Wednesday, June 4, 2008

BF Homes Duplex Apartment For Rent

Just yesterday, my Tita, my brother and I went to her other house in BF Homes - Mariposa, Las Piñas to check it out since my Tita is planning to have it rented. We also went there to check up on her employee who was 9 months pregnant and supposedly over due but I'll reserve that for another post.

So I was tasked to take pictures and post ads on the internet for her Apartment. I went to check out the said apartment and I have to say that it is a great looking apartment and the price she set for it was very reasonable.

Here are the descriptions of the said apartment/duplex:
  • Location: BF Homes - Mariposa, Las Piñas, Manila
  • Type: 2-Storey Duplex Apartment
  • It has two bedrooms each with it's own bathroom and each with built-in cabinets
  • There is another bathroom at the ground floor (so that's a total of 3 bathrooms)
  • The apartment has perimeter walls and gates and the windows have bars
  • It has it's own parking space inside the lot.
  • It has a terrace with a great view.
  • It has a laundry area.
For more info please visit the blog that I've made for it:

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