Friday, June 13, 2008

Exercising for Nothing

I was so thrilled when I burned 20 calories on the treadmill, well that's what the treadmill said anyway.

But I was also a bit frustrated because I was already sweaty and I felt tired so I decided to drink Gatorade so that the electrolytes that I loss will be replenished and that so that I could be rehydrated. But what really surprised me was that the energy drink had 130 calories in it and I was like staring at the bottle thinking why did I sweat on the treadmill for when what I lose was gained when I drank that energy drink?

Moral Lesson? Drink water! It has no calories!

But really I'm trying to lose weight here and take off some inches off my waist because I don't want to look like my father. Just thinking about it makes me want to run around the neighborhood even if it's freezing.

Well some people on the internet had rudely said that I was fat but instead of getting mad about it I'm doing something about it instead. So goodbye carbohydrates! That means goodbye rice! From now on I'm eating only vegetables, fruits, and proteins. No rice for me.

Plus I'm doing sit-ups every day and I've finally watched that $6 dollar abs workout I bought from the internet. Well back to exercising for me then!

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