Monday, June 9, 2008

My Cute Cousins

I have noticed that my posts were becoming too negative and that this blog has become my official ranting place so I'd better place some nice and happy entries so that this place won't be that gloomy.
The picture above is taken during our stay in Makati at a relatives condominium building in Makati while we were waiting for our flight to Canada. The girl is Emmalyn, and next to her is my brother Ian, and the two guys in the jacuzzi is me and next to me is the naughty Kelly.

We were at first uncomfortable with each other but as the days passed by the ice started to break and we were already happily playing and talking with each other. We enjoyed taking for a swim on the pool upstairs, playing PC games, surfing the net, and of course going to the malls (we have Three to choose from: Greenbelt, Glorietta, SM and all of these are just a walking distance from our place).

I kind of got a hang of it with the life in Makati and I got so close to my cousins already that is why it's hard to say goodbye. But I know that we'll see each other when we come back to the Philippines for our vacation and I am looking forward to that.

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  1. Hey....

    Dito naman ako napadpad. Before I go on..baket may 'nekkid' dito sa blog mo?? Aba eh very proud pa si Totoy na nakatingin sa camera...hahaha...

    Naku I can relate sa iyong sentimyento on saying goodbye sa family esp cousins na you have to say goodbye to just when you're just starting to get close. Ganun din kami dati ng cousins ko sa mother side. Ang malungkot we bonded during our grandfather's wake...

    Anyway, I'm glad to hear na you're starting to settle down dyan sa inyong bagong 'home' kahit ala pa kayo sa inyong sariling haybol.

    Pag nakulong ka dahil sa wifi na yan....padadalawin ko na lang my pipol...okay?