you can select the style and even brand of the boot you want and need.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Short on Cash? No Problem.

I guess all of us (not including those filthy rich people who can burn money anytime they want) have experienced running out of cash when we really need it. It's not that we are broke or anything but there are times when we get to spend too much because we just bought a new car or the laptop we wanted with our credit card so we overspent and went beyond our monthly money allowance and our next pay day is still some days ahead.

so what do we do for the meantime as we wait for our next pay day? Do we cut down our expenses and have a temporary change in our lifestyle? Believe me, a change in your lifestyle can be quite depressing, but you don't have to cut down on anything because we could just avail our selves with a cash loan.

Well in that way we just get a loan to get by for just a few days and then when we get our pay check we could just pay our loan and continue to love our happy carefree lives. It is quite helpful that there are payday loans out there that could help us in our times of needs.

When I was young I bet my mom was also experiencing the same problem about being short on cash (she didn't avail of payday loans then) because there are times that we live luxuriously and then there are times when we have to be thrifty and spend our money on more important things. This roller coaster is really confusing especially to the kids and I couldn't help myself and asked my mom, "Mommy are we poor?".

But now I don't feel that roller coaster anymore, this may be perhaps my mom now avails of cash loans.

Finding the Right Mortgage

When my family and I are going to move this June we're just going to rent an apartment. But sooner or later we must buy our own home because renting an apartment is okay but time will come when paying those monthly apartment bills will be too heavy and even if you want to make some improvements at your apartment, you can't because it's not yours.

That's why my family and I would need to find the right mortgages to help us buy or build our dream home. When I was surfing the web and comparing different companies that offer different kinds of mortgages, I have realized that there are several types of mortgages for different kinds of buyers with different kinds of needs. There are people who need to refinance an old mortgage, some needs to buy a new home, and others use mortgages as a home equity line (that's when you use your house as a collateral for a loan).

It would be obvious that we fall under the people who need to buy a new home but even knowing what category we fall to there are still too many numerous mortgages to choose from. That is why you'll need a service like so that they can help you find that mortgage that perfectly suite your needs and budget.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Money Problems

I was quite shocked to find out recently that my mom had actually gotten herself a payday cash loan before. I knew that my mom was having some difficulty handling all our finances when my dad stopped working but I never knew that such loans existed.

For those who don't know what payday cash loans are they are loans intended to cover a borrower's expenses until his or her next payday. I find this loans quite helpful really since we can't change the fact that the country's economy is not that good anymore and there are so many price increases but there is no changes in the salary.

Oh well, as long as payday cash loans exists I'm sure that everybody could get by. Good thing we're already moving this June to another country with a better economy.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Choose Your Friends Carefully

I don't know what some Filipino teenagers are thinking right now and they choose to take a path to self-destruction?! A good example? My stupid brother! He was already almost expelled for illegal possession of Marijuana and now he has entered himself into another mess and I am really frustrated about it. He has joined a "Filipino Gang" called the Bloods. If you're not familiar with this stupidity (that Filipinos are so trying hard to imitate) then let me explain what Bloods is. Bloods is a gang that has a rival gang called the Crips (the Bloods and Crips are mostly composed of Black Americans by the way). The Bloods wear red bandannas on their faces while the Crips wears blue. They have nothing better to do aside from fighting with each other late at night (or early at dawn) throwing stones at each other and disturbing the community's peace.

My brother was even very proud to say that his "gang" is established world wide, which of course is true and another fact would be that these gangs are involved in murders, robberies, drug dealing, among many other criminal pursuits. And the stupid Filipinos (here and abroad) want to imitate these gangs as their idols thinking it's cool. No wonder I received this comment about Filipinos, and I have to say I am ashamed. I am ashamed that some Filipinos are stupid enough to join the Bloods and Crips. Instead of trying to establish their lives in the US or any other part of the world as respected immigrants they want to stand out in their community as juvenile delinquents!

I wouldn't care less if they want to ruin their lives but they had to drag my stupid brother into their none sense! Every day they come to our house looking for my idiot of a brother to join them in what ever gang activity they do (riots, drug usage, and other criminal acts as vandalizing) and who again has to cover for my stupid brother? My mom. What is my brother's problem that he really wants to ruin his life? But actually I don't give a damn if he dies in his gang riots because I'm sick and tired of trying to tell him that what he's going into is wrong. My mom tried her best and even thought of sending him away somewhere far from his stupid gang but my brother told my mom, "What do you care, it's my life!" You moron! As long as you're under the roof of our parents at least have some decency as not to drag our family down with you!

I give up. He's not my child so what do I care. Let my parents handle their son's mess, it's actually their fault for always giving in to his demands and other stupidity. The videos below kind of summarizes what my brother is in to right now. He and some other mislead Filipino youths are going to be great liabilities. The government should do something before anyone gets killed.

For your information: Crips use the symbol BK which means "Blood Killas" while the Bloods use the symbol CK as "Crips Killer"... stupidity I tell you, killing each other for very low reasons...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Dad a True Filipino

Filipinos have been known for being resourceful and innovative. Since the Philippines is a third world country, Filipinos have limited resources in terms of money and raw materials, that is why Filipinos would have to make do with whatever they have to be able to create or use something.

My Dad is a true Filipino then if being resourceful is a common trait with Filipinos. But I guess my dad has gone overboard with being resourceful because he is being more of a trash collector than a resourceful person and I mean it! Our house is full of trash because of him and our house looks like a slum house!

Our house is small but it wouldn't look so cheap if my dad didn't think of hanging those heart-shaped Ferrero Rocher chocolates as decorations. He thinks that it's classy to display expensive food wrappers to "show off", he doesn't even realize that he's just making a fool of himself in the process.

And another thing, we have glasses that he stores that we haven't even used but he decided to re-use those coffee glass containers. He really is so infuriating! He also refuses to buy a water glass pitcher because he insists that this is a waste of money because we could just re-use those 2 Liter Coke bottles. It's as if we're going to use "your" money! You don't even have a freaking job so why on earth would you care if we buy what ever we want to buy! But that's not the point. The point is there are some things that shouldn't be re-used and should just be thrown. If you re-use those plastic bottles, you pose yourself for esophageal cancer because as time passes, plastic molecules are eroded and gets mixed in the water you drink and these molecules are carcinogens (caner causing substances).

Aah! I just hate it when he is so stubborn! What's the use of owning drinking glasses and other usable items when you insist of using trash! But I can't blame him for being like that for he did grow up from a poor family but how come my mom who also came from a poor family is able to have good taste? Answer? My mom is sophisticated and my dad is still socially incapable of adjusting to our lifestyle.

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Cawayanon & Mangima Adventure

My friends (Nanette, Nikki & her sis RV, Ellen, Irene) and I went to a little field trip, a sort of despedida party for me. We (Nannete, Irene, & I) went to my house first for a movie marathon (we watched PS I Love You and some naughty movies later if you know what I mean). We then headed to Cawayanon for some golf and lunch. We wanted to go horse back riding but we had no time since we had to go to Mangima for a swim. We stayed again for the night, this time at Ellen's house where Nikki & her sis and Nanette (who went back to Cagayan de Oro after lunch) followed us. We then headed to Mangima again the following day and went home later in the afternoon. We really had fun! Wished Jera and more of my friends were with us.

I really love swimming. I was so sleepy and tired but when I jumped in the pool all my fatigue disappeared. And the food was great! Being with my friends was sure fun. This is one of my most memorable experiences with them.