Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My First Impressions of Canada

You can't really blame me if I compare the Philippines from Canada because I came from the Philippines and Canada is a new place and I like what I am seeing. So let me just share some of my thoughts about my first impressions of Canada and how the Philippines differ.
  1. Canasa is so WIDE and OPEN! Unlike the Philippines which has a population of 90.5 million people, Canada only has 33.3 Million people and not to mention that Canada is the second largest country and the Philippines is so tiny as compared to the humongous Canada. The whole Philippines could fit into Alberta (the province where Edmonton is located) but Alberta only has 3.4 Million people.
  2. In Canada, drivers are very responsible. Unlike the Philippines, drivers from Canada are responsible drivers and they give way and respect other drivers. Honking of horns is not common and considered very rude here in Canada. And pedestrians are given higher importance. So if you see me walking across the road, you have to stop for me hahaha! Even if I want to walk under the moonlight slowly.
  3. The rights of the people are upheld. This is common knowledge already I guess. If my car brakes down because of some pots in the road then I can sue the government for the damages of my car and the government is liable for the repairs. In the Philippines, the government is corrupt and don't bother seeking for anything from the Philippine government like your fundamental rights. And if I were harassed by anyone let's say if I'm discriminated or some sort I could report this to the police and the culprits could be sanctioned but you know what? Canadians are really nice people so discrimination is not an issue here.
  4. Government services are first class! You won't see a cheap looking government building here in Canada. When you enter any government owned offices and building, you have a feeling that you're in a five star hotel. The employees are very kind and approachable and they give justice to the term "public servant". Government transactions are quite fast. We got our Social Insurance Number (SIN) immediately on the spot processing. If we did have SIN in the Philippines the process would take months and you would have to bribe the government employees if you want your paperwork to be done faster... tsk tsk.
  5. There are no poor people in Canada, just low income groups. By low income I mean families who can provide their family with everything they need they just don't live in luxury like driving a brand new BMW or living in a mansion or something. In the Philippines.... no comment! People who lost their jobs in Canada (because they were removed from their job and it wasn't their fault) are supported by the government with allowances until they get their own jobs.
  6. Aside from the fact that Canada has four seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall), did you know that outside would still be bright and dandy even if it is 12 midnight during summer!? And when it's winter, it could already be dark when it's only 4 pm. I still need to get used to this.
  7. Contrary to popular belief, Canadians (or people who live in cold places) do take showers in the morning! We do have hot showers here you know and every building and cars have heaters so it's not really cold inside the house.
There are still some more things that I want to share about Canada and I think I'll save that for my later posts.

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