Friday, June 20, 2008

Saying NO to Safeway

What made me want to work was the fact that there are several job opportunities here in Canada and are high paying. With my current job I could afford to live decently and pay the household bills. I wanted to experience working and I wanted to earn money for myself.

I currently work at Tim Hortons as I have shared and I feel that I am doing well. I feel more comfortable going to work and I go home with a smile on my face, a light and happy chest, and some free donuts and coffee from work (hehehe).

Safeway Canada called me and asked me for an interview. I have faith and trust in my self that I could be accepted. But I thought and decided to refuse the offer because even though I want to earn my self money I also needed rest days and that's Thursday and Friday.

I was struggling because I was thinking what if Safeway had a higher pay and all? But I thought that I can't just leave my current job because a fellow Filipino, Ate Virgie, recommended us to the store owner so we can't just turn our backs on her.

So I'm currently happy with my job (it has free donuts!) and the pay is good so thank you safeway but I'm staying at Tim Hortons. And as my Tita told me, I don't want to kill myself by overworking.

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