Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Air Canada Lost My Bags

Yup bad luck for me indeed. Of all the 9 bags that we had checked-in on the airplane only mine got lost and all my clothes are in there. Well not all my clothes but what will I wear now? Will I continue to wear the same set of clothes over and over again? Not to mention that my black leather shoes are in that bag huhuhu...

But at least I can look on the bright side that the airplane company that lost my bag is Air Canada. At least I am assured that they will replace my stuff by paying me in Canadian dollars (sosyal diba? hehehe)! I'm actually not mad at them (yet) but I will be if they don't reimburse me for my lost which I know they will.

Well I don't know how much they will be giving me for my old clothes and shoes but definitely it will be enough to buy me new clothes. Air Canada called yesterday and asked for the brand of the clothes and how many pieces. Well I forgot how many clothes I had because I didn't bother counting them. But I did make sure to let them know that I had W. Brown shoes and Guess jeans. At least they will think that my clothes are expensive hahaha! I was going to say that my laptop was in there but that would already be deceitful and unbelievable. I'm already in Canada so it's time for me to be an honest and law-abiding citizen.

I wonder what would happen if it was Philippine Airlines that lost my bag? Maybe they'll just call promising that they'll do everything to find my bag and never call again...

Oh well, maybe God has a special plan for this and maybe something better would come to me in exchange for the clothes I've lost. You know like a Ying-Yang thing?

UPDATE: Air Canada found my bag at Vancouver and they're sending it to me later. ^_^


  1. ayan ang masarap sa airlines eh, they really pay you more than enough for lost bagages. happened to me twice, yun nga lang malas mo pag yung fave clothes mo ang nasa loob.

  2. how true!

    But at least they found it already. It was left in Vancouver. I'm glad that they acted very quickly with regards to our complain. That is what I call excellent service! ^_^

  3. What would you prefer sana?Kung di nila nahanap ung bag mo magkano naman kaya siguro babayaran nila?For sure presyo nang bagong Guess jeans or shoes...pero at least di ba di ka nagsinungaling?Kung sinabi mo na ung laptop mo andun taz mahanap din naman pala ung bag and when they checked it wala pala dun eh such a shamed siguro ano?You've done just what is right hikhik...

  4. Edgar,

    Good to hear they found your bag. Check mo baka may nawala :)

    O ayan happy camper ka na ulit. :)

    Ate Anah