Sunday, June 22, 2008

MacEwan College: My Future School?

My Mom and I went to MacEwan to inquire about my future. Yup my future because if we didn't do anything my life would be stagnant and nothing would happen. Here you see a picture of the main MacEwan campus where I am going to take up nursing and start going to school this Winter Intake. That would be the January of next year, well hopefully.

They said that some of my subjects might be credited and I could be placed in second year (that's quite good) but definitely not third year (that's fair enough).

I have to come back this Tuesday for another meeting with an International Councilor so let's just see what happens to my life. I was going to visit NorQuest College too but NorQuest seemed to offer only education for License Practical Nursing/Licensed Vocational Nursing so I didn't bother entering the college to inquire.

I may not be able to enter University of Alberta since they can only accept me this September of next year and I cannot wait that long.

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