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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Women Hunt

After rummaging the net (and after being pressured by Juliana hehehe) here are my pics for "The Women Hunt"!

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I guess that anyone who has a genuine smile is sexy.

For me I find Katherine Heigl (more known as Dr. Isobel Stevens of Grey's Anatomy) as the woman with the most sexiest body.

I told myself that I won't choose famous celebrities for this but what can I do. The more I search for sexy eyes the more I see of Angeline Jolie and I think she pretty much fits the description don't you. She has very seductive eyes.

Oh well there you have it my picks for The Women Hunt. ^_^

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Operation Tuli

I was quite shocked at first when my very conservative friend who happens to be a girl sent me an SMS yesterday saying that she was able to touch 30 or more penises in the span of 4 hours. And she was quite proud of herself and happy with the whole experience. At first I was quite scandalized by what she said and all sort of naughty thoughts came running into my head.

It was a good thing though that she clarified what she told me and said that she just had the most wonderful experience in "Operation Tuli". Operation Tuli is an annual project of the Department of Health - Philippines to have young boys circumcised (Tuli in Tagalog) in their own towns and municipality. I'm kind of jealous because I too want to experience an Operation Tuli which I doubt would exist in Canada. In Operation Tuli, several young boys wait in line for their free circumcision.

Circumcision has been a ritual for many religions and culture. Circumcision paves the way into adulthood and manhood while it is also a ritual in the Judeo-Christian Tradition to strengthen the covenant with God. Medically speaking, circumcision (the removal of the foreskin of the penis) is for hygienic purposes as dirt and secretions tends to accumulate in the foreskin and will result to urinary tract infections (UTI).

In other countries though male circumcision is done 2-3 weeks after birth. And if you're wondering there is also a female circumcision which I will post about later since it deserves to be discussed further.

For more information on circumcision I recommend this very informative site,

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


(just click on the images to enlarge)

I just want to share these comic strips about student nurses from They may be insanely funny but they somehow hold some truth. That what makes's comic strips very interesting.

As a student nurse I also had and will continue to have many bloopers and interesting experiences and I would really love to share all of them.

So to all of you student nurses never stop dreaming and believing in our selves. Someday we will be registered nurses, I just know it. And if ever we had made some stupid mistakes along the way let's just charge it to experience and try not to make the same mistakes twice. Remember, you never learn unless you make a mistake.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nurses Needs FUN Too

Being a nurse is not an easy job (especially if you're an RN in the Philippines). One is faced with an extremely unfair patient to nurse ratio that you are overworked but underpaid. Nurses are faced with so much stress from trying to save their patient's life to having to do with disgruntled and discontented family members. There are times that nurses suffer from ulcers and distended bladders because they are so busy (from caring for a lot of patients) that they forget to eat and even neglect relieving them selves in the bathroom.

I won't be amazed if a nurse suddenly had enough and just have a total break down. That is why nurses should also have their own "ME" time and take some time to relax. And what better way to relax than play some online casino games right? Gambling could be quite relaxing and just having the thrill of the game is the best cure for a nurse's fatigue and stress from the hospital.

But the thing about online casino is that there's just too much of them around in the internet that it could just bring more agony than relaxation. With a nurse's time being limited one does not have the luxury of time to check each of the 3000 online casinos out for reliability and genuineness.

But that's not a problem anymore because I have found one simple solution! You can just check out online casino reviews. With Pro360, an online casino review site, you don’t have to worry about anything and you can start playing and have fun in no time!

This online casino review site is very user friendly and has a great design. All you need to know about online casinos are here and they conveniently have a Top 20 Best Online Casino category. They have very professional reviews and the games you want to play are all neatly arranged. What's most important is the personal reviews of other players like yourself so that you could really feel safe. And talking about safety, Pro360 shows an online casino site's credentials and certificates.

So for the tired and weary nurse who needs a break, try Pro360 now to find that online casino that suites your taste and preference.